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Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh

How To Spend 2 Days In Chandigarh? (2023)

Is Chandigarh your next 2-day quick holiday destination? You are in the right place because the quaint and well-planned city promises you a fun-packed two days. Created by a talented Swiss architect, Le Corbusier, Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab and Haryana, has opulent spaces, lush green trees, a clean environment, wide-open streets, grand buildings, boulevards, lakes, parks, and gardens. Aesthetically designed houses and dream homes provide a panoramic view making this tourist spot worth visiting.

The more you say about Chandigarh, the lesser it is. The town creates the perfect balance between a bustling metropolitan city and a therapeutic hill station. Actually, this perfectly planned town makes a permanent place in the heart prompting the visitor to rush back soon.

There are plenty of incentives to revisit here –the fabulous savouring and delicious foods, having corporate meets in beautiful surroundings, experiencing the cacophony of urban crowds for fun, and getting a hill station’s rejuvenating peace. You can do all this at the same time. Chandigarh promises a joy ride, we assure you. So, get ready with your bags and head to the fresh air of this small but “not so small” town.

How To Spend 2 Days in Chandigarh?

Holding a regal position in the Shivalik Hills, this “city beautiful” offers the visitors plenty of calm and action at the same time. The famous “Gedi route” in town is very popular, and the natural reserves and nightlife will not let you regret the decision of this short break here.

But, “how to spend 2 days in Chandigarh” is a common question asked. Let us start with the basics:

Day 1 in Chandigarh:

Grab Your Breakfast:

Chandigarh is ingeniously divided into sectors and there is a market in each of these. You will have an eating joint to head to every few meters. So, don’t worry, there is something to eat at every corner.

Whether it is eating grilled cheese sandwiches or paranthas at the Pahalwan Parantha point, Chandigarh has it all. You can have a vegetarian meal at Katani Dhaba, go to Marriot for a quiche, eat at the Taj, or enjoy Dosa at the decades-old Indian Coffee House. Additionally, you can order a meal of any cuisine anywhere in the city. A gastronomical delight with lip-smacking gourmet dishes awaits you to kick-start your exciting day.

Now that you have charged your tummies, it’s time to move on. The city is well-connected with rickshaws, auto-rickshaws, taxis, and buses. Pick your choice and move on to the must-visit spots in the city.

National Gallery of Portraits:

You can’t begin your adventurous journey, without soaking in the rich culture and talent, of Chandigarh. Walk straight through the town’s creative and historical trail.

Talented artists have put up a legacy of sculptures, portraits, images, busts, photos, paintings, newspapers, and digital prints of the freedom struggle at the National Gallery of Portrait. The main hall has almost 41 information panels to check out and there are exhibits of Chandigarh’s architect Le Corbusier.

Rock Garden:

The air in Chandigarh is clean and pure because of the constant waste management drives and tree plantations. Rock Garden is Waste management at its best! You can check out this quaint place made of debris and ingeniously conceptualized by Nek Chand. In fact, it is created out of household, sanitary, and industrial waste and has been a tourist attraction for decades now.

Rock Garden has figures of men, women, animals, trees and so many other elements. These figurines are crafted from broken bulbs, toilets, fuses, wreckage, tubes, ceramic objects, and other waste products. There are vendors and a café inside where you can satiate your hunger pangs.

Weddings and events are hosted here and people from all over visit the Rock Garden to spend a couple of hours enjoying the unique sights. Rock Garden has almost 2,000 handmade sculptures made from waste and rubble. Amphitheaters, passageways, staircases, huge swings, and the dazzling waterfall here give it a dreamland appearance and add the aesthetic appeal of this beautiful scenic spot.

Sukhna Lake:

A person who has come to Chandigarh can’t afford to miss the majestic looking lake and its boat rides. A lovely span of water surrounded by lush green trees and the backdrop of mountains and temples make Sukhna Lake the best scenic spot in the city. The setting sun pictures are breathtakingly beautiful and turn out the best, say the travellers who have already been here.

