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9 Best Places to Shop in Gurugram or Gurgaon (2024)

Gurugram or Gurgaon may be a bustling hub of business, but the town is dominated by a fantastic shopping scene. Fabulous street markets and shopping malls soon enamour the visitors and take over their purse strings. Plan a trip to the area and take a splurge at the trendy places offering goodies and clothes of all kinds. Watch out Gurugram has an immense amount to offer- it is a special place for everyone.

At times, the malls and the flea markets have the same product on display, but there is an astronomical difference in the prices. The choice from where we can buy goods is a personal decision! So, make sure you visit each nook and corner in Gurugram for a great deal. The decision of the place to buy things from can be baffling. But, everyday stuff and interesting goods are available at extremely affordable prices.

You can always visit the malls, but if you want a fresh shopping experience with a different ambiance then head to the Gurgaon markets. Dig your teeth into delicious street food served in the aisles of a local market and haggle for the best price, to your hearts’ content. We promise you, you will meet shopaholics from everywhere there.

9 Best Places to Shop in Gurugram or Gurgaon

Let us see where you can head to shop when in Gurugram:

1) Galleria Market:

The Galleria market is one of the Best Places to Shop in Gurgaon. No doubt, the lavish and opulent mall infrastructures mesmerize the visitors and offer classy and chic merchandise. But, at the same time, home essentials and trendy clothes can be picked up as you roam around the lanes of a local market too. Have you heard about Khan Market in New Delhi? Well, the Galleria market operates on similar lines. The property rents may be sky high here but there is something within budget for all here.

If you want to take an open-air-mall feel then head straight for the cobbled streets of Galleria markets. Enjoy the sight of the fountain splashing water in the center as you rest on the bench to nibble on goodies from street food stalls. This is not all, you can splurge on gifts, upholstery, home furnishings, jewelry, clothes, apparel, fashion wear, makeup, stationery, and so much more here. For a relaxing time take a rejuvenating spa massage or beautify at a beauty salon.

Also, the Galleria market offers microbreweries and high-end restaurants for a grand end to the day or lightening up the afternoons. In fact, if you are here then you don’t have to go anywhere. Don’t you worry you can get everything you need at this one spot! If you want an aesthetically superb shopping experience, then go for the Galleria market. Pick the best brands and products from this superstore. We include here a list of places to check out:

  • iWorld
  • John Jacobs
  • Elementary
  • Heads Up for Tails
  • L’Opéra
  • Starbucks
  • Forever New
  • W for Women
  • Chumbak.

Location: DLF Phase IV, Sector 28, Gurugram, Haryana 122022 Nearest Metro Station to Galleria: IFFCO Chowk (Yellow Line)

Timings: 11:00 am to 10:30 pm. The Galleria market is closed on Tuesdays.

2) Sadar Bazaar, Gurgaon

Are you willing to walk that extra mile for reasonable branded stuff? You may have to clamber through a crowd of people or trudge it out on the dusty roads, but a visit to Sadar Bazaar in Gurugram or Gurgaon should not be missed at any cost!

The market has a traditional backing with shops dating back decades, in fact, even before independence. This oldest marketplace in Gurgaon is a fully equipped shopping arena. It offers utensils, clothes such as dresses, sarees, jeans, tuxedos, suits, etc., to the shopper.

Besides this, fresh vegetables, jewelry stores, street food, and a variety of goods that match your shopping needs are available here. You can shine with the bling and panache of the Bazaar offerings. In fact, only a limited amount of money is spent on getting large quantities of goods back home. Sadar Bazaar in Gurugram is a wholesale hub of excellent essentials and clothes in a small area. In short, the market has it all; don’t miss a visit to this shopper’s hole!

