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The Old Port and Portland Head Lighthouse - Top attraction to see in Maine

Visit Maine: Top 7 attractions to see in Maine (2024)

The iconic image of Maine is unparalleled in the New England State. When you think about the place Maine, you instantly think of the Windjammers, waves splashing against the coast of rocks, and the finish harbour filled various boats, the lighthouses, and the beautiful tall pine trees. The large areas of backwoods which is inhabited by moose, which has their mystique, the bewildering images of the canoes, and the mirror life surfaces of the forests that encircle the area, makes it a very beautiful sight indeed.

The best thing about Maine is that it does not dissatisfy the tourists that are looking for a romantic setting. The lighthouses that point from Quoddy Head to York and the little fishing harbors and the rocky shores with the water beating against it make Maine a very beautiful place to visit.

But Maine is just not about sceneries but also has museums, gardens, and historical places of interest with plenty of outdoor activities and natural wonders. Here are the top attractions that you have to visit if you ever visit Maine:

Visit Maine: Top 7 attractions to see in Maine

1. Acadia National Park

This beautiful stretch of coastline that is called the Acadia National Park in Maine surrounds a large area of lakes, streams, and forests. This provides an area for the locals to use the playground and also enjoy the outdoors. The picturesque Park Loop Road that goes through all the main attractions, which can be seen by a drive in your car.

Top Attraction Place In Maine-Acadia National ParkImage Source

There are also the Island Explorer bus services that connect all the main attractions of the area. There are also cyclists and walking networks of roads and paths that span as long as 100 miles for hiking. This trail for hiking also takes you to the 1530-foot Cadillac Mountain which is the park’s highest points.

The other main areas of interest in the Acadia National Park, Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, and the chasm of the Thunder Hole. There is also a further portion of the park on the Schoodic Peninsula, where there are also hiking trails, coastal views, and also water area where you can kayak. The park is also an ideal spot for picnics.

2. The Old Port and Portland Head Lighthouse

After arriving at the main largest city of Maine, which is Portland, head straight for the harbor district and see the Old Port, there you will be able to see fishing boats and docks that are always busy. If you are lucky, you might also see cruise ships and the tall masts of the ships. There are many seafood restaurants here. When you climb the narrow streets of the dockside, you will reach Commercial Street that is lined with brick and stone. This used to be the business ports on the East Coast during the colonial times in the 19th century.

The Old Port and Portland Head Lighthouse - Top attraction to see in Maine

Image Source

You will be able to purchase maritime souvenirs. You also get the chance to eat seafood on the pier. If you try to arrive here early, you will be able to see fishermen load and unload their boats off fish. You can go for a ferry to the islands or a cruise of the Casco Bay.

Here in the Casco Bay, the Portland Head Lighthouse is an important tourist destination. It is a beautiful sight to behold, and you can see the entire city from the Old Port. You can also see passing boats and ships.

Address: 1000 Shore Road, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Official site: www.portlandheadlight.com

3. Marginal Way and Ogunquit Beaches

The Marginal Way is a walking path along the Ogunquit beach to the Perkins Cove; this is a very lovely beautiful walking path along the coast. Along the path, you will be able to see rocky cliffs and also sandy coves that give you a vibrant experience. The Marginal Way in Maine is a walker’s only path, and therefore you can have no dogs or bikes here. The path runs for about a mile and a half and is a very beautiful sight to watch.

Attraction Tourist Place In Maine-Marginal Way and Ogunquit BeachesImage Source

You will be able to see plenty of fishing boats from the harbor. The harbor also has many seafood restaurants and small shops that you can explore when in Maine.

Along the walking path, there are many benches placed where you can sit and relax and enjoy the deep sea. Using the Marginal Way, you can return to the town.

Ogunquit Beach is a popular destination in Maine for families because of its slightly warm water. The town is mostly busy throughout the summer, with a vibrant arts scene. The popular places are Ogunquit Playhouse. History enthusiasts can visit the Ogunquit Museum of American Art.