The lake or reservoir stands regally sprawled at the foothills of the Shivalik Ranges. There is a mini-cruise to take the visitors around the lake for the water ride. You can also book a boat and take your partner for a glide through the serene and calm waters in a private boat. On the North-East of the Lake, there is a sanctuary. The natural surroundings provide the visitor a peek at the wildlife close by!

Also, there are no fees to see the unmatched beauty of the lake. Grab your binoculars and watch the migratory birds free of cost. There is a small lighthouse-shaped museum a few meters along the lake walk. Visit here for some rare pictures and information of Chandigarh, or sit on the rocky ledges to get a break from the hustle-bustle of town life. This is the best way to unwind your tired senses, we promise you that!

Bird Park:

This park lies adjacent to Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh. People visiting the area include a visit to the Bird Park to see hundreds of bird species flying in the enclosures. The park is for nature education and the conservation of birds and the environment. You can see exotic birds zipping around in the well-maintained aviaries. These rare species stay protected and can exist in their natural habitats. Moreover, the visitor can look at them from close quarters.

Open Hand Monument:

The Open Hand monument is the brain child of Le Corbusier. People from all over appreciate the unique architecture and designing of this creative wonder in Chandigarh. The symbol, designed by Le Corbusier, is a few minutes’ drive from Sukhna Lake in sector-1. In fact, it honors peace and prosperity. In literal words, the open hand monument symbolizes sharing, peace, prosperity, and unity of mankind.

Tower Of Shadows:

Many places in Chandigarh display stunning and well-planned architecture. The structures and buildings worth a glimpse are widespread all over town. Amongst these proudly stands the Tower of shadows, made by Le Corbusier.

This architectural marvel adds to the artistic infrastructure of the city. With an overpowering personality, the design manipulates the sunrays beautifully. The play of the light all around is captivating and a vision for the tourist.

For lunch, choose a menu to please your taste buds and grab a bite to satisfy your hunger. Why don’t you savour the authentic Punjabi cuisine available in the city? You can also grab the “Desi Chinese” in sector 15 market or taste the yummy vegetarian or non-vegetarian food delights the town has to offer you. Why not satisfy your sweet tooth, at the age-old “Softy corner” in sector 17, while you look around?

The Tiny Shop in Sector- 17:

The tiny shop has plenty of “Chandigarh souvenirs” you can choose for your family and friends to take back home. This local shop in sector -17 in the basement offers beautiful curios and artistic knick-knacks made by local people. Get the odds here and walk around sector-17 to enjoy the huge opulent “Chandigarh hand symbol” and fountains close by.

Sector -17 is a trendy place to shop till you drop. It has the best couture, junk jewelry, handicrafts, electronics, and shoes from all over the world at fabulously designed stores and boutiques. You can stand in front of the Neelam theatre and see a beautiful view of the blue skies and the tall buildings of sector -17. The view is breathtaking, we promise you!

Leisure Valley and Rose Garden:

Opulent gardens spread out over almost 8 km with divisions, provide nature-lovers a leisurely time. This is the serene and peaceful lush leisure valley for you. The sprawling greens and marked-out walking trails are the best places to head to digest your meal. You will see couples moving hand in hand and joggers exercising their calories away here.

Also, visit the rose garden with all the rose varieties to check out during the season. The dancing fountain and a good stroll here will soothe the soul and thrill your kids. So, go for it, the visit is free too!

Garden of Fragrance:

Chandigarh is a city of beauty and natural abundance. After a hectic day, some moments at the Garden of Fragrance, amidst diverse herbs and flowers, you can enjoy some therapeutic moments. There are beautiful paths to walk on and explore.

Tagore Theatre:

Tagore Theatre is the hub of dance, music, and theatre performances and is a favorite jaunt of famous Chandigarh locals. In fact, this auditorium has hosted top theatrical performances of many renowned celebrities. It’s time to savor the culture and drama bonanza at Tagore theatre.

