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Leisure Valley Park

How to Spend 2 Days in Gurugram (Gurgaon)? (2023)

Gurugram may be the ideal spot for job seekers and workaholics but it is also the hub for short-term holidaymakers. It’s great fun to step out of a boring routine and go for a quick two-day trip to recharge your batteries. The ideal place to head over to for fun and frolic is to book a room in Gurugram (Gurgaon) for this exciting sweet 2-day visit. Collect your stuff and pack your clothes! You are going on a holiday for a thrilling time.

Gurugram (Gurgaon), houses the largest skyscrapers, beautiful hotels, and corporate offices. Besides these malls, cafes, budding startups, adventure places, and business houses, lots of fun lies in its urban heart. On the other side of town, people may be cracking business deals, but you can have a whale of a time with your family at this vibrant and energetic place!

How To Spend 2 Days In Gurugram (Gurgaon?)

Planning a family outing for a weekend is complicated, but we promise to make this tricky stuff super easy for you. Explore the options given here and adjust the itinerary according to your family.

Well, whatever you plan, keep the vibrant and crazy traffic in your mind. It will be ruling your activities to a great extent. There are loads to see and explore here, and two days will fall short. But, here we narrow down all the places to visit in this list, so get ready for quality family time!

This bustling town has several tourist attractions. While you are here, you will not run out of options because the party places are plenty. It is rightly said- the excitement never ends. There is plenty for every age group, and we are going to list you the best way to stay busy for two days in this energetic metropolitan city. Get ready to unravel the excitement at Gurugram. Let us begin with day 1:

You are away from home and need a place that provides you with all the comforts and amenities. So, book a room at the Oberoi, The Leela, or the Hyatt. If that’s not your choice you can stay at The Trident, DoubleTree by Hilton, the Le Meridien, The Taj, The Bloom Boutique, or the Royal Residence. There is a never-ending list of places-to-stay spread all over the city, and you can choose one that agrees with your pocket. Eat your breakfast and start the day with excitement. We are on the way for super fun on our 1st day in Gurugram (Gurgaon)!

Day 1 in Gurugram

But, before we start, do keep Cyber Hub as the last visit of your day 1 in Gurugram. Along with the Kingdom of dreams, the Cyber hub promises some fabulous night fun and a great end to the day.

Leisure Valley Park

A leisurely walk at the leisure valley park in Gurugram (Gurgaon) is the best start to the day. The fabulous roses in the Rose garden and the fountains make the whole environment serene and peaceful. The fresh breezy air will recharge your tired soul and refresh your senses instantly.

You can satisfy your hunger at the cafes here or head to the interesting Korean bakery in DLF South Point Mall. The Shibang bakery offers a mouth-watering breakfast with its baked goodies. You can also grab yummies at Chaayos or Om sweets. Besides, there are many places to eat. Keep walking, we promise an epicurean food joint nearby.

Ambience Mall:

Ambience Mall is not just another mall in Gurugram (Gurgaon). It is an exclusive paradise promising lifestyle distinction, with plenty of leisure activities, unlimited entertainment, and unparalleled retail shopping. If nothing, walk along the bright and colorful shop lanes for your “after breakfast spree”.

The mall has gourmet meal joints and restaurants where you can grab a bite and relax together. For the best shopping experience, head straight to the Ambiance Mall. Get ready to take back premium curios for your friends and family!

The huge area spread out over almost 1,997,378 square feet is a favorite for fashionistas and foodies. An ideal place for gaming, checking out beauty and clothing brands, movies, kids’ games, enjoying a drink, the Ambiance Mall has something for everyone and is an experience for the traveler.

While at the mall, do not miss the skating rink, the tattoo parlor, and the Karaoke cubicles to sing along to your favorite song. Hours and hours of fun is waiting for you here. If you are travelling solo, you will never get bored here!

Appu Ghar:

If you relish rides and excitement at an amusement park, then Gurgaon offers you the best at Appu Ghar. The amusement zone has a banquet hall that can manage nearly 2000 people simultaneously. There are approximately 15 exciting adventurous rides for the public.

