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Thrissur Zoo in Thrissur - Top Rated Zoo in Kerala

5 Top-Rated Zoos in Kerala (2024)

Located on the southwestern Malabar Coast of India, Kerala is known as God’s Own Country, and for good reasons. It is one of the most beautiful states of India with its serene backwaters, lush green hills, golden sandy beaches, beautiful tea plantations, and an abundance of flora and fauna.

If you want to explore the wildlife of Kerala, but walking through wildlife sanctuaries is not your cup of tea, then head over to the zoos of Kerala.

5 Top-Rated Zoos in Kerala

Here are some of the top zoos to visit while in Kerala:

1. Thrissur Zoo in Thrissur

Previously known as the Trichur Zoo, the Thrissur Zoo is located in the center of the Thrissur City in Kerala. There is also a State Museum located within the zoo. The zoo came into existence in 1885. The zoo is sprawled over 13.5 acres and is home to a wide variety of animals, birds, and reptiles. The zoo also boasts of an extensive collection of fauna, along with a botanical garden, a natural history museum, an art museum, and of course, the zoological garden. The museums showcase the beautiful socio-cultural heritage of the Thrissur region. Thrissur Zoo in Thrissur - Top Rated Zoo in KeralaImage Source

What Can You See In The Museums Inside The Thrissur Zoo?

The art museum located on the premises of the zoo has a vast collection of wood carvings, Kathakali figures, metal sculptures, ancient jewelry, and a beautiful collection of traditional Kerala lamps. The museum also contains many historically important items like jewelry, rocks, swords, stuffed butterflies, and much more.

What Animals Are There In The Thrissur Zoo?

Some of the animals you can see at the Thrissur Zoo include tigers, deer, lions, sloth bears, hippopotamus, pink flamingos, monkeys, lion-tailed macaques, and Mithun of the north-eastern hills. There is also a separate building inside the zoo complex that houses only snakes. There is a huge reptilian collection at the zoo, including pythons, King Cobras, cobras, vipers, kraits, and rat snakes.

What Is The Best Time To Visit The Thrissur Zoo?

The best time to visit the Thrissur Zoo is in the winter months, from October to March. The winter months are known for their pleasant weather. During the summers, the climate remains very humid, and the heat can get unbearable.

Is There An Entry Ticket To Visit The Thrissur Zoo?

The zoo remains closed only on Mondays. The zoo opens at 9:00 am and closes by 5:15 pm. Tickets for entering the zoo is priced at Rs. 6 for adults and Rs. 4 for children.

2. Zoological Park in Trivandrum

The zoo at Trivandrum in Kerala is the oldest zoo in India. It is famous for its vast bird collection, with several species being brought over from Australia and Ethiopia. While at the zoo complex, you can also take a boat ride in the lake to explore the natural beauty of the surrounding area.
Top-Rated Zoo in Kerala-Zoological Park in TrivandrumImage Source

3. Kauthuka Park in Thrissur

Kauthuka Park brings together the perfect combination of animals, birds, fish, and nature in one place. The park is famous for being sort of like a place of wonders. It is located at Chalakuddy, on the way to the Athirappally Waterfalls in Kerala. It is situated within the Thrissur District, and the park was founded by a farmer named Varkey Veliyath.

Top Zoo in Kerala-Kauthuka Park in Thrissur

Photo by Varkey Veliyath Image Source

Spread over 1.25 acres of land, this park has been developed in a manner that allows tourists to just drop by and enjoy themselves within the power of nature.

This beautiful garden is known for its massive collection of plants and trees, both wild and medicinal. There are even some unique trees related to the zodiac. Another rare collection you can see at the Kauthuka Park is that of agricultural appliances and utensils hailing from a previous era.

The landscape around the park is made up of serene streams, majestic hills, mysterious caves, and a wide variety of medicinal plants and trees.

What Animals Can You See At Kauthuka Park?

There are many unique species of animals and birds that can be found at the Kauthuka Park, living freely without any fear. Some of these include guinea pigs, squirrels, rats, birds like doves, emu, peacock, turkey, and several rare species of chicken.

The park also has many rivers and ponds within the premises that are home to a wide variety of fishes.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Kauthuka Park?

The winter months are the best time to visit this park in Kerala. December to mid-February is a perfect time as the climate is enjoyable, and there are many outdoor activities that take place within the park during this time.

4. Abhayaranyam Zoo in Ernakulam

Surrounded by tall trees, lush greenery, and thick bushes, the Abhayaranyam Zoo is famous for its elephant population. This mini zoo is located at the Kaprikkad Village in the Ernakulam District, Kerala.

The zoo is an integral part of the state’s ecotourism project that focuses on the rehabilitation of elephants from the Kodanad Elephant Training Center due to a lack of space for accommodating the rapidly increasing number of animals.
Best Zoo in Kerala-Abhayaranyam Zoo in ErnakulamImage Source

There is also a butterfly garden in the zoo that houses eight varieties of butterflies. A deer park paved with tiles and surrounded by bamboo trees is another attraction.

Nevertheless, the elephants continue to remain the primary attraction. You can see elephants from the age of 2 to even 50 years.

Unlike a traditional zoo, the Abhayaranyam Zoo is maintained like a wildlife sanctuary where you can take safaris to see the place. This ensures that the animals are left alone in their natural habitat.

Abhayaranyam Zoo is a great place to spend the day with kids along. Just remember to remain very silent when you are around the elephants.

5. Parassinikkadavu Snake Park in Kannur

The Parassinikkadavu Snake Park is a famous tourist destination in the Kannur District of Kerala. This unique park is famous all over the country. The park was set up with the intention of conservation of these reptiles, especially those species that are close to extinction.
Amazing Zoo in Kerala-Parassinikkadavu Snake Park in KannurImage Source

The park is home to a huge variety of poisonous and non-poisonous snakes, including the King Cobra, Spectacled Cobra, pythons, and many others.

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