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Bangaram - Awesome Place to Visit in Lakshadweep

8 Awesome Places to Visit in Lakshadweep (2023)

Placing feet on unknown soil is always exciting and exhilarating for tourists. It’s a fantastic experience to explore new places, and Lakshadweep is an offbeat intriguing place where you will find exquisite beauty and peace, but not the maddening crowds. Get a permit to discover new places and exotic beauty on Lakshadweep-the archipelago and island cluster. The islands lie on the Laccadive Sea near the Kerala coast. Mysteries and unexplainable boundaries of 36 islands and glorious coral reefs are waiting to greet the passengers here!

Lakshadweep, or 100,000 islands, as the name defines it literally, is the tiniest Union territory of India with about 36 isles, out of which ten palm-laden islands are inhabited. Andretti, Kavaratti, Kadmat, Agatti, Bangaram, etc., offer fabulous scuba diving, windsurfing, yachting and kayaking for the traveller.

8 Awesome Places to Visit in Lakshadweep

With breathtaking coral reefs, white sands and lush green vegetation, ideal for water sports and preserving ecology, plan a trip to see the Best places to visit in Lakshadweep.

1. Andretti Island

Andretti Island, or the famous Andrott Island, is the biggest in Lakshadweep. The fact that the island is geographically closest to the Indian subcontinent is probably the best feature for tourists.

When you visit, this place’s unmistakable charm will hold your attention. Visitors should expect a wonderful experience here with their loved ones. The island’s beautiful evenings are its standout feature; they are the ideal time to unwind and rejuvenate.

Urban life and beautiful natural scenery are blended in harmony on Andretti Island. Observing such a fascinating combination of beauty and bliss enables you to experience joy in its purest form. Most people living here predominantly follow Islam. The famous Saint Hazrat Ubaidullah’s tomb is also in the area. Also, you can locate some ancient Buddhist archaeological artefacts here. Furthermore, it was the first island to make Islam a central aspect of its religion. As a result, it is worth a try if you want to explore something new.

The best months to travel to the island and the Lakshadweep group of islands are from October to May. However, the monsoon season is the worst time to book a trip to Lakshadweep because of the unfavourable weather. Unwind in the beauty of this region, get a close brush with nature, sunbathe in the shallow lagoon and relax in the shadows of the tall palm trees. Andretti is great for an offbeat travel tryst but remember to carry sufficient money because there are no ATMs on the island. There are no foreign tourists permitted on this island.

Plan a trip to the Lakshadweep islands anytime between October and May because the weather and climate are ideal for water sports fun! The eye-strikingly beautiful locales and stunning corals can mesmerize the visitor. Ordinary words cannot define exotic places and beauty. But you will have to reach here by flight or ship routes but before that, apply for a permit from the Lakshadweep administration!

2. Bangaram:

Just about 20 minutes from the beautiful Agatti Island lies the quaint, tear-drop-shaped Bangaram Island with its collection of tiny islands, Thinnakara, Pirelli 1, Pirelli 2 and South Bangaram city. A shallow underwater ridge connects Agatti and Bangaram.

The whole area is heaven to the traveller with its turquoise waters, sparkling silver sands, clear coral reefs, and the vast spread lagoon. With its lush green tall palm trees and clear waters, Bangaram makes snorkelling, kite surfing, and other water sports exhilarating.

This is the ideal place to go if you want to enjoy an alcoholic beverage in Lakshadweep. Bangaram Island offers legalized liquor in Lakshadweep, and you may only get permission to drink here. A dive centre in this region offers diving courses for people interested in exploring the deep blue seas. Watching the sunset while sitting on the rocks at the beach will rejuvenate your soul. Moreover, people interested in sports can have a super good volleyball game here.

The widespread scenic landscapes, the white sandy beaches, lush green vegetation, eye-striking flora and fauna and a relaxed lifestyle add an air of mystery to the Lakshadweep islands. But you can only experience it once you plan to visit this archipelago.

Bangaram is a deserted, uninhabited island that is breathtakingly lovely. The bewitching sunsets, shining sands, surf on the waves and tall trees add a strange mystery to the unpopulated surroundings, making this serene place an enchanting global gateway. This island provides absolute solitude and blissful comfort with its fresh, breezy air.

The warm sun rays breaking into a rainbow on the turquoise waters add to the tranquillity of the environment. The azure lagoon and glittering coral reef have a magical effect on the tired traveller seeking solace. The widespread hundreds of acres of beautiful coconut trees in Bangaram and the animal life, including porcupines, graceful fish, parrots, hermit crabs, pufferfish, and sea birds, add to the beauty.

Adventure lovers can enjoy indulging in beach games, snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming and deep-sea fishing. The resort on the island provides almost 60 bedded beach cottages and a restaurant offering multi-cuisine, alcoholic beverages and myriad delicacies.

3. Kavaratti

The administrative centre of Lakshadweep is located on the gorgeous well-developed island of Kavaratti. Out of nearly 52 beautifully built mosques on the island, the Ujra mosque is the most stunning structure. Near the mosque is a water well which is said to have healing properties.

People planning a vacation to the coral paradise, Kavaratti, love to lie back and enjoy the blissful ambience of the stunning lagoon. The serene waters provide the perfect location for swimming, snorkelling, and other water sports. It can be euphoric to sunbathe in the warm sunshine or lie back and relax on the beach.

The marine aquarium, which contains a fantastic collection of aquatic creatures, is open to people interested in marine life. One of the most attractive features is the glass-bottomed boats, which allow you to see the lagoons’ vibrant underwater life.