The most interesting one is the tallest and fastest water ride catering to people of all age groups. Appu Ghar opulently fans across ten acres, and you need a ticket to gain entry. So, get ready to enter the splashing water rides and have some super great fun.

Sheetla Mata Temple:

Sheetla Mata temple holds the revered idol of Mata Sheetla Devi that takes us back to the times of the Mahabharat because Sheetla Mata is the wife of Guru Dronacharya, the Guru who taught archery to Pandavas and Kauravas.

Gurgaon was renamed Gurugram because it is the village of the guru. This popular shrine is dedicated to Drona’s wife Kripi, also called Mata Masani, Mata Sitla – “Goddess of smallpox” by the people.

Aravalli Biodiversity Park:

The park spreads across almost 153.7 hectares near Guru Dronacharya Metro Station. It falls in a partially dry region and restores ecologically threatened vegetation and semi-arid land biomes.

At one time, the Aravalli hills had become devoid of flora and fauna. This park offers a walk of almost 3.5 km in the middle of nature and helps restore the surroundings by adding normalcy to the bio-diversity. Also, it is a natural educational ground for students and keeps them up to date with environmental issues and environmental awareness. Nature lovers can pick a cycle and ride around the beautiful and picturesque concrete cycling track of almost 4 km. In fact, do visit this scenic garden on your Gurgaon trip.

Sky Jumper Trampoline Park:

This park in Gurugram (Gurgaon)promises loads and loads of fun for the visitor. Jumping high, flying, and springing up from the springy trampoline can be exuberantly exciting. The Sky jumper trampoline park provides family entertainment. In fact, the sporty activities can leave you giggling and laughing a long time after you finish prancing about.

Kingdom of Dreams:

Want to see the first live entertainment platform in India? Then head straight to the opulent and majestic Kingdom of Dreams. Gurugram (Gurgaon) dazzles with this live wire entertainment. Moreover, this glittering structure is an ideal place to head to for excellent food, retail purchases, and entertainment.

It provides the visitor with unparalleled excitement. There are media launches and movie shoots to make your evening exciting. Moreover, lifestyle shootings, interactive tableaus, art and cultural shows depicting traditions of India, and lot more activities taking place at the Kingdom of Dreams.

The unique food delicacies at the Culture Gully can leave the person hungering for more. Also, the musical performances and live shows are a class apart.

Zangoora – The Gypsy Prince, Jhumroo, and Beyond Bollywood take the tourist on a musical journey and are highly appreciated. Grab some yummy foods at the “Indoor street of India” and enjoy the splendid cultural and traditional evening here.

The Showshaa Theatre:

You may explore the whole country but will not find a theatre such as Showshaa anywhere. The versatile seating arrangements and the hydraulic central revolving system are breathtaking.

You can head to the IIFA Buzz to get a feel of Bollywood. It provides exclusive state-of-the-future show business with its special effects, thematic decorations, and foot-tapping music. Gurugram promises exhilarating fun and excitement right here go for it.

Also, don’t miss the Maikhana Bar, which intrigues us with the royal old Mughal Delhi style and fabulous lighting.


The cyber hub offers exclusive and best dining places. Whether, you want to head to a café, a restaurant, a bar, a club, or a brewery, the Cyber Hub provides the visitor with a yummilicious meal. All the various cuisines and categories are covered, and this is why a person heading to Gurugram (Gurgaon)makes sure the Cyber Hub is a priority on the visitor list.

Pick your favorite outlet to grab a meal. There is so much to woo the traveler, so you can choose the eating outlet that best suits you and your mood. Imperfecto, The Farzi Cafe, Cyber Hub Social, Burma Burma, The Wine Company, Yum Yum Cha, Made In Punjab, and many others are popular food joints for casual dining.

The Cyber hub is a complete package with a fabulous layout and unique spaces. Moreover, it has an exhibit area, media room, and amphitheater, to provide a novel experience for the tourist. The place is great for some late-night fun and stomping. Actually, you can stay busy for hours here!

The Kingdom of Dreams and Cyber Hub can keep you busy for hours and hours, so if you want to hang around here and relish the best, it is your free will, though there is a lot more to explore in Gurgaon.

