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Sandalwood Items - Shopping In Bijapur

Shopping In Bijapur: What To Buy When in Bijapur? (2024)

Any vacation – be it for business or pleasure is considered as complete only when you bring back a souvenir which will bring back fond memories of your trip. No vacation is complete without the mandatory shopping expedition. Irrespective of where you travel, there will be at least one item which will be worth bringing back home.

Bijapur in Karnataka is a tourist destination which is popular mainly for its architectural beauties and historical landmarks. Bijapur is a true haven for history and architecture lovers but it also has some unique items which will surely delight those who love to shop!

Shopping In Bijapur: What To Buy When in Bijapur?

Though Bijapur is not very famous for its shopping centers, there are few souvenirs which can be found only in Bijapur, thus, making them the perfect items to pick up and bring back home. If you are ever in Bijapur, you should definitely check out their local artifacts and handicrafts.

Read on to find out about the local Bijapur handicrafts and what to fill you shopping bags with.

  1. Sandalwood Items – Sandalwood items are one of the most sought after souvenirs in Bijapur. There are a couple of shops in Bijapur which exclusively sell only sandalwood items. You can visit these shops and pick up items such as traditional artifacts made of sandalwood, raw sandalwood, cute animals made of sandalwood, etc. These beautiful sandalwood items can be bought as gifts also for your loved ones’ back home. Sandalwood Items - Shopping In Bijapur Image Source
  2. Stone Decorative Items – Give your home a unique look by adorning it with beautiful stone decorative items from Bijapur. These stone items will not just beautify your living space but also serve as a beautiful reminder of your Bijapur trip. You can pick up stone lamps, animal artifacts made of stone, ashtrays made of stone, small indoor stone fountains, etc.
    Shopping In Bijapur-Stone Decorative Items
    Image Source
  3. Jute Bags – Jute bags are a great souvenir item if you wish to give them to your family and friends. You will find plenty of jute bag designs in Bijapur. There are a number of shops in Bijapur which sell beautifully designed jute bags. These jute bags are locally handcrafted which adds to their uniqueness. You will have the option to choose from different shapes and sizes of jute bags. You can either buy large jute handbags and shopping bags or small-sized just jewelry bags, etc.
    Best Shopping In Bijapur-Jute Bags
    Image Source
  4. Lambani Jewelry – If you love jewelry, especially, traditional jewelry, then you must check out the lambani jewelry in Bijapur. This is a form of traditional jewelry which is worn by the Lambani tribe. This tribe is part of the Banjara community from Bijapur in Karnataka. Lambani women love to adorn themselves with these jewelry items which is why it is popularly known as Lambani Jewelry. You will find many shops in Bijapur selling Lambani jewelry. The jewelry items are usually made out of silver, copper, white metal, shells, and colorful threads. Most of the Lambani jewelry items will also have mirror work and unique embroidery patterns on them. All these are handmade which makes them even more priceless and special. If you are a jewelry-lover, then the Lambani jewelry is something that you should definitely add to your collection.
  5. Beaded Jewelry – Apart from the traditional Lambani jewelry, Bijapur is also famous for beaded jewelry. Visit any store in Bijapur which sells beaded jewelry and you will surely be spoilt for choice! You will find an extensive collection of various beaded jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bangles, finger rings, etc. Apart from unique designs, you will also be mesmerized by all the various colors as well. You can also pick up multi-colored beaded jewelry. Again, these beaded jewelry items from Bijapur are not only great to add to your personal collection but they are also perfect for gifting to your family and friends.
    Amazing Shopping In Bijapur-Beaded Jewelry
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  6. Ilkal Sarees – The hand woven Ilkal sarees are a must-buy for anyone visiting Bijapur. The Ilkal saree is extremely unique as it is made using a technique known as Tope Teni which is not used anywhere else in India. The body of the saree is made using cotton warp while the border and pallu of the saree is made using art silk or pure silk. The skillful combining of the body warp with the pallu warp is what the Tope Teni technique is all about. The Ilkal saree is available in different designs and colors. The most common pattern that you will observe on the body of the saree include rectangles, squares, and stripes. If you do not like the prints, you can also pick up plain Ilkal sarees which come with contrasting borders.
    Top Shopping In Bijapur-Ilkal Sarees
    Image Source

Apart from the above-mentioned shopping items to buy in Bijapur, you can also check out shops which sell coin jewelry, waistline belts with beautiful and unique embroidery, carry bags made of silk, sculptures made of rosewood, and fancy armlets made of antique metals.

As mentioned earlier, Bijapur may not be famous for shopping, but it surely has some unique items to offer to the tourists. These items are perfect to satisfy the shopper in you as well as be the perfect souvenir item to gift to your family and friends.

Make sure that you keep this list of what to buy in Bijapur handy so that you are well-prepared for your shopping expedition whenever you plan your trip to Bijapur!

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