  • Location: Roshan Pura, Old Gurgaon Area (Gurugram).
  • Attractions: Thrift stores and flea markets. Shops selling kitchen goods, groceries, home décor items, jewelry, and trendy clothes.
  • Timings: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • Approachable Metro Station: HUDA City Centre (Yellow Line)

3) Qutub Plaza, Gurgaon

Now, we bring to you another fantastic shopping place in Gurgaon. We all love a good bargain and getting a variety of goodies at dirt cheap prices gives the visitor a big high. It is the most satisfying experience to buy expensive toys, fashionable clothes, goodies, and groceries at reasonable rates from here.

Moreover, you can even get your alterations done here by the string of tailors sitting in a line to do your bidding. Now, you don’t have to rush to boutiques to get your dress altered. Buy your favorite outfits and get them fitted to your desire, right here, so that you can wear them instantly!

Qutub Plaza in Gurugram offers the best street food served on food stalls and high-end restaurants. Any Gourmand will feel enlightened and happy to taste delicious mouth-watering dishes. Whether it is Mughlai, Chinese, or North Indian, the food delights here are incomparable and available in one place. To add to the pleasurable experience, Qutub Plaza has a superb offering of sumptuous desserts to gratify your palate and end your meal in style. This is what we call a completely therapeutic shopping experience!

  • Location: DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon
  • Timings: 9:00 am to 8:30 pm
  • Best features: Groceries, toys, cheap clothes
  • Approachable Metro Station: Phase 1 (Rapid Metro)

4) HUDA Market, Gurgaon

If you are a master at haggling and bargaining then you must visit the HUDA Market in Gurugram. The normal-priced items are purchased at lesser amounts in this flea market. Besides this, the shopkeepers will still make profits with a huge margin. This is the reason enough, to head to the HUDA market to pick up trendy kurtas, cosmetics, groceries, or juttis.

The market has several shops where you can pick up goodies to your heart’s content. Also, you can snack on yummy delicious items at the tandoori momo stalls, KFC, famous sweet shop OM sweets, and Pizza hut!

  • Location: Sector 14, Gurgaon
  • Timings: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • Attractions: Latest clothing, Cosmetics, trendy footwear, junk jewelry, and popular books.
  • Closest Metro Station: IFFCO Chowk (Yellow Line)

5) Arjun Marg Market, Gurgaon

All those, who plan a visit to Delhi to shop at the Sarojini Nagar or Janpath markets, can experience the same thrill while shopping at the Arjun Marg market in Gurugram or Gurgaon. It’s not a joke when we say you can own clothes of expensive brand at very cheap rates. Arjun Marg Market is the place you should be! The export surplus clothes available here may or may not have minute defects. But, don’t you worry, the shopkeepers exchange them or provide elegant repairs instantly.

Many of us want to shop for the latest jewelry pieces or get trendy clothing for our wardrobes. Arjun Marg Market is the ideal place for us to visit and pick branded items at the prices offered by thrift stores. The markets also make sure you don’t go hungry. Do taste the yummy and spicy kebab rolls, momos, chaat papdi, golgappas, while you are here.

Leather boots, shoes, and jackets for men and women are all available at around Rs. 1000 to 1500. Latest brands such as Superdry, Zara, Burberry, H&M, are available here and range from Rs. 350 to 1000/-. All you need is an excellent bargaining talent. Ask a shopkeeper for a bag and get ready to fill it up to the brim with your selected items. You’re going to bring home a treasure that is all that we can promise!

  • Location: Block E, DLF Phase 1, Sector 26, Gurugram, Haryana 122002.
  • Main attractions: Fashion accessories, trendy branded clothing, oxidized and junk jewelry, warm cozy winter wear, leather boots, plenty of thrift stores, and flea markets are open all days of the week. Timings: 11:00 am to 8:30 pm.
  • Approachable Metro Station: Phase 1 (Rapid Metro).

6) Sector 29 Market, Gurgaon.

The Sector -29 market in Gurugram or Gurgaon is a food and pub hub. If you want to savor the best Korean, Italian, Japanese, North Indian, or American authentic cuisine, then you have come to the right place.

