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Kedareshwara Temple - Top Site to Visit in and Around Halebidu

Visit Halebidu: Top Sites to Visit in and Around Halebidu, Best Time to Visit and How to Reach Halebidu (Dwarasamudra) (2024)

Every now and then, we find ourselves exhausted from the monotonous lives that we usually lead. In such times, what the mind, heart, and soul demand is a spiritual gateway to wash away these polluted thoughts and feelings. If you feel the same, we recommend an urgent journey down south India to the ancient city of Halebidu. Read on to find everything that you need to know to plan the perfect vacation for your soul and mind.

Visit Halebidu: The Mighty Capital Of Hoysala

A city frozen in time where the legends still breathe and the temples whisper the stories of the past, Halebidu is a city in the district of Hassan in Karnataka. This city of Halebidu was earlier known as Dwarasamudra and is a treasure trove of beautiful architectures for you to be awed by, and alluring shrines and temples for you to seek solace in. Back in the 12th-13th century, this city of precious architectural style was once the capital of Hoysala’s great empire. Halebidu is the abode of a great many historical events, structures, sculptures, and culture. However, during the 14th century, being looted twice by Malik Kafur, it came to be known as ‘Halebid,’ which means the ‘old city.’ Yet it proudly carries the title of the ‘Gem of Indian architecture.’ It is one of the best places to visit in Karnataka if you have an active interest in architectural styles.

Top Sites To Visit in Halebidu

Halebidu is as we have already mentioned, a center of many shrines and temples. We have made a list of the top places to visit in Halebidu to save you all the troubles and confusion. Take a quick look!


Located on the Yagachi River banks, Belur is the twin town of Halebidu and shares the same features of housing extraordinary temples and structures, proving the brilliance and talent of the architects of those times. Located just 16 km away from Halebidu, Belur offers its visitors the great Kappe Chennigaray and Chennakesava Temple. These buildings are excellent pieces of Dravidian architecture and are rumored to have taken around 103 years to complete.

Belur Chennakesava Temple-Top Site To Visit in HalebiduImage Source

Basadi Halli

Have you seen pillars so polished that they look like mirrors? That is what you will find when you visit Basadi Halli. These Jain temples are famous for their beautiful construction and have three famous shrines comprising it: Parswanathaswamy, Adinathaswamy, and Shantinathaswamy. You will also find various other monasteries around the region that you must visit!

Top Place To Visit in Halebidu-Basadi Halli-ParswanathaswamyImage Source

Kedareshwara Temple

The Kedareshwara temple was built way back in 1319 AD by Veer Ballala II and his wife Ketaladevi and was dedicated to Lord Shiva (Shivalinga). It was built in Chalukyan architecture and had a basement that depicts stories from the Ramayana, Mahabharat, and the Gita through various sculptures.
Kedareshwara Temple - Top Site to Visit in and Around HalebiduImage Source

Archeological Museum

This open-air museum is packed with beautiful sculptures, inscriptions, exhibits, and so much more and has, for a long time, represented Indian art at foreign exhibitions. You will find some famous works here such as the Nataraj, dancing Ganesha, Veena Saraswati, and Tithankara’s bronze statue. Whether you are interested in art and sculptures or not, the archaeological museum will leave you awe-inspired!

Amazing Place To Visit in Halebidu-Basadi Halli-Archeological MuseumImage Source

Other Places to Visit Near Halebidu

You will find many must-visit places in Halebidu, but there are also must-visit places near Halebidu. If you are done visiting the sites mentioned above, then spare some time for these places very close to Halebidu that will take your breath away! Read on to know more about places near Halebidu that you must visit!


This beautiful place is famous all over Karnataka and the world for its beautiful, dense, and lush forests and the creatures living in these forests. That’s right, Dubare is famous for its elephant camps where you will be allowed to experience a close encounter with these magnificent creatures. Did you know that this place trained elephants during the era of the Maharajas of Mysore? They were prepared for the Dussehra pageants!

Best Place To Visit Near Halebidu-Basadi Halli-Dubare, Elephant CampsImage Source

Kukke Subramanya

Stepping right out of myth, Kukke Subramanya was built in the exact spot where Vasuki, the king of snakes, prayed to Lord Shiva for protection against Garuda and his wrath. As an answer to his prayer, Lord Shiva sent Subramanya to protect the snakes and thus was called the protector of snakes. Exciting things to look out for a while in Kukke Subramanya are the silver Garuda tower and the puja of Sarpa Samskara and Ashlesha Bali.

Must Visit Place Near Halebidu-Kukke SubramanyaImage Source


This place bags the record of the highest rainfall in southern India. If you are a nature-lover, then we highly recommend Agumbe as it is one of the best tourist places in Karnataka. Agumbe offers you pleasant sceneries and beautiful landscapes. It is also popular for beautiful sunsets. Also, it is the home to Kuvempu, the great poet.

Place to Visit Near Halebidu-AgumbeImage Source

When is the Best Time To Visit Halebidu?

Wondering when the best time to visit Halebidu is? Don’t you worry; we have you covered. If we go by seasons, then winter is the best time to enjoy Halebidu at its best. Just after the rains, Halebidu gives off a fresh aura with a pleasant temperature that you are guaranteed to enjoy. However, it is recommended that you avoid the rainy season as Haebidu experiences heavy rainfall during this period. Summer, too, can be slightly on the off-side as the temperature remains high and the humidity increases. However, events such as Diwali, Mahashivratri, and the unique dance festival during Hoysala Mahotsava adds a touch of festivity to your visit. Thus, with all things considered, the best time to visit Halebidu is during October-February.

How Can You Reach Halebidu?

To a traveler’s delight, Halebidu is a well-connected city and thus can easily be reached by road, train, as well as air. Let us elaborate on the routes for your ease!

  • Via road: You can take the buses run by KSRTC from Bangalore (222 km). You have the option of luxury deluxe and private buses, which you can board from the Bangalore Majestic Bus Station and head straight for Halebidu. Once you have reached Halebidu, you can hire private cars and cabs.
  • Via train: About 27 km away from Halebidu is the nearest railway station called the Hassan Railway Station. This station is a well connected one and can be accessed from major cities and towns. Once at the Hassan Railway Station, you may get yourself a cab to Halebidu.
  • Via air: The nearest domestic and international airport to Halebidu is the Mangalore International Airport or the Bajpe Airport. It is about 168 km away from Halebidu.


All in all, Halebidu is a beautiful choice for a vacation destination that you must visit at least once in your life. And when you do, bring back home a part of the rich history, the legends, and the great sagas. Become a part of history; come visit Halebidu.

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