4. Pemaquid Point Light

The Pemaquid Point Light is one of the most iconic lighthouses that stand in Maine. This iconic scenery has also been taken as the image for the Maine quarter coin. The Pemaquid Point Light was built in 1835 and has been well preserved ever since. The place is much more interesting as it is made on an unusual formation of metamorphic rock.

Top Tourist Place In Maine-Pemaquid Point LightImage Source

The Fisherman’s Museum in Maine is also a place that you should visit in the keeper’s cottage as it holds the heritage of the fishing. It contains well-preserved captain logs, models, photos, and information on the shipwrecks that have occurred in the region. The site is also very popular for picnics because of its scenic sights.

To the north is the Colonial Pemaquid State Historic Site, which has the colonial settlement’s foundations, which are well preserved. The Museum very well explains the conflict between the English, the French, and the local Native Americans. The Colonial Pemaquid State Historic Site is considered as a National Historic Landmark.

5. Old Orchard Beach

The Old Orchard Beach in Maine is an old-fashioned beach resort which gives you the completely New England thrill. You will be able to indulge in a surge of nostalgia with the mid-century summer fun.

The Palace Playland of the Old Orchard Beach in Maine is a place with a lot of amusement rides. They have a Ferris wheel that is over the waves, a thrilling roller coaster, and a carousel that is very old fashioned. This is a great place to have some fun time with your family and bond with them.

Best Visiting Place In Maine-Old Orchard BeachImage Source

The main highlight of the Old Orchard Beach is that it is a full seven miles of beach with completely free access to the public. The beach is cleaned every night by volunteers so that you will experience a very clean beach with a lot of hotels and restaurants along the shores.

The Amtrak Station is near the Old Orchard Beach and thereby making it the only beach in Maine that you can arrive directly by train.

6. Farnsworth Art Museum

The Farnsworth Art Museum is popularly known for having a collection of artworks from artists that have some association with Maine or are from Maine. The Wyeth Center of the Farnsworth Art Museum is only one of the two museums in the country that is dedicated to the works of three generations of the Wyeths. They include N.C. Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth, and James Wyeth.

Must Visit Place In Maine-Farnsworth Art MuseumImage Source

The museum collection usually includes some of the famous artworks of 19th and 20th-century landscape artists. There are many paintings of famous artists like ohn La Farge, George Inness, Childe Hassam, George Bellows, Rockwell Kent, and Fitz Henry Lane.

The Museum is lined nicely with the brick mercantile buildings of the 19th century, giving a good vintage vibe. There are many places of interest, like the Owl’s Head Light and the Owl’s Head Transportation Museum.

Address: 6 Museum Street, Rockland, Maine

Official site: http://www.farnsworthmuseum.org

7. Nubble Lighthouse (Cape Neddick Light)

The Nubble Lighthouse (Cape Neddick Light) is probably the most photographed lighthouse in Maine and is very easy to access via transport as well. It is best to watch during the rising tide; the surf usually gives a good shot to photographers to get a picture of the lighthouse along with the bashing waves.

Sightseeing Place to Visit In Maine-Nubble Lighthouse (Cape Neddick Light)Image Source

In November, the Nubble Lighthouse (Cape Neddick Light) is outlined with the light of the season, making it a delightful sight to watch. This is celebrated with music and hot chocolate. An entire festival is celebrated when the holiday season arrives in the Nubble Lighthouse (Cape Neddick Light) in Maine.

If you take a cruise from Ogunquit, you can see the lighthouse from the sea.

Considering all the places mentioned above, you get an idea of the rich culture and beautiful scenery that Maine possesses. The beaches and the museums in Maine make it a must-see experience for every family and must be done if you get the chance. The sceneries are hotspots for photography and will be loved by photographers. Visiting Maine in the right season will enable you to indulge in the complete culture of the state and thereby have your bit of fun. Our specially curated list of places is the go-to places in Maine that are sure to give you a wonderful experience.

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