Day 2 in Gurugram

Museum of Folk and Tribal Arts:

Start your day with a sumptuous breakfast and head straight for the Museum of Folk and Tribal arts. The exhibit showcases traditional Folk and Tribal arts and talks about the rich culture prevalent in the different parts of India. There are also some unique but neglected art pieces kept here. These select art pieces are invaluable and lie displayed in the museum for permanent preservation. After all, these timeless artefacts have priceless qualities.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary:

If you want to relax and watch the bird fleet around in their natural habitat, then you need to go to the Sultanpur bird sanctuary. Bird and nature-lovers should visit this calm and serene place if they want to have a few hours of relaxation. The sanctuary and the big lake spread around almost 352 acres.

Most of the areas are lush green grasslands. Also, the National Park that has visitor permission is a small part of this extensive area. You will be surprised there are hardly any birds visible in the thick undergrowth. Carry a good camera or a binocular to catch the birds in action around the lake.

Visitors are requested to maintain sanctity and peace in the area. Take a walk around the path, and you can see several birds. The unbeatable calmness woos the visitor after the hustle and bustle of the city.

Camp Tikkling:

Are you fond of adventurous activities? Head straight to village camp Tikkling. Situated on the outskirts of the city, this camp is a favorite of adventure lovers, school children, and corporate biggies. Actually, this adventure camp has all the works!

Whether it is rappelling, climbing on natural rocks, skirting the artificial wall, zip-lining, paintballing, trekking, paramotoring, jumaring, etc, there is so much to do here. It can kickstart your adrenaline in no time.

Pick the package that suits you and go to the camp lying regally in the hub of the Aravalli hills. Camp Tikkling is the ideal place to recharge the mind-body, and soul.

Damdama Lake

About 24 km away from Gurgaon, lies Damdama Lake. This calm and peaceful lake, initially, was made for rainwater harvesting. But, now it is the home to hundreds of different migratory and native birds. One of the biggest lakes in the whole of Haryana, Damdama lake, is spread across a vast 3000 acres.

If you feel like indulging in team-building training or a few on-the-spot activities for your employees, then avail of the vast area here. On the other hand, this is the ideal picnic spot for many.The lake has excellent topography and is surrounded by hills. Paddle boating, adventure sports, rock climbing, and plenty of other activities are organized at resorts nearby.

Botanix Nature Resort:

Botanix Nature Resort lies at the Damdama Village. Beautiful lush greenery spread across 30 acres, makes this place one of the best scenic spots near Gurugram (Gurgaon). The resort has a swimming pool, outdoor and indoor facilities for games, beautifully landscaped gardens, several rooms with modern amenities. Besides this, the resort is organically inclined. Do take a break from the loud traffic of the city and relax in the peace here.

Farrukh Nagar Fort:

This Mughal Fort has an outstanding design and is very popular with adventure and history lovers. Take your time to explore each nook and corner of the fort for a wonderful experience. Furthermore, the fort offers an extensive peek into the design and structural elements of art. This is an ideal place for sightseeing and should not be missed at any cost.


If you are so mesmerized by peaceful and calm spots in the bustling Gurgaon, then opt out for your first paramotor trip at Flyboy. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the town from the Heights above. The site is spectacular, and you can explore nature close by when you take the adventurous air safari.

NeverEnuf Garden Railroads:

When you are in a town, make sure you visit the maximum places you can. One of the other things you can include in your second-day trip is the NeverEnuf Garden Railroads with its unique miniature railroads and trains.

Also, include the medicinal garden with its unique plant species in your list. The bio-diversity of the Aravalli hills has been affected and threatened. Gardens, forests, and the Galleria market in Gurgaon add to the beauty of this town.

Witness the best nightlife in Gurugram or Gurgaon before you seize your second day. The city offers exclusive breweries, pubs, and bars namely Soi 7 Pub and brewery, Prankster, Agent Jack’s Bidding Bar, 7 Degree Brauhaus, Philtre- The Bistro, and others. Not a second will go waste in this busy town! Remember, Gurugram is not only urbanization, dazzling wealth, and industries. It is lush green, beautiful, adventurous, and a shopping paradise at the same time. This is how we can spend two days in Gurgaon, say the experts, so go for it!

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