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Omkareshwar Temple - The Tourism Place with a Mythological Connection

About Ganpatipule – The Tourism Place with a Mythological Connection (2024)

Ganpatipule is a unique tourist location in the Konkan area. It is a place that has a vibrant beach life and the serenity and vibe of a religious tourist place as well. Ganpatipule is an important place in Maharashtrian culture because of the several forts that it is home to. Ganpatipule is the birthplace of some spiritual leaders, poets as well. Here’s all the information about Ganpatipule.

About Ganpatipule – The Tourism Place with a Mythological Connection

Ganpatipule is around 370 kilometers away from Mumbai city, India. It lies in Ratnagiri district and is 25 kilometers north of Ratnagiri city. The only way to reach Ganpatipule is by road, as there is no railway station. The closest railway station to Ganpatipule is Ratnagiri.

About Ganpatipule

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Ganpatipule is a quaint little town with less than 100 houses. It gives it a rustic, village feel that one experiences in places like Aurangabad, where the villages are small clusters of houses, separated by vast patches of farmland.

The busiest season here, after the monsoon season when tourists flock Ganpatipule is during the Mahashivratri Fair. The town also attracts a lot of tourists during Ganesh Chaturthi.
You can reach Ganpatipule either by road from Mumbai or Ratnagiri. The road from Mumbai is a mesmerizing affair and is the most chosen way to reach the place.
Ganpatipule has several places to visit, so it is not a place that you can spend just a day and return. You need at least two to three days to experience the splendor and pride that Ganpatipule is for the state of Maharashtra.

The Mythological Connection:

Maharashtra has some places that have their origin in Mythology and history. For example, some say that the Pandavas rested in the caves at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. For Ganpatipule, folklore says that the lord Ganesha stayed in this place for a while. Ganpatipule has a 400-year-old Ganpati idol as well, which is in the Ganpati temple. The temple is unique, as the idol faces the west. Typically, idols face the east.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park - Ganpatipule

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The temple’s origin is a fascinating story. The name is Swayambhu, which means self-originated. Folklore says that the idol in the temple sprung up from the soil.
Ganpati Temple, Ganpatipule

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Omkareshwar Temple, Malgund

The Omkareshwar Temple, Malgund erected by the Peshwa Sardar Balwantrai Mehendale has a unique combination of five idols, Laxmi-Keshav, Parvati-Ganpati, Shivling and the Sun-God on seven horses.

Omkareshwar Temple, Malgund - Ganpatipule

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Shri Laxmi Keshav Temple

The Laxmi-Keshav Temple is another place that promises serenity and tranquility. The temple is unique, surrounded by mountains on one side and the dense forest on another. The Laxmi Keshav idol is unique. The four arms hold a lotus, a Chakra, and a mace.
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The Historical Connection

The Ganpati temple is around four hundred years old. Apart from that, there are several other historical places to visit and experience. Ganpatipule is also home to the poet Krishnaji Keshav Damle, the pioneer of Marathi poetry. The poet was born in 1866. The memorial gives much information about the poet and his life and times.

Prachin Konkan Museum

Very few states have a museum that tells tourists about their history through a museum. Goa has one, and so does Maharashtra. That museum is the Prachin Konkan Museum, a simulation of the old Maharashtrian way and style of living.

Prachin Konkan Museum - Ganpatipule

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The open-air museum has some well-crafted statues that depict the life in the town, from fisherpersons to boar hunters to the markets. The statues depict the day to day life of yore in Ganpatipule as well. The Prachin Konkan Museum is a must-visit place. You can easily spend around an hour in this place if you move around correctly.

It’s a unique concept, and you must visit this museum if you are in Ganpatipule.

The Tourist Connection

The Konkan region has several beaches, with Mumbai itself having at least four famous ones. The tourists reckon that the Ganpatipule beach is much safer for families to visit than the other beaches.

Ganpatipule beach is a commercial hub as well, so you will find hawkers and food carts offering all kinds of local and street food dishes. You can also try out the watersports activity like the banana ride and jet-skis.

The beach has a fair number of crowds, but it is not as crowded as the other famous beaches in the Konkan area.

Ganpatipule has a couple of beaches. The most popular among them are Ganpatipule Beach and Malgund Beach. Malgund Beach is a secluded one. The beaches have a rocky terrain, so one should be careful while swimming in these beaches.
Ganpatipule Beach and Temple – The Tourism Place with a Mythological ConnectionImage Source

These are the important locations and relevant information about Ganpatipule. There are some tourist precautions that you must take while visiting Ganpatipule. Ganpatipule is not as relaxed and westernized as Goa is. Also, Ganpatipule is home to some temples and is rich in culture. So, make sure that you respect the culture and tradition of such places with your general demeanor, your attire, and social habits.

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