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Dabbe Falls in Shivamogga

Visit The Dabbe Falls of Karnataka, the Hidden Gem Of Shimoga Region (2023)

As far as waterfalls are concerned, the Indian state of Karnataka is quite blessed. The state is a home to a number of stunning waterfalls. Out of all these, Dabbe Falls located in Shimoga is one true beauty. It is due to its beauty and serenity only that Dabbe Falls is even considered as one of the top tourist places to visit in Karnataka. Situated near Hosagadde village under Sagar taluk in the Shimoga district, watching the water cascading down naturally is an enchanting sight. Since it is a part of the lush green Sharavati valley of the mighty Western Ghats, it is not surprising that the waterfall is nestled amidst naturally pristine surroundings. In this article, we have gathered all the important information which you should read before visiting Dabbe Falls. Continue reading!

Why Should You Visit Dabbe Falls?

The word Dabbe literally translates to steps in the native language. The Dabbe waterfall got this unique name because the stream bed of the Dabbe falls resembles steps. The waterfall is also referred to as ‘Kep Joga’ locally in the native language. This is because it makes a lot of sound when it gushes down the rocks. Nestled comfortably within the green folds of the Sharavathi wildlife sanctuary, Dabbe falls is surely a hidden gem of Shimoga region. If you are still finding reasons as to why you should visit this picturesque waterfall, then we have already listed them down for you.

  1. A Delight For Nature Lovers: The sprawling greenery in the surroundings, the mighty cliffs of the Western Ghats and the stunning waterfall is a terrific combination in itself. On top of that an unpolluted environment, lack of the crazy noise of city life and a breath of fresh air attracts many nature lovers. This place is perfect for spending some quality time in peace in the lap of nature.
  2. Significant Legends: There are many legends associated with the region surrounding the Dabbe waterfalls in Shimoga. One of the legends says that during the time of Ramayana, it was in Sharavati only that Lord Rama broke the bow to marry Sita. There is another legend associated with Mahabharata. According to it, Bheema, worshipped Lord Shiva at this place and obtained a boon too. There is even a temple in the region because of the incident.
  3. Adventure: In case you wish to do something thrilling, then the waterfall offers great trekking opportunities. One can reach the waterfall by trekking a distance of about 7 to 9 km through the dense forest. Though it is one challenging trek but the beautiful trail makes it worth all the hard efforts. The downhill trek can take about 30 to 45 minutes, depending upon the skill and capacity of the trekker.
  4. Photographic Surroundings: Owing to its naturally picturesque surroundings, the place is perfect for taking some great pictures. Many photographers love coming here to capture nature at its best. Capturing the greenery, roaring waterfall and majestic cliffs in one frame can be a great natural and photographic masterpiece.

Dabbe Falls Opening Hours

There are no specific timings for visiting this stunning tourist place in Karnataka. You can visit it anytime as per your wish. However, keeping in mind the safety concerns, it is suggested to visit the Dabbe waterfalls between 6 AM and 6 PM.

What Is The Best Way To Reach The Dabbe Falls?

You will be pleased to know that reaching Dabbe Falls is not at all a tough task. For reaching this popular tourist attraction in Karnataka, you can use several means of transport including air, rail and road. However, despite the mode of transport, for the last part of the journey you have to go by foot only. Modes of transport you can consider are:

  1. By Air: The nearest airport around Dabbe Falls is the Mangalore International Airport. This airport offers flights that are well connected with many different cities and towns across India as well as beyond. From the airport, you can easily hire a cab or a taxi to reach the village of Hosagadde and then start trekking to reach the waterfall.
  2. By Rail: The nearest railway stations are the Honnavar railway station and the Manki halt railway station. Other than these, the nearest major railway station located near the Hosagadde village is the Madgaon railway station. From the station, you can take a cab or taxi to reach the village.
  3. By Road: There is no direct bus that will drop you at Dabbe Falls. However, all of the KSRTC buses have a stop at the main road. This is approximately 9 km away from the Dabbe waterfalls. You can hire a cab to cover a distance of 3 km more but after that you only have the option of trekking.

Best Time To Visit The Dabbe Falls

For the best experience, travellers are recommended to visit the Dabbe waterfall during the months of October to December. However, for the adventurous trekkers, it is best to visit between May and July. During the early monsoon, trekking is a bit easier in comparison to the peak rainy season. The trail can become quite risky during heavy rainfall.

Where To Stay Near The Dabbe Falls?

If you wish to stay a bit longer, then don’t worry there are several good accommodation options available in the neighbouring area. Some of the hotel options that you can consider include- Akash Inn (about 91.93 km away), Royal Orchid Central, Shimoga (about 92.23 km away) and Green View Clarks Inn, Shimoga (about 93.15 km away).

What Are The Different Places To See Near The Dabbe Falls?

If you could include a couple of more places from Shimoga in your itinerary, then your trip will become even more memorable and fun. Some of the nearby tourist attractions worth considering are:

  1. Jog Falls: With a height of about 253 m, this waterfall is the second highest waterfall in India. It is located at a distance of about just 100 km from the Shimoga Town. Watching this segmented waterfall is going to be a fantastic experience.
  2. Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary: If you are interested in some bird watching, then this bird sanctuary located approximately 30 km away from the town of Shimoga is a great option. Situated on an island, it is frequented by many exotic migratory bird species.

Watching the water cascading down and hearing the soft sound of water as it gushes down the rocks, will have a soothing and calming effect. This waterfall is one must-visit tourist place in Karnataka.

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