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Great Northern Carousel - Most Popular Things To Do With Kids In Helena

8 Most Popular Things To Do With Kids In Helena (2023)

Helena is a fun city to be in. You may be living here or paying a visit with your kids; there are always several opportunities to participate in. For indulging your little ones in something engaging and meaningful, there are many options in the city. While you can always take them to the common tourist attraction, there are several kids-appropriate places in Helena as well. For example, Exploration work brings out fun and adds to several learning occasions. From maths to science and technology, this organization makes learning a process easier than the thought of.

Besides places, Helena, Montana has several activities and tours that engage kids the best. Though for kids-based tourism, Helena is one of the under-rated places. If you look deeper, you will find so many exciting things to try. The best way to get around Helena is Capital Transit, the most famous local transport. So why wait? Book one for yourself and get around Helena with kids. Here is the list of all that you can do and visit Helena with the kids. Have a look:

8 Most Popular Things To Do With Kids In Helena

1. Exploration Works

If you are with kids in Helena, then add Exploration Works at the first position in your itinerary. It is basically an interactive science centre where kids from the age of 2 to 14 can enjoy. It is located in the heart of downtown Helena, offering various exhibits, venues, events, and activities. The centre focuses on science, maths, technology, and engineering. Kids upon a visit here can observe displays or participate in many hands-on activities. Exhibits at Exploration work change every season (three to four times annually) months with new and exciting things every single time. For events, their monthly calendar has a unique event and activity for each day. Kids can enjoy all of these for just $7.50 admission cost. Once done with the fun, you can also shop for projects and gifts at the Explore Store.

2. Great Northern Carousel

While vacationing with kids in Helena, do not forget to visit the Great Northern Carousel. Inside the Carousel, it is always bright and fun no matter your age. Upon visiting inside, you will observe breath-taking stained-glass artwork and hand-carved animals by a renowned Walt Disney World carver. For kids, there are 37 hand-carved animal rides. The list includes Grizzly Bear, Mountain Goat, Cutthroat Trout Fish, Mountain Goat, Bobcat, Bighorn Sheep, and more. Once done with the rides, visitors can enjoy over 36 flavors of the best homemade ice-creams of their life. Over that, the Carousel also hosts food vendors occasionally during the weekdays. It is also an excellent place for organizing birthday parties and kids’ gatherings. Though the place operates throughout the year, the operating hours here change seasonally.

Reach the finest Carousel of Montana, or probably the finest Carousel of America at the north end of Downtown Helena.

3. Marysville Ghost Town

One of Montana’s most famous ghost towns, Marysville, is a fun place for both kids and adults. Close to Helena, it is just 25 miles west of the city, right off State Road 279. Back in the late 1800s, it was a booming gold mining town and one of the wealthiest mining areas with $50 million economic benefits. However, today is a ghost town with several historic buildings at its entrance. The two church buildings are the major highlight, including the famous Methodist-Episcopal Church. The region isn’t entirely abandoned as close to 43 individuals still reside here. For anyone who is interested in Helena and Montana’s history can stop and take a quick stroll here. It certainly is an exciting place to explore.

4. Gates of the Mountains Boat Tours

Kids at one point might not like walking the city on foot, but they would love exploring places via boat tours. Hence when in Helena, go for the Gates of the Mountains Boat Tours and observe the incredible scenery from all angles. These family-friendly boat tours basically guide visitors through the wilderness with a different perspective. The two-hour tour begins from Marina in the foothills of the Rocky Mountain, just 3 miles off Interstate 15. The main attraction here is the rugged rock formations and the wooded slopes. On a clear sunny day, the vibes of floating between these Rocky Mountains are definitely out of the world. No doubt, humans have been following this path for over 125 years now and still loving it the highest. The boat tour prices go like $10 for kids (up to 17 years), $16 for adults, and $14 for senior adults.

5. Helena Ice Arena

The Helena Ice Arena is a 41,000 square-foot facility for both kids and adults. It offers multiple fun activities, including figure skating, youth hockey, adult hockey, standard skating, and lazer skating. Skate rentals are available for $5 (kids) and $7 (adults). For Bighorn hockey tickets, the pricing goes as $5 (kids), $9 adults, and free for kids below four years. Besides that, they also have great options for group discounts. Not only as a participant, but one can also visit the Helena Ice Arena as a spectator for professional ice hockey matches. These matches are commonly organized during the winter season and are exceptionally fun to watch. Or for special night outs, the places also offer private heated skybox booking.

6. Last Chance Tour Train

Riding the Last Chance Tour Train is a fun way of seeing the beauty and history of Helena. These tours operate on open-air, multi-car trains during summers, taking participants through the city. This 1-hour long tour goes past all of the central tourist locations, historic landmarks, and prominent attractions of Helena. With guided narrations and endless stories, the tour guide dives into the gold discovery taking it all the way to the present-day tales. You will go through the Historic Walking Mall, State Capitol Building, and eve Cathedral of St. Helena. Every single guide in their team is highly knowledgeable as well as humorous. It is definitely a must-experience activity for anyone visiting Helena for the first time. Especially if you are here with your family and kids, there isn’t anything better than diving into the fun of the Last Chance Tour Train. The tours operate from May through Mid-September from 11 am to 6:30 pm.

7. Parrot Confectionery

Parrot Confectionery, though is just a confectionery but an unmissable element in downtown Helena. It is an old-fashioned candy store and soda fountain that not just attract kids but adults as well. It has been in business since 1922 and has a worldwide reputation for its wide selection. One of the major highlights in their selection are the hand-dipped chocolates, and they utilize ten tons of chocolate each year. Other than that, some of the must-buys here include almond butter toffees, chocolate-covered caramels, waffles, and creamy milkshakes. Roasted nuts and mints wafers are amongst their highest selling products. You can also check out their original soda fountain. It has served caramel cashew sundaes and cherry phosphates to date with the authentic style and taste for so many years. Make sure you take your wallet full, as kids are not going to leave a single item from their selection.

8. Stone Tree Climbing

Last but not least, take your kids to the Stone tree Climbing center in Helena. This community-oriented space has an indoor rock-climbing facility that makes for a fun learning center before you do rock climbing in the actual outdoor environment. The teaching staff here empowers the participants will skills that help further in lifelong recreation. Though climbing here is not set for adults, kids of age up to 13 can have a lot of fun here. Along with rock/ wall climbing, they also operate for rope climbing, swings, gymnastic rings, etc. From beginners to experts, they have simple as well as technically demanding routes. The Stone tree Climbing facility operates from 12 pm to 8 pm throughout the week. An entire day pass here costs no more than $12.

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