Le Corbusier Centre:

If you want to know about the history of Chandigarh and the plans regarding it then visit the Le Corbusier Centre. Learn the stories and making of Chandigarh and see the famous structures all over this “City Beautiful”. The Chief Draftsman Le Corbusier unfolds the works at this place, so do include this in your Chandigarh trip.

Jayanti Devi and Siswan Dams:

Head for the Dams located nearby for a stunning view. Right in the middle of nature, they thrill the eyes. They are within the vicinity of the town and the drive is exhilarating with the lush green scenery and waters to titillate the senses.

Nepali Forest Reserve:

Chandigarh is a small town where most of the scenic spots are within a span of a few kilometers. This Natural reserve offers us the best environment and is a wonderful place for the people who love connecting with nature and its surroundings.

Nik Bakers and Monicas:

Take a break and satisfy your late evening tea coffee pangs. Taste the yummy cakes, pastries, and succulent loaves of bread at Nik Baker’s or Monicas. Both the places offer a variety of pancakes, burgers, cheese straws, Belgian and tequila chocs, sandwiches, pasta, pizzas, waffles, tarts, and other quick bites. You can have your grub here while you see the youngsters laugh their way around and retire for the day.

Day 2 in Chandigarh:

You have a hectic day with lots of sightseeing waiting for you. So, start your day with a yummilicious breakfast at Panjab University.

Student Centre or Stu-C:

The huge Panjab University campus, especially the beautiful Law Department, is worth a visit. The widespread campus and the fabulous snacks and tea or coffee at the bustling and lively Stu-C are a great start to the morning. The place offers delectable snacks and is the best place to experience student culture at its best.

Timber Trail :

Day 2 promises to be an adventure trail. About one hour away from Chandigarh, regally in the middle of the mountains, lies Timber Trail and Timber Trail heights. There is a ropeway between the two Trails which attracts the people immensely. The view is breathtaking, and you can see the lust green forests and mountain ranges from high above. This is a great place to relax, unwind, eat good food, and indulge in adventurous activities.

Pinjore Gardens:

Majestic and strikingly appealing, this Mughal monument, laid out by Nawab Fidai Khan, has seven levels. Surrounded by fabulous mangroves, a zoo, castles, widespread yards, and a lusciously green Japanese Garden, Pinjore Gardens are stunningly beautiful.

A water channel with fountains and rippling water is spread across the 7 tier stretch making the whole ambiance spectacular. Kids can also go to the amusement park adjacent to Pinjore Garden and enjoy games and “Go-karting”.

Chandigarh Ayurvedic Centre:

Chandigarh Ayurvedic Centre is the ideal place to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. Your vacation can now serve two purposes, heal the heart and heal the body. So, take a healing session at Chandigarh Ayurvedic center. Ayurveda balances the body with its holistic approach. Adopt the lifestyle alterations in your daily routine and enjoy a balanced life with the healing therapies provided here.

Elante Mall:

This is probably North India’s 2nd biggest mall and is the best place to head to for “Branded” shopping. It’s the shopaholic’s delight and a great place to collect souvenirs for your friends and family. With movies, gaming zones, shopping, food courts, bars, so much more fun activities, Elante Mall promises an amazing day out to the holidaymaker. Kids can head to Fun city for some exciting amusement park rides, snacks, and different games that can keep them busy for hours and hours in the end. Any season, the Fun-city awaits the kids with open arms!

Chandigarh is a compact town, and most tourist spots are close by. Moreover, there is so much more to explore here, why not begin your travel tryst at the earliest? Chandigarh is a planned destination that is well-connected nationally and internationally. The international airport of the city is worth a visit. Furthermore, plenty of flights come here, so why not fly down? Chandigarh is approachable by buses, taxis, and trains.

Take a sightseeing tour on the “Hop-on-and-off” bus in town. It stops at almost all the places and is an interesting fun ride for holidayers from all over. Chandigarh has a vibrant nightlife and plenty of activities so, why not wallow in the leisurely vibe of the town and enjoy your two-day stay here?

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