You may rent sailing boats, windsurfers, and kayaks from the authorities here, and Scuba diving enthusiasts can visit the Dolphin Dive Center for more tips and opportunities. Visit here and avail the accommodating “Taratashi” and “coral reef” tourist packages to have exhilarating fun at the pristine white beaches! Kavaratti is an ideal place to get a suntan, lie back on the beach and bathe in the calm waters of the sea. It may sound disappointing, but tourists cannot enjoy alcoholic beverages on the island.

4. Agatti:

Agatti Island boasts one of Lakshadweep’s most stunning lagoons spanning over 25 kms, offering visitors a tranquil time. Debark at Agatti, and go to the lagoon with an expanse of 3.3 sq kms to enjoy bliss and quiet. The view of the island’s airfield from the plane as it approaches for a landing is breathtakingly beautiful and mesmerizes the traveller.

Also, Agatti, the virtual gateway, helps people connect online by providing all details of the islands to outsiders. For the traveller planning to spend the night here, there is a 20-bed tourist complex including all contemporary and modern conveniences. Agatti is one of the inhabited and most accessible islands in Lakshadweep that is connected by Indian Airlines flights.

Blue skies looking on the shimmering sands and clear waters are ideal for a blissful holiday. Take a permit by downloading the form online and submit it to the Lakshadweep office Administrator in Wellington Island in Kochi. It would be best if you took advantage of the snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities because a colourful world with aquatic creatures waits for you. Stock up your cash and enjoy the perks on the island. The beaches lined with coconut trees are a sight to behold. Rent a bicycle and ride around town for a beautiful time.

5. Minicoy:

Minicoy is the second largest island on Lakshadweep, where the ancient Jama Masjid mosque stands in regal glory. Along with Viringili, Minicoy Island is situated in the southernmost region of Lakshadweep and lies the furthest from the others. The island, also called Maliku by the locals, is located near 90 Channel, a bustling shipping port in the Arabian Sea. Take a day or two to visit this place unaffected by tourism commercialization.

Silvery sand beaches lined by tall, gorgeous coconut and palm trees that give a clear ocean view make this hidden treasure breathtakingly beautiful. People often go to the lighthouse to see the limitless sea and the glorious Virgin Islands.

Other activities like rowing traditional boats to see the clear seas beneath, kayaking, scuba diving, praying at the mosques and strolling amongst the colourful coral reefs can be an excellent experience. You can enjoy natural beauty at its best here though you won’t be able to party at night because there is no alcohol served on the island and neither are there nightclubs!

6. Kalpeni Island:

The island of Kalpeni, known for its coral debris, is all about discovering and taking in a natural beauty you may have never experienced. Yes, it is the wonderful appeal of this location, and you won’t regret visiting.

Together with Kalpeni, the two tiny islets of Tilakkam and Pitti make up a single coral island. The colossal coral debris bay on the island is extremely popular with tourists and is also known as Koefaini. It is well known worldwide because the debris is left over remnants of a powerful storm that devastated the surroundings in 1847. Along the Northern edge of Kalpeni lies the Tip beach, where travellers indulge in snorkelling. The region also has interesting bathing huts for the convenience of tourists.

The facilities are situated all along the Koomel, the curved bay of Kalpeni. Take a rejuvenating walk along the reefs and let the beauty sink into your soul for a memorable experience. Tourists often go to the Pitti Bird Sanctuary to click pictures of the birds in action in their natural habitat. The attractive coral boulders and the white sandy beaches are heaven for the tired senses and are found in plenty along the South Eastern region.

7. Kadmat Island

You can take advantage of the tear-drop-shaped Kadmat Island when you plan a visit to the Andretti Islands. Kadmat Island distinctly stands out because of its unparalleled natural beauty and breathtakingly beautiful locales with stunning corals and plenty of seagrasses. Here you can snatch peace, quiet and memories of a lifetime. The marine turtles are skimming around here in plenty because this is the breeding and nestling ground of these aquatic animals.

The island is an integral part of the longest island subgroup called the Amindivi, and the Western side has a shallow lagoon ideal for parasailing and kite-surfing. The Southern tip enthrals with sandy banks. There is a dive centre and waters sports institute on the island where people can learn how to dive.

The glass-bottomed ride is the highlight of the visit to this region, and people love to explore the underwater to get a brush with the aquatic world. Foreigners are permitted to visit this island. While here, why don’t you try deep-sea fishing and have some genuine natural fun?

8. Amini Island:

Amini Island mesmerizes travellers with its oval shape. Building stones and corals are there for building purposes and are used in plenty. The island is home to talented artisans who use their unique craft talent to prepare exquisite tortoise shells, walking sticks and interesting coconut shells. If you are here, pick a few souvenirs to carry back home.
Lakshadweep, the tiniest Union territory has just about 64429 people. Kavaratti, Kalpeni Amini, Agatti, Kiltan, Kadmat, Chetlat, Andrott, Bitra, and Minicoy are the inhabited islands, and Bangaram is the uninhabited one with a population of only 61 people. Bitra is the smallest island, with just about 271 people.

Malayalam is spoken on most islands, and most people follow Islam here. Coir twisting, coconut cultivation, and fishing are the main occupation of the people and the people working here add a strange beauty to the islands. The main occupation of the people is fishing, coconut cultivation and coir twisting. Tourism is on a high and is an emerging industry on the island.

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