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Araku Valley - Superb Weekend Getaways from Vizag

7 Superb Weekend Getaways from Vizag (2024)

A remarkable city in Andhra Pradesh, with a wide variety of pretty beaches and numerous tourist places in Vizag, it is undoubtedly one of the best vacation destinations. The place has been attracting the attention of travelers from all over the country with its serene beaches and exciting tourist attractions such as Katiki Waterfalls, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park and many more. The best part about Visakhapatnam is that it is surrounded with a lot of natural greenery. Basically, a coastal paradise, there are a lot of terrific places lying nearby Vizag. If you are planning a trip to Vizag or just want a small break from your daily monotonous life and wish to spend some relaxing moments in the company of nature, then Vizag can be of a great help to you. We understand how important it actually is to take a break every now and then in order to live a happy life. Hence, we have brought for you some of the perfect weekend getaways from Vizag.

7 Superb Weekend Getaways from Vizag

1. Lambasingi

If you are a true nature lover, then there can be no better weekend getaway for you. Often referred to as Andhra Pradesh’s beautiful hamlet, Lambasingi is the one and only place in the entire state where one can get to witness a magical snowfall. As a result, due to this exception people even call this place as Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh. Since it is pretty famous, this place receives a lot of attention from tourists. There is a plethora of tourist attractions as well as wonderful hotels, that will make your stay even more memorable. Though a village, but with its natural charm and pleasant weather throughout the year, the place will capture your heart for sure.

Superb Weekend Getaway from Vizag-Lambasingi, Kothapall waterfalls

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Distance from Vizag: Approximately 101 km away.

Best time to visit: For the best experience, it is recommended to visit between November and January.

Some nearby Places to visit: Kothapall waterfalls, Yerravaram waterfalls, Annavaram temple, Thajangi reservoir, Kondakarla Bird Sanctuary

2. Yanam

A unique blend of French culture along with the Telugu culture, Yanam can be best described as a quaint town. This town in Puducherry was a French colony for about 200 years and till today if you actually explore the place, you can witness major influence of French culture in a place here and there. Ranging from its turquoise beaches to stunning French style building, Yanam is every traveller’s delight. No matter whether you are on a solo trip, with your special someone or with friends and family, this destination is ideal for everyone. This town undoubtedly grabs the top spots in the famous weekend getaways near Vizag list.

Distance from Vizag: approximately 183 km away

Best time to visit: For the best experience it is recommended to visit between November and March.

Some nearby places to visit: Venkanna Babu Temple, Sivalayam, Grand Mosque

3. Araku Valley

If your choice for a weekend getaway resembles a mesmerizingly beautiful hill station, then this one located in the heart of Andhra Pradesh is a perfect choice for a weekend getaway from Vizag. It is often frequented by newly wed couples or people who wish to spend some quality time with their loved ones. With its picturesque view, naturally beautiful surroundings and pleasant weather, Araku Valley offers its visitors a magical experience. Holding hands of your beloved while admiring the scenic views is a memory that will be etched in your heart forever. However, even if you are an adventure enthusiast, then also you have a plethora of activities to indulge into.

Distance from Vizag: approximately 114 km away

Best Time to Visit: For the best experience, it is recommended to visit between September and May.

Some Nearby Places To Visit: Chaparai waterfalls, Padmapuram Botanical Garden, Borra Caves, Ananthagiri Hills, Araku Tribal museum

4. Papikondalu

Nestled amidst lush greenery and majestic hills, Papikondalu is an ideal weekend getaway for everyone who loves to watch breath-taking views. Bounded by Godavari river, the stunning vistas of the surrounding valleys will leave you feeling overwhelmed. Since the entire region is covered with a thick green cover of tropical rain forest, it is a perfect getaway location for those tourists who are looking forward to escape from the stress of daily monotonous life.

Distance from Vizag: approximately 28 km away

Best time to visit: For the best experience, it is recommended to visit between September and March.

Some nearby places to visit: Papi Kondalu Hills, Perantapalli Village, Gandi Pochamma Temple

5. Srikakulam

Are you looking for a weekend getaway from Vizag that will come along with a plenty of serene beaches? If yes, then don’t worry because Srikakulam is the ideal choice for you. Known for its buddhist heritage site called the Salihundam, Srikakulam is one of popular tourist places in Andhra Pradesh. Other than beaches, if there is one more thing that makes Srikakulam popular are its eminent religious places. There is a common belief among people that Srikakulam was built by Lord Balarama and this is also one of the reasons why this city attracts so much attention from devotees that come from all across the country every year.

Distance from Vizag: approximately 122 km away

Best time to visit: For the best experience, it is recommended to visit between September and March.

Some nearby places to visit: Arasavalli, Saalihundam, Nagari Peta, Srimukhalingeswara temple, Kalinga Patnam, Saalihundam, Dabbaka Vaani Peta

6. Maredumilli

This is another serene hamlet located in the East Godavari district. Home to a number of scenic panoramic sites and sporting a mystic ambiance, this place is like a paradise for every type of traveller. Another highlight of Maredumilli is that the place is known to showcase some of the best experiences of ecotourism projects in the entire country. Some of the beautiful experiences that you can expect on your visit to this stunning place are exotic wildlife, mesmerising natural beauty, exclusive jungle resorts, thriving waterfalls and a lot more.

Distance from Vizag: Approximately 227 km away

Best Time To Visit: For the best experience, it is recommended to visit between November and December.

Some Nearby Places To Visit: Manyam Viewpoint, Rampa Waterfalls, Jalatharangini waterfalls, Sokulera Vagu Viewpoint

7. Rajahmundry

Established by Raja Narendra in the 11th century, if you are a history buff or a curious soul, then there is a lot for you to explore in Rajahmundry. All those travellers who wish to have a close encounter with the culture as well traditions of Andhra Pradesh, then there is no better option than this one. Rajahmundry is even referred as the cultural capital of the AP state and is considered to be one of the best long weekend getaways that you can go from Vizag.

Distance from Vizag: approximately 190 km away

Best Time To Visit: For the best experience, it is recommended to visit between October and March.

Some Nearby Places To Visit: Cotton Museum, ISKCON Temple, Damerla Ramarao International Art Gallery, Goutami Ghat

Forget all your worries and relax your soul as well as body on one of these weekend getaways. So, wait no more and get ready to spend an enthralling weekend that will make you happy right till your soul at one of these amazing places near Vizag.

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