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Bheemili Beach- A Wonderful Weekend Getaway Near Visakhapatnam

Visit Bheemili Beach- A Wonderful Weekend Getaway Near Visakhapatnam (2024)

When on a vacation, the fun remains incomplete until you spend an exciting day at a serene beach and a vacation to Andhra Pradesh is no different. Though there are many good tourist places in Andhra Pradesh that you can visit but if you are a beach lover, then the trip is incomplete for you until you pay a visit to Visakhapatnam. Commonly referred to as Vizag, Visakhapatnam boasts of being a house to a vast variety of beaches that not only are stunning in terms of beauty but prove to be fun getaways too. These Visakhapatnam beaches are the perfect place for you, especially if you are looking for ways to escape from the day to day monotonous life for a while. One such beach which you must not miss visiting during your visit to Visakhapatnam is the Bheemunipatnam beach which is commonly referred to as the Bheemili Beach.

Surrounded by an array of coconut plantations, palm groves, lush greenery and a pleasant weather, the Bheemili Beach is the perfect weekend getaway destination. Other than a peaceful and serene ambiance, the pristine waters and the stunning sea views are going to be a refreshing change, for sure. Many travellers prefer Bheemili Beach for a one – day excursion too. Since the beach is considered family friendly, it also acts as a great picnic spot.

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Located at a distance of about 24 km away from the centre of the city, Bheemili Beach is a suitable tourist spot near Vizag for all kind of visitors despite to which age bracket they belong. When here you indulge in a vast variety of activities ranging from tanning your body on the sun loungers, taking a plunge in the refreshing water for a bit of thrill or simply sit back amidst the golden sand and admire the mesmerising views of the crystal – clear turquoise waters all around you. As long as, it is the Bheemili beach you are going to, you need not worry about your hunger pangs or cravings because the beach is known to features several amazing restaurants and bars alongside the coastline. So, apart from all the fun and thrill, visitors can even treat their taste buds with mouth – watering sea food and raise a toast to a day well spent. Continue reading to know more about this amazing beach near Vizag!

Things To Do At The Bheemili Beach:

Bheemunipatnam or Bheemili beach is a wholesome package for fun. When here, you don’t have to worry about spending a boring or a dull day. There are a lot of fun distractions to keep you entertained and engaged. Some of the activities in which you can indulge when visiting Bheemili beach are:

Things To Do At The Bheemili Beach
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  1. A Swim In The Pristine Waters: If you are a water baby, then you actually won’t be able to resist taking a plunge in the refreshing waters of the Bheemili beach. Considered as one of the safest beaches and tourist places in Andhra Pradesh, you can splash water and enjoy like a child here with your family.
  2. Visit the Hollanders Green: The Bheemili Beach is also a proud home to one fun attraction and that is Hollanders Green. This attraction traces its origin back in the history to the 17th century. Overlooking the view of the ocean, this is a beautiful attraction that you can witness and explore when on the beach.
  3. Offer Your Prayers At The Lord Narsimha Temple: For the travellers who don’t mind paying a visit to a temple, the Lord Narsimha Temple is believed to be one of the oldest Hindu temples and hence is often frequented by travellers. Located just a few steps away from the Bheemili beach, you can easily visit the temple and seek blessings from the presiding deity.
  4. Relax at a Bungalow: Those of you who are yet not content after spending a day at the Bheemili beach, would be pleased to know that the beach also boasts of housing a well – equipped bungalow where you can relax and rejuvenate after a long fun and tiring day of exploration. The views from the balconies are sure to leave you overwhelmed every time you see them.
  5. Go for a Stroll to the Lighthouse: If you are a fun of scenic natural views or a photographer eager to capture the nature’s glory at its best, then you must take a short stroll to the Lighthouse as it offers its visitors a stunning 360 degree view of the city from the top. As a result, this spot is often flocked by both locals as well as travellers. It is a good place to hang out with friends or families.

Best Time to Visit the Bheemili Beach:

To the travellers who wish to have the best experience, it is often recommended that they visit the Bheemili beach during the months from October to March as it is during this time that the place spots a pleasant weather and the overall temperature also falls in the range of 15 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius which is just perfect. However, if you are an adventure junkie, then it is better if your plan this trip during the summer season which basically begins from the months of March and lasts till May. This is because during the summer season you can easily take a pleasure swim and a sunbathe under the shade of the sun.

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Even if you can’t go during the recommended time frame, then try your best to avoid going during the months from June to September as it is the time that the city experiences monsoon season. Visakhapatnam is known to receive heavy rainfall which will spoil all the fun and you won’t be able to indulge in water activities at the beach too.

Entry Fee And Opening Hours Of The Bheemili Beach:

You would be pleased to know that for visiting the actually stunning Bheemili beach in Visakhapatnam, the visitors do not have to pay even a single penny. Hence, it is not surprising that Bheemili beach is considered as one of the most affordable tourist places in Andhra Pradesh.

Entry Fee And Opening Hours Of The Bheemili Beach
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Moreover, since the beach is open all the time on all days of the week, you can visit it any time.

How To Reach The Bheemili Beach?

Bheemili beach is well connected to the neighbouring towns and prominent cities of India. You can choose to access it by roadways, railways as well as airways depending upon your budget and holiday style.

How To Reach The Bheemili Beach
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  1. By Air: nearest airport is the Visakhapatnam International Airport (40 km away from Bheemili beach)
  2. By Railways: nearest railway station is the Visakhapatnam Railway Station (30 km away from Bheemili beach)
  3. By Road: There are a number of private as well as state – owned buses that are operated by the APSRTC department to and from Visakhapatnam to ensure the comfort of tourists and travellers. These buses run on a regular day to day buses. After arriving at the bus stand, you can take a local bus, shared taxi or hire a vehicle to reach Bheemili Beach.

Now that you know all about Bheemili beach in Visakhapatnam, make sure to visit it during your vacation!

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