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Munnar Hill Station

Top 4 Places to Plan A Perfect Kerala Honeymoon (2024)

Weddings are about the perfect beginning of life. Every married couple hopes for their perfect honeymoon.

Kerala’s name can bring to mind a beautiful spot with warm, sandy beaches, palms along the beaches and serene backwaters.

Kerala will not disappoint if you’re more of a hill-station lover or enjoy rushing waterfalls. In this regard, Kerala holiday packages has compiled an itinerary of the best places for newlyweds to visit and discover and the activities they can take part in.

Find Out About the Seasons for Making Your Honeymoon in Kerala

  • The weather is an important aspect when choosing your honeymoon dates in Kerala, and you can pick among the three seasons that are the best time to visit the place.
    Peak Season period starts in October and runs in the final week of March. The weather during this time is quite lovely, with beautiful clear skies and a hint of humidity, which makes it the ideal time to enjoy your wedding in Kerala. However, the prices can be higher because it is the official high season and draws lots of visitors.
  • Off-Season The offseason begins in April and runs through the fourth week in September. There are 2 seasons of climate in the offseason, 1 summer season and another monsoon season.
  • In the summer, the afternoons are scorching warm and sunny, and there are a few drops of rain during the night. It can get somewhat humid, but, on the other hand, you’ll avoid the crowds and have the best accommodations for a low cost.
  • Monsoon Season is the time that makes Kerala bloom to its full beauty. It begins two weeks into June and runs through the end of August. The weather is a bit rough, and it is possible to get rain to shower you unexpectedly; however, it will not rain throughout the day on the bright side. The monsoon rains in Kerala typically last before it settles to a halt.

After you’ve decided on the perfect weather for your wedding in Kerala, it is important to choose a destination where you and your loved one are most likely to enjoy. Consider an itinerary for your honeymoon with a reputable travel firm like Kerala Holidays to make the most of your time in Kerala.

How to Choose Your Kerala Honeymoon Location?

Kerala’s sprawling and gorgeous landscape is full of places that make it a perfect destination for a newly married couple. Because Kerala is such a vast landscape, there is a wide range of locations to select from.The all ideal location is unique for couples

Kerala offers a variety of luxurious and budget-friendly resorts.We’ve suggested a few lodging options that you could explore while making plans for your honeymoon trip to Kerala.

1. Hill Stations

Hill stations are ideal for honeymooners to enjoy a romantic getaway in Kerala. They are awash in beautiful scenery with their picturesque valleys, beautiful scenery and stunning hilltops. It’s also a fantastic location for those looking to get away from the temperatures. So, here’s a list of hill-stations available:

  • Munnar

If you’re planning a romantic trip in Kerala and would like to go for a hill-station, Munnar is a great alternative. A glance at the place is enough to make you fall over the place. The lush greenery which covers all the area is truly captivating and gives one a sense of peace.

  • Vagamon

If you’ve got the desire to choose a hill station in Kerala for your honeymoon, Vagamon is the perfect spot for you to escape. At 1200m above sea level, this is a perfect spot to unwind and relax far from the busyness of daily life.

  • Peermedu

The beautiful hill station of Kerala is full of green hills and lush forests. If you and your loved ones are looking forward to enjoying outdoor sports such as hiking, trekking, and exploring, Then this is the perfect place to be. There’s a chance to experience the life of the tribe.

2. Beaches

Like other beaches, these beaches in Kerala retain the same appeal as a rustic beach. What is the ideal honeymoon spot in Kerala other than the stunning warm beaches? Here are a few beaches in Kerala:

  • Alappuzha

The famous spot offers two sandy beaches, which are tourist attractions, including Marari beach and Alleppey beach. Marari is a village on the sea and is one of the best beaches to honeymoon in Kerala. The beach is popular not just for its breathtaking views of a crystal clear sea and sparkling sand but also for the tranquillity and peace it provides.

