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Exploring The Marvelous Maravanthe Beach in Kundapur, Karnataka

Exploring The Marvelous Maravanthe Beach in Kundapur, Karnataka (2024)

The Maravanthe Beach is located in the Kundapur town of Udupi district. It is around 12 kilometres away from the main town of Kundapur and 115 kilometres north of Mangalore. It falls Midway between Murudeshwar and Bhatkal. The Maravanthe Beach is extremely serene and is one of the best places to visit in Karnataka. It promises such scenic beauty and must be visited if you are going on a trip to the state of Karnataka. In the recent years Maravanthe beach has gained a lot of popularity.

Exploring The Marvelous Maravanthe Beach in Kundapur, Karnataka

Running very close to this beach is the NH 17. To get the best experience of the serenity of the Maravanthe Beach, it is best to take a drive along the NH 17. It gives a magnificent view of the Arabian Sea on one side and the Sowparnika River with the Kodachadri Hills as backdrop on the other. One must not miss the golden rays of the setting sun that spreads over the beach. The Maravanthe Beach is also well known for its aquatic Turtles which adds to its tourist attraction

The entire Maravanthe Beach is covered with white sand and plenty of flora. If that is not enough to grab one’s attention, the Palm trees along the Maravanthe Beach are simply mesmerizing. Those who are interested in watersports can go for scuba diving, snorkeling to get a glimpse of the beautiful coral reefs and the marine life underneath.

Exploring The Marvelous Maravanthe Beach in Kundapur, Karnataka

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There are major tourist attractions in the surrounding areas of the Maravanthe Beach like the Saint Mary’s Island, the Belkal Theertha Falls, Baindur and Ottinane. The place has to offer an interesting range of cuisine from Indian, Continental to South Indian. Maravante has, over time, become one of the best tourist places to visit in Karnataka.

Those wanting to go on a shopping spree don’t have too many options to choose from but the serenity of the place, the natural beauty of the surroundings, and the beautiful marine life more than makes up for it.

Maravanthe Beach Timings

The Maravanthe Beach does not have any strict timings for tourist visits. It is open throughout the day.

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How To Reach The Maravanthe Beach?

There are a couple of ways of reaching the Maravanthe – one can go for flights, take a bus or board a train.

By Air: The nearest airport is the Mangalore airport at 115 km. From there one can take a taxi or get on a bus to reach the beach.

By Train: The nearest station is Kundapur at 18 km and Mangalore station at 110 km. it is preferable to go for the Kundapur station as the distance is shorter. from the station you will have to hire a bus or taxi.

By Road: If you plan to travel by road then Maravanthe should be 60 kilometres from Udupi, 110 km from Mangalore, 240 km from Goa and for 430 km from Bangalore. One will get regular bus services to Maravanthe from all these places.

Which Is The Best Time To Visit The Maravanthe Beach?

The best time to visit the Maravanthe beach should be between the months of October and March. These months are pleasant and one can enjoy a lovely breeze strolling around the beach.

Best Places To Stay At The Maravanthe Beach

If you are looking for a place to stay then you can try out the following places.

  1. Sagar Kinara Beach Resort, Post Trasi, Maravanthe Beach, Kundapura, Karnataka 576201
  2. Turtle Bay Water Sports and Beach Resort Gujjadi Post Trasi Kanchgodu Karnataka 576235
  3. Asara Holiday Home, Trasi, Maravanthe Beach, NH 17 Trasi, Udupi District, Karnataka 576235

Places to Visit Nearby Maravanthe Beach

  1. The Sowparnika River: The water of the sowparnika river is known to carry the essence of medicinal herbs. It flows down from the Kodachadri hills and then goes parallel to the Maravanthe Beach. The medicinal value comes from its course through the forest cover. Those who are interested can try the boat ride along the river which takes you to the Maharaja Swamy temple in Padukone and also To the Kodachadri Hills. Maravanthe Beach to Sowparnika River Distance: 40 Kms Approximately.
    Place to Visit Nearby Maravanthe Beach-The Sowparnika River

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  2. Baindur: Baindur is another beach not far from the Maravanthe Beach – just 45 kilometres. One should also give this beach a visit and spend long hours lazing in the sun.
    Best Place to Visit Nearby Maravanthe Beach-Baindur Beach

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  3. Ottinane: Another picturesque place close to the Maravanthe Beach is ottinane. This place is well known for its overhanging cliffs that provide beautiful natural scenery. A few kilometres away from it is the Belaka Tirtha Falls. One can cover both the spots together. Maravanthe Beach to Ottinan Distance: 20 Kms Approximately.
  4. Saint Mary’s Island: This Island is about 8 to 10 kilometres away from the Maravanthe Beach. it is a splendid Island spread over a square mile of area. Those with geological interest will find impressive formations of hexagonal pillars of volcanic rock. The Story Goes that Vasco Da Gama had supposedly reached one of these islands of Saint Mary’s which he had named El Perdon the Santa Maria Sarovar. The island has beautiful coconut and Palm trees.
    Attraction Tourist Place Nearby Maravanthe Beach-Saint Mary's Island
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  5. Kodachadri Hills: This is a spot for the trekking enthusiasts – 35 km from the beach the trek route will take you through the thick forest of the Mookambika wildlife sanctuary.
    Amazing Place to Visit Nearby Maravanthe Beach-Kodachadri Hills
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  6. The Mookambika Temple: Located around 37 kilometres from the Maravanthe Beach, the temple falls in the trekking route to The Kodachadri Hills. The rituals followed during the evening are worth watching as a green Sapphire necklace is placed on the deity at this time.
    Must Visit Place Nearby Maravanthe Beach-The Mookambika Temple

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Considered one of the best places to visit in Karnataka, the Maravanthe Beach gets a lot of tourists nowadays. The natural beauty sure has lured a lot of people to this tourist spot. The serenity of the beach the surrounding landscapes acts as a wonderful getaway from our daily busy life. While visiting the state, it is very essential that you come to the Maravanthe Beach.

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