Sector 29 Market in Gurgaon hosts the best restaurants in the city. It’s a bustling and energetic area that comes into super action when the sun goes down. Soon, the millennials head to this region and the party is set.

The place is also famous for its breweries, pubs, and bars. People do come here for their food in the afternoons but the market lights up at night. After seeing the huge crowds here, DLF cyber Hub is not missed, or is it?

  • Location: Sector 29, Gurgaon
  • Timings: Afternoon to night
  • Attractions in the area: Bars, Global cuisine dining, pubs, and live entertainment
  • Nearest Metro Station: The HUDA City Centre (The Yellow Line).

7) Hong Kong Bazaar, Gurgaon

As the name suggests this “mall-like” market is indoors and a favorite jaunt for enthusiastic shoppers. The shops have plenty of everyday items, jewelry, electronics, clothes, and books.

The Hong Kong Bazaar also has salons and spas where you can head if you want a relaxing and beautiful time.

While we plan a get-together we need a special dress and plenty of mollycoddling. Ethnic clothes, fancy accessories, or a funky outfit, the Hong Kong Bazaar has it all for us. The market caters to everyone, even the people who love to eat tasty foods. There are food stalls all over to satiate your hunger.

The place is designed like a small cute mall and is a great place to go to if you want to spend a few leisure hours. Moreover, you can even take a walk window shopping if want to pass your time and exercise at the same time.

  • Location: Sushant Lok II, Sector 57, Gurugram
  • Attractions: Sardar – 24-Seven, More Supermarket, The Meat Street, and Ibadat, Jewellery, Clothes, ethnic outfits, Street Food, Food Stalls, and Accessories.
  • Timings: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm (Open All Days)
  • Nearest Metro Station: Sector 55-56 ( The Rapid Metro)

8) Banjara Market:

Are you passionate about home décor? Do you want to redecorate your home pad? If you want to unleash that hidden creative designer inside then go straight to the Banjara Market in Gurugram or Gurgaon for fabulous artefacts. The place offers excellent ceramics and so many more items to decorate your personal or corporate spaces. You can pick flower vases, mirrors, wall hangings, cutlery, clocks, showpieces, bookshelves, wooden showpieces, decorative pieces, carpets, furniture, rugs, and cabinets here. It may come as a surprise to you, but you can even order a four-poster bed if you want. Now, that sounds very expensive but it is not so. The prices here are dirt cheap and extremely reasonable.

In fact, Banjara Market is one of the most checked out “Gurgaon spots” on the internet for interior décor shopping. Unbelievable rates and adjusting vendors, along with customized furniture, make you get the best. On top of it, all this is achieved within your budget constraints. Get ready to spruce up your dull rooms with the best. The market is open all seven days of the week. Go for it!

  • Location: Sector 56, Gurugram
  • Main Attractions: Furniture Flea market and Home Decor items, carpets, Rugs, Crockery.
  • Timings: 6:00 AM to 10:30 PM
  • Nearest Metro Station: Sector 54 Chowk (Rapid Metro)

9) Ambience Mall:

Besides these markets, you can visit the Ambience Mall in Gurugram. This is one of the most visited shopping places and loved malls in Gurugram. Brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, ONLY, And, Vans, Mango, SuperDry, Louis Phillipe, Levi’s, etc., have their outlets displaying wonderful apparel here. The mall also has fabulous food outlets such as Dhaba Estd 1986, 4700 BC, Asia Seven, Royce, Punjab Grill, Chili’s, and more, which serve the best food cuisines.

  • Location: National Highway – 8, Ambience Island, DLF Phase 3, Sector 24, Gurugram, Haryana 122002.
  • Timings: 10 am – 10 pm

Don’t all these markets force you to rush for some therapeutic shopping? Well, after this, you may decide to put your mall visit on hold. But, heading to these “simple-mall-looking” incredible markets is a great idea, if you want a swell bargain and revel in some well-spent hours! Gurugram is a great place to head to for a fantastic holiday and an awesome shopping experience.

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