It’s a wonderful place to relax with your loved ones and not be disturbed. Alleppey bach is, however, located closer to town and always bustling with events and people.

  • Kovalam

The beach town of Portobello is a perfect location for brides-to-be. You can enjoy long walks along its beachfront that are sun-kissed and feast on a delicious meal while enjoying lower tides.

Three popular beaches include Lighthouse Beach, Hawah Beach and Samudra beach that form an elongated crescent along Kovalam beach. Kovalam town as well as its stunning beaches are the ideal wedding spot in Kerala.

  • Varkala

The town along the coast is a mixture of lively and charming. There are many beaches in Papanasam beaches, Kappil beach, Thiruvambadi beach as well as Chilakoor beach. The crowds at some lesser-known beaches are very low, giving the visitors plenty of privacy.

The handful of shacks found in the area offer delicious seafood. The cliffs with a rocky face that surround Papanasam beach’s dunes contribute to the beach’s beauty.

3. Backwaters

Kerala is famous for its backwaters, which draw tourists from all over the world. Houseboats, associated with Kerala, are also available by boat in the backwaters. It is hard to imagine a better place to spend a romantic getaway in Kerala, more tranquil and gorgeous backwaters. The most popular destinations in Kerala which you can relax and enjoy backwaters include:

  • Alleppey

The city is a complex canal and lagoon known for its backwaters, houseboats, fishing, and the coir industry. This stunning place with its tranquil backwater is an ideal location for a relaxing and romantic wedding. The beach also houses an entertainment area and a lighthouse for those who enjoy these.

  • Kollam

Once a thriving port, this seaport has long shorelines and many kinds of lakes that create a varied landscape and add charm. The calm backwaters, tranquil beaches and lagoons make for the ideal location for couples.

What could be better when planning a romantic getaway in Kerala than a luxurious and romantic cruise on houseboats while watching the sunset over the landscape. There is a wonderful dinner in one of the restaurants in town that serve great seafood while taking in the stunning views.

  • Cochin

It’s an injustice not to include Cochin on this list. From relaxing cruises on houseboats to exploring the varied cultural diversity of Kerala, the location lets you do it all. It is a great place in Kerala for the newly-wed couple, who will enjoy lots of time alone and learn more about the region.

4. Waterfalls

If you’re planning your wedding in Kerala, then you’ll never run out of options to pick from. It is a place full of natural beauty, serene surroundings, and everything a newlywed couple could seek out. If it’s not backwaters or beaches you’re seeking instead, check out these waterfalls. Some destinations to choose from:

  • Athirappilly Waterfalls

In addition to the famed Athirapally Falls, which is situated in the area, there is also plenty of wildlife and small villages where the true history of the area is. The waterfall is known as”the Niagara of Kerala, and one can only imagine how gorgeous the place would look to win this kind of laurel.

The twisting roads and green hills make Athirappilly an attractive spot. This is an attraction worth visiting with your beloved one. It is the perfect romantic honeymoon destination in Kerala.

  • Idukki

The region of the mountains is heavily forested and hosts the Eravikulam National Park, well-known for its Blue Neelakurinji flower.. The waterfall cascading Cheeyappara Waterfall flows through the district and is stunning to look at.

It’s an ideal trekking spot, and If you and your loved ones are both nature-lovers and you are looking for a place to relax, then you’ll surely love this stunning spot.

  • Kollam

Kollam has much to offer, not just its beaches. One of the numerous lakes found in Kollam is the well-known Palaruvi Falls which is the 40th most awe-inspiring waterfall of India and is also known as a milk stream.

The region hosts a range of plants and animals. It is possible to lose yourself in the charming and picturesque hill station devoid of all kinds of disturbance.

What Should You Pack When Planning your Honeymoon in Kerala?

Make an essential list that includes clothes that are appropriate to the climate. Wear tropical clothing since Kerala will never be cold, but take warm clothes to visit an area with a hill. Be sure to bring other essentials such as an umbrella and mosquito repellent.

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