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Rushikonda Beach - Top Beache in Vizag

Visakhapatnam Travel Info: Top 4 Beaches in Vizag (2024)

If you are searching for ideal vacation destinations in South India, then you can definitely not miss out on Visakhapatnam. This city in Andhra Pradesh leaves a great impression in the hearts of the plenty of tourists that come to visit it round the year and hence it is not surprising that its fan following has increased rapidly over the past years. Flanked by lush greenery and pristine shoreline, there is absolutely no reason why anyone would not want to go on a vacation to a place as beautiful as Visakhapatnam. Also popularly known by the name of Vizag, if there is one thing which can make this destination even better than it already is, then that definitely would be its array of serene beaches. If you wish to seek a healthy dose of Vitamin Sea on this vacation, then Vizag will not disappoint you. With its sparkling crystal – clear waters, stunning coastline, picturesque views and unending horizon dotted with ships here and there, beaches in Vizag here are magical.

Visakhapatnam Travel Info: Top 4 Beaches in Vizag

Though there are numerous tourist places in Vizag but beaches are the true highlight of the place. The vibe of the whole place is so different and exceptional, that it will prove to be perfect for a relaxing vacation, especially if you want to have a break from the crazy tight packed schedules of your day to day life. No matter whether you just wish to spend a leisure day on the shores or admire the beauty of the expansive Bay of Bengal, when at Vizag everything becomes fun. With its wide variety of stunning beaches, it will not be surprising to know why Visakhapatnam or Vizag is often referred to as the ‘Jewel of the East Coast’. Do you wish to explore this sand and sea destination? Do you want to know about the top beaches of Vizag? If yes, then continue reading because we have already shortlisted some of the best ones for you.

1. Rushikonda Beach:

Surrounded by a border of emerald greenery, the virgin beach of Rushikonda with its sparkling blue waters forms a sight that is a treat for the eyes and food for the tired souls. The soft golden sands of the beach complement the beach setting making it one of the most scenic tourist places in Vizag. Rushikonda beach is listed among one of the few beaches in Andhra Pradesh that is maintained by APTDS which is the state’s tourism development corporation. Rushikonda beach in Vizag is especially fantastic for the adventure enthusiasts who wish to experience some thrill by trying their hand at water sports. Here a wide range of activities are offered, so unleash the adventurous soul hidden deep inside you and get ready for some adrenaline rush. Apart from the adventure, there is a soothing side of the Rushikonda beach too. As the sun bids farewell for the day, the beach turns into a perfect spot for leisure strolls.Rushikonda Beach - Top Beach in Vizag

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Water sports: Some of the many water sports that you can indulge into here are jet skiing speed boating, snorkeling, sea kayaking, wind surfing, scuba diving and swimming.

Distance from Vizag: It is located about 16 km away from Vizag and it will take just a short drive from the city centre to reach Rushikonda Beach.

2. Bheemili Beach:

Also known by the name of Bheemunipatnam beach, this beach in Vizag derives its name from Bheema, one of the five Pandava princes from the epic of Mahabharata. Located at the origin of the Gosthani river, Bheemili beach is considered to be one of the safest beaches near Vizag. Other than being a serene location, on close exploration you can even find traces of British and Dutch settlements here. There are some thatched cottages on the beach too which add on to the charm. As far as the attractions on the location are concerned, you can expect to see an ancient cemetery and a 17th century fort. Away from the mad rush of city life, it is perfect for water babies you wish to enjoy some moments of peace beside pristine water, soft sand and enticing greenery.

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Water Sports: A plethora of water – based activities are offered at Bheemili beach such as boating, scuba diving, water skiing and even snorkeling. Those interested for taking a quick dip in the pristine waters, can go for swimming too as the beach boasts of pleasant wind and steady waves.

Distance from Vizag: It is situated at a distance of approximate 45 km from Vizag and it will take a drive of over an hour to reach the Bheemili beach from the city.

3. Yarada Beach:

Named after the village it is located in, yarada beach is one of the best tourist places in Vizag. Surrounded by mighty hills on three sides and the expansive Bay of Bengal on the fourth side, Yarada beach is an incredibly stunning location. The golden sands and pristine waters make the beach a masterpiece created by the nature. This surreal beach in Visakhapatnam also boasts of being one of the cleanest beaches along the Coromandel coast. Though it is quite popular yet you wouldn’t find the place much crowded except for the weekend. Many nature lovers often frequent this beach for enjoying the enchanting views of the sunrise and sunset. The exceptional thing about Yarada beach is that unlike the other beaches in India, will have to drive up a mountain before descending on the other side in order to reach this one. No matter whether you spend your time lazing around, build sand castles or take a dip in the cool waters of Bay of Bengal, this scenic destination makes everything fun.

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Nearby attractions: Gangavaram beach, Gangavaram Port, Dolphin’s Nose

Distance from Vizag: It is situated at a distance of approximately 15 km from Vizag and it will take you a drive of around 30 minutes or so to reach Yarada beach from the city.

4. Lawson’s Bay Beach:

This is one picture perfect beach with scenic views in Vizag. The best part is that the beach is not much crowded. Located close to the Rama Krishna beach, this one sports whitish sands, crystal blue waters and is engulfed in lush greenery. With the blend of all these colours, the beach looks like a surreal assignment of nature. The majestic Bay of Bengal produces peaceful waves which are perfect for creating a soothing atmosphere. With the music of the waves, cuddle in the lap of nature and enjoy a good read at the Lawson’s bay beach. Try to stay back at the beach till the sun sets down, as the views are totally magical here. Make sure to keep your camera handy to click some Instagram worthy pictures.

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Water Sports: The beautiful shoreline and pristine water of Bay of Bengal is perfect for swimming and surfing. You can also indulge in sunbathing.

Distance from Vizag: It is situated at a distance of about 22 km from Vizag and it will take you a drive of approximately 30 – 35 minutes to reach this place from the city.

No matter whether what you are seeking for is adventure and thrill, fun and leisure or peace and serenity, Vizag with its awesome beaches will provide you all.

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