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Sirimane Falls - Top Tourist Place to Visit in Karnataka

Explore The Marvelous Kigga in Sringeri, Karnataka (2024)

For all the people who are interested in traveling the southern part of India, there are many top tourist places to visit in Karnataka. But among all the places, there is a small, yet to be explored village, named Kigga. Located near Sringeri, Kigga is a beautiful village famous for a world-famous temple of Lord Shiva. It is best to visit Kigga, Sringeri to feel serene. 

Coming out from home and visiting beautiful places helps one make thousands of memories with family and friends. Kigga village in Sringeri provides a good opportunity for every traveler and explorer to explore the beauty of the village. It has temples, beautiful trekking trails, waterfalls, peaks, and whatnot. It is a perfect place for you to take some pause from the busy life that you are leading.

Why You Should Visit Kigga In Sringeri?

Around 9 km from Sringeri, Kigga is one of the top tourist places to visit in Karnataka. It is located on the banks of a tributary of Tunga called Nandini River. Famous for a temple which is listed below, it is also an exit point for the trekking route for Narasimha Parvata which basically starts from Agumbe. There are some more places in Kigga listed below for you so that you visit the place for once and never want to leave.

  1. Sri Rishyashringa Eshwara Temple: This is the main attraction of the village. This was built during the Vijayanagara period. In front of the temple, you can see a big statue of Nandi and it is believed that the worshipping of the linga is important as it is known to avert the famine up to a huge distance of 100 miles. In the months of March or April, the rathotsavam is conducted and the temple is open 24×7 for the occasion.  Sri Rishyashringa Eshwara Temple - Famous Place to Visit Kigga In SringeriImage Source
  2. Sirimane Falls: It is 5 km away from Kigga and can be reached via bus. The falls are a beautiful place to spend a good day. Waterfalls in the midst of such a place will make you want to stay in the place and not return home. Sirimane Falls - Top Tourist Place to Visit in Karnataka Image Source
  3. Sharda Temple: Famously known by the name Sharadamba Temple, this temple must be visited if you are visiting Kigga. After being destroyed in a fire and reconstructed again, this place gives such a beautiful and serene feeling to everyone visiting it.  Sharda Temple - Great Place to Visit Kigga In SringeriImage Source
  4. Sringeri Mutt: Being one of the main attractions of the place, this should be visited for sure. The mutt is said to believe in the Yajur Veda traditions. When you will see the site, you will see that there are twelve pillars and these are made to represent the twelve zodiac signs. These are aligned in such a way that the sun rays fall on each one of these according to the months.  Sringeri Mutt - Beautiful Place to Visit Kigga In SringeriImage Source

Kigga Timings:

Kigga is a small village in Sringeri and is one of the top tourist places to visit in Karnataka. As it is a village, there are no time restrictions to visit the village. You can reach any time, roam around any time and leave the village any time. But to visit the temple of Kigga, there are timings to follow. The morning timings are from 5:30 AM to 8:30 AM, and 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM, whereas the evening timings are 4:30 PM to 8:15 PM. The temple is open without any time restrictions on the occasions of Rathotsava and Shivratri.

Best Time To Visit Kigga in Sringeri

There is no specific time and you can visit the place any time of the year you want to. But as the place is located in the regions of Malnad which is close to Western Ghats, the best time will be the months from October to March so that you can witness the true beauty of the place and make lots of memories.

What Is The Best Way To Visit Kigga In Sringeri?

Kigga is a village and every village has some route to reach. You can reach the village of Kigga by air, rail or road.

  • By Air: Kigga is a small village and hence, it has no airport. The closest airport to the village is Mangalore International Airport which is 112 km away. This airport connects all the national and international flights. After reaching Mangalore, you can take a taxi to reach your destination.
  • By Rail: The railway station that is closest to the village of Kigga is in Shimoga. Shimoga is 121 km away from Kigga. From Shimoga, you can take a cab and visit the beautiful village of Kigga.
  • By Road: Kigga has very good connectivity by the road except for the hilly ghats in some sections. Sringeri is 9 km far away from Kigga so it takes almost half an hour to visit Kigga from Sringeri by road.

What Are The Different Places To Visit Near Kigga In Sringeri?

Now that you know Kigga is one of the top tourist places to visit in Karnataka, there are places close to Kigga that should be visited if you are traveling the place.

  1. Sri Chaturmurti Siddeshwara Temple: On your way back home, visit this small village. It is just about 2 km from the bus stand of Sringeri. This temple will give a serene feel that you will take home with you.  Sri Chaturmurti Siddeshwara Temple - Best Place to Visit Near Kigga In SringeriImage Source
  2. Rajiv Gandhi Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha: Located on the roads of Balehonnur, it is about a distance of 4 km from the bus stand of Sringeri. This is a nice place to visit if you are in the areas of Kigga.   Image Source

Take some time out and indulge yourself in this beautiful area that Karnataka has to offer. Ease yourself at Kigga in Sringeri, Karnataka and make memories with your friends and family that will last a lifetime.

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