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11 Most Popular Things to Do in Farmington, Maine (2024)

One of the best places to live in Maine, Farmington is a part of Franklin County. Farmington is popularly known as Chester Greenwood’s birthplace. Chester was the inventor of the earmuff. In addition, it is also the birthplace and hometown of Seth Wescott, the popular two-time Olympic Gold Medalist snowboarder. Apart from these popular personalities, Farmington is also known for its year-round tourism opportunities. This small town has a laid-back vibe. It is quite a hit between artists, photographers, writers, poets, and people who are seeking a relaxed and casual time out from life’s hustle.

Farmington is an ideal Maine gateway to fabulous tourist attractions and an active outdoor lifestyle. Located in Maine’s western mountains foothills, it is also popular as a college town, thanks to the settlement of the University of Maine here. Not only that, but this small town also flaunts the richness of its historical and cultural ambiance. Simultaneously, it is also a good location to start a new business in Maine. Seems like an opportunity, right? Here is more about A Vacation in Farmington, Maine.

11 Most Popular Things to Do in Farmington, Maine

The list below consists of all that you can do in Farmington. Have a look:

1. Check Out The Scenic University of Maine Campus at Farmington.

A well-known facility for higher education, the University of Maine is Farmington’s pride. It was founded back in the 1860s and was initially a publicly funded normal school. The operations as a school continued till the 1960s; it finally transformed into the UMF. The University is located on the main street and is home to one of the most scenic campuses in Maine. From the old school buildings to the natural setting, everything here is truly enjoyable to the eyes. The University is also a hosting ground for music, dance, and comedy performance. Or it also hosts several exhibits showcasing work by different artists, poets, and authors. NOTE: Check University’s official website for a calendar of events throughout the year.

2. Visit the UMF Art Gallery

While you are at the University of Maine, Farmington, do check out the UMF Art Gallery. A gem for both locals and visitors, this art gallery is home to an amazing display. UMF Art Gallery doesn’t feature any permanent exhibits but changing/ rotating displays for various beautiful art forms. The arts which are installed here are lent temporarily from different institutions and large museum places. In addition, the facility also focuses on local, regional and young, undiscovered artists and encourages them from time to time. For every next visit, the gallery has something new, unique, and exciting to present. Whether or not you are an art lover, you must check out this attraction in UMF Art Gallery.

3. Explore the Nordica Homestead Museum

Visiting the Nordica Homestead Museum is surely a popular thing to do in Farmington, and no one takes a chance to miss it. This 1841 museum sits two miles north of downtown Farmington right at Nordica Lane. Edwin Norton built the museum to preserve and present the historical and cultural legacy of Lillian Nordica. Nordica was an opera diva and today museum was once the house where she was born. Nordica Homestead Museum today operates guided tours which are undoubtedly interesting.

A visit inside the museum introduces people to Nordica’s concerned gowns and jewelry, a mannequin, a dinnerware collection, a scale model, miniature, old furniture pieces, and different artworks. Since Nordica was the first celebrity spokesperson for Coca-Cola, there are many Coca-Cola collectibles on the wall as well. In addition, the museum also has a small library with books focusing on Nordica.

4. If It Is Winter, Look No Further Than Titcomb Mountain.

Titcomb Mountain is a Ski hill in Farmington, and there’s so much fun at this place. Titcomb Mountain has been operating as a Ski Mountain since 1939 by the Farmington Ski Club and is quite successful in the business. The area is quite a popular spot for activities like classic skiing, cross-country skiing, night skiing, and ice skating. This local family-style Ski Mountain features 16 km of cross-country ski trails, 16 snow ski trails, and a 350′ vertical drop, along with two T-Bars and a Pony life. From a beginner to a professional skier, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Titcomb Mountain also features an active children’s ski school and facility for racing and other such engaging activities. For added fun, Titcomb Mountain also offers opportunities for hiking, riding, racing, archery, team sports, camping, cooking, parties, and much more.

