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Keladi Rameshwara Temple In Shimoga (Shivamogga)

Visit Shimoga (Shivamogga): The Gateway to Unique Hills Stations of Western Ghats in Karnataka (2024)

A calm and peaceful break in nature away from the busy and crowded cities will be a joyful thing to do. There are many places to visit in Karnataka if you are looking for a break. Shivamogga, also recognized as Shimoga, is a city in the Shimoga district in the central part of Karnataka, India. Shimoga is positioned near the Tunga River. This city is the gateway to the unique hill stations of the Western Ghats and also famous as “Gateway to Malnad.” Shimoga is situated 195 km away from Mangalore and 300 km away from Bangalore.

List Of Beautiful Places To Visit In Shivamogga or Shimoga

There are numerous stunning places to visit in Shivamogga or Shimoga. Shimoga, with picturesque landscapes, waterfalls, beautiful reservoirs, historical monuments, ancient temples, and vibrant wildlife, is a paradise for any nature lover.

The following are some of the best places to visit in Shimoga:


Shimoga is the perfect spot for nature lovers, but it is also home to ancient religious places. Keladi town, 80 km away from Shimoga is an example of that. Keladi is a reminder of the Keladi rulers and is situated in the Sagar Taluk of Karnataka. Rameshwara Temple, a perfect example of the Dravida and Hoysala style, is the main attraction. The pillars and walls of this temple have some elegant carvings of Gods and Goddesses.

Keladi Rameshwara Temple In Shimoga (Shivamogga)

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The Rameshwara Temple is devoted to Lord Ganesh, Lord Veerabhadra, and Lord Rameswara. If you are looking for some spiritual experience, then this is the place you cannot miss whenever you are in Shimoga near Keladi.


Agumbe, a 100 km for Shimoga, is the Cherrapunji of Southern India. Agumbe is a rainforest situated on the Southern coast of Karnataka. If you are looking for a vacation and spend some days in nature away from the crowds, this rainforest is the right place for you. The rainforest of Agumbe is also home to a variety of wildlife, like the famous King Cobra.

Agumbe is one of the spots that get high rainfall. The best time to visit Shivamogga, and the Agumbe rainforest, is in August when the rain makes it even more enchanting.  Beautiful Place To Visit In Shivamogga - Agumbe

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In the Western Ghats of Karnataka, Kodachadri is a magnificent mountain peak, situated 110 km away from Shimoga, Karnataka. With tall elevations, Kodachadri holds the rank of 10th highest peak in the state of Karnataka. The government of Karnataka has announced Kodachadri as a natural heritage site. Kodachadri is one of the most popular sites in Shimoga.

Kodachadri peak is a richly biodiverse place. This peak is home to many species like Pied Hornbills, Malabar Langur, and Indian Rock Python. These places also have historical value. There are many ancient structures which belong to the bygone eras. If you are in Kodachadri, then you cannot miss the trekking to this beautiful peak.  Famous Place To Visit In Shivamogga - Kodachadri

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Jog Falls

Originating from the Sharavathi River, with water falling from almost 253 ft, Jog Falls is the second-highest waterfall in India, situated 100 km away from Shimoga. There are four significant waterfalls like Roarer Falls, Raja Falls, Rani Falls, and Rocket Falls, merged in the stunning Jog Falls. Jog waterfall is one of the most popular attractions in Shimoga.

Jog Falls is located in the Sagar Taluk. Dense vegetation around the fall makes it even more enchanting. It is one of the must-visit places in Shimoga.  Wonderful Place To Visit In Shivamogga - Jog Falls

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With a Jain temple on the top, Kundadri Hills is a solid rock structure, 90 km from Shimoga. With an elevation of 3200 feet above sea level, this is a perfect spot for any weather. Surrounded by the breathtaking greenery, Kundadri is a paradise for nature lovers. Kundadri also has religious importance, and there is a Jain temple on the top of it. The name Kundadri comes from a Jain priest named Kundakunda Acharya. Since this is a pilgrimage destination, there is a huge crowd gathering every year in January on the occasion of Makar Sankranti.  Stunning Place To Visit In Shivamogga - Kundadri

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However, the best way to explore this place is trekking. Yes, there is trekking you can do to enjoy the serenity of this place. Starting this trekking can be struggling, but as you go along, this would be a rewarding experience.


Sakrebailu, an elephant camp, is 14 km away from Shimoga. This camp is home to many elephants that are brought from the forests by experienced Mahouts. Elephants splashing about in the water is a magnificent sight in Shimoga, which you cannot miss. If you want to see the elephants bathing, it is advisable to go there before 9 in the morning. There are local bus services from the city to Shimoga.

Timings: 8:30 am to 11:00 am  Top Place To Visit In Shivamogga - Sakrebailu

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How To Reach Shimoga?

Reaching Shimoga is not a problem. Shimoga is well connected to its neighboring cities by road, train, and air. Here are how you can go Shimoga:

By Train:

Shimoga has two railway stations in the city. Many trains connect the Shimoga from Mysore, Bangalore, Tirupati, and Chennai.

By Road:

Shimoga is linked by road to major cities like Mangalore, Hubli, and Bangalore. Two major National Highways are passing through the Shimoga.

By Air:

There is Shimoga Airport that is under construction in Sagone. It is 6 km south of Shimoga. The nearest international airports are Mangalore and Kempegowda.  How To Reach Shimoga

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There are numerous beautiful tourist places in Karnataka, and Shimoga is one of them. Shimoga is a serene spot with its natural resources and also has religious importance. With breathtaking vast green landscapes, diverse wildlife, towering waterfalls, and hills, Shimoga is a paradise for nature lovers. This is a place away from city life and offers you a calm and peaceful experience. In today’s work life, it is necessary to take a break and rejuvenate yourself. A trip to Shimoga will bring you closer to yourself. If you are planning a trip, then put this enchanting place called Shimoga on your list.

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