5. Join the Farmington Fair with Friends and Family

Farmington Fair is one of the most iconic and exciting events in the town. Whether you are a local or a visitor, attending this fair is probably the best thing you can do in Farmington. The fair organizes every year in the month of September and attracts a large crowd. Right at the Fairgrounds, the event features everything that a traditional fair has, including a rodeo, arts and crafts, carnival, food, music, shopping opportunities, and much more. It also includes fancy arts, ox pulling, harness racing, fancy exhibition, quality food, and agricultural products. However, with a lot of options, Farmington Fair is a pretty affordable deal since entertainment, dining, and shopping opportunities here come at a low cost.

6. Enjoy the Beauty and Opportunities At Wilson Lake

Wilson Lake is a 308 acres waterbody in Wilton, less than 7 miles from Farmington. This picturesque waterbody is right next to the historic downtown Wilton and has so many opportunities to offer. For initials, it is the lake beauty that attracts people from near and far. Additionally, opportunities like swimming, fishing, bird watching, and wildlife spotting are quite popular here. Swimming, though, is permitted in various areas of the lake but using a sandy beach is recommended. An easy and short drive from Farmington towards Lake Road provides access to Wilson Lake. It never overruns with visitors and thus is a fine to check out if you seek tranquillity. When done with exploring Wilson Lake, the Collins Bakery is nearby for some good warm snacking options.

7. Have Fun at Farmington Underground

Farmington Underground basically are the escape rooms where one can enjoy with friends and family alike. These escape rooms are nestled at Church Street in Farmington and feature everything from children’s events to museum educational games, scavenger hunts, tours, and more. Everything here is full of mystery, puzzles, and immense entertainment. If you are visiting Farmington Underground, consider taking a group or joining a new group for added fun. The best part about Farmington Underground is that one can enjoy it throughout the year, on any weather day, and that too for a nominal fee. However, despite all the conditions, entertainment here is guaranteed for hours.

8. Take a Walk to Mosher Hill Falls.

Not many people know about this, but Farmington boasts a beautiful natural feature, the Mosher Hill Falls. This 45-foot tall cascading waterfall is slightly outside the town but easily reachable. There’s a vantage point for distant views that gives a light glimpse, but the roaring fall sound can be heard loud. Or, for a closer and better view, one has to cover a moderately challenging bushwhack. The main path on the right side of the stream goes all the way to the top of the gorge and falls. But since the way is quite steep, one has to take extra precautions while passing through. However, the left side of the stream opens up gorgeous views at its best. The Mosher Hill Falls is slightly difficult to photograph since it has a dark and confined gorge, and only experts can pick the best captures out of it.

9. Hike Through the Whistle Stop Rail Trail

There’s nothing more rewarding than a scenic hike. Therefore, hiking through the Whistle Stop Rail Trail is one of the best things to do in Farmington. This 14 miles long all-season trail is a beautiful area to approach. The trail is all-purpose and is popular for activities like hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and more. In addition, it is also known for cross-country skiing, dog sledding, and ATV rides. The 14 miles of trail has some sandy area and mostly graveled paths which make it a challenging but fun route for mountain bikers. The trail is also a great spot to spot some local wildlife.

10. Have Some Snacks at Dugout Bar and Grill

If you are looking for a good place to eat in Farmington, then do not miss the Dugout Bar and Grill. This small and cozy dining outlet is popular for its delicious food and fulfilling drinks. Some of the must-try from their menu include chicken stew, pizza, sandwiches, Mexican rice, and cold beer. Dugout’s specialty is seasoned ground chicken/ beef wrapped with cheese, beans, and rice. The wrap is very fulfilling and can replace one’s lunch for sure.

11. Lastly, Do Check Out Walton’s Mill Pond Park.

Walton’s Mill Pond Park is a public recreation area nestled at 206 Temple Road, Farmington. Operating officially since 1980, this scenic outdoor location attracts both locals and visitors alike. Most of the park’s area is peaceful and tranquil, which attracts writers, poets, and artists quite often here. Thanks to its centerpiece pond, it is also popular for canoeing, kayaking, shore-bound fishing, and similar activities. Locals of Farmington and its neighborhood often gather here for afternoon picnics. There are several picnic tables and grass areas to enjoy and relax.

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