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Visit Mandapeshwar Caves, Kandivali

Visit Mandapeshwar Caves, Kandivali: An Excellent Structure In Mumbai For Anyone Interested In History and Ancient Architecture (2024)

Mandapeshwar Caves are in the Poinsur, between Kandivali and Borivali in Mumbai. The Mandapeshwar caves are some of the oldest structures in Mumbai, with experts believing that they exist since the 8th century. The caves are proof that Buddhism was all over India by the eighth century, as the caves were Buddhist Viharas originally. Here is all the information you need to have the best experience of visiting Mandapeshwar Caves.

Experience of Visiting The Mandapeshwar Caves in Mumbai

The Mandapeshwar Caves in Mumbai Suburbs are an excellent structure for anyone interested in history and ancient architecture. You see carvings on the walls and get an idea of the creativity and design aspects of the past. The caves are a bit hidden, as they are behind a church but are in good condition, and you can spend a couple of hours here.

The Mandapeshwar Caves have a tumultuous history. They were a temple and were converted into a chapel by the Portuguese. Later, going into disrepair, and then being turned into a place for the worship of Lord Shiva. You will see the artifacts about the caves’ times as a place of Hindu worship as well as a Catholic place of worship. In all, there are three cave structures, with two large caves and one smaller one.

Further on, you will see a Ganesha Idol and a Shivling as well. You will also see a carving of Lord Shiva in his Nataraja avatar. The pillars have some architectural carvings, so they give an idea of the creativity of the past. As you move about the cave structure, you will see an ancient cross. Experts say that the caves were once taken over by the Portuguese and used as a prayer hall.

Visit Mandapeshwar Caves, Kandivali

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The Mandapeshwar Caves might not be much to look at right now, but they are still an excellent place to visit and enjoy the calm that one seldom finds in Mumbai city.

The Mandapeshwar Caves are an excellent place to visit in Mumbai because it is quite accessible to everyone.

Places to Visit Near Mandapeshwar Caves

You will spend just about an hour or so at this place. Most of the carvings and structures are in ruins. But if you are in Mumbai, you have several places where you can spend the rest of your day.

There is one destination in Borivali that you shouldn’t miss visiting if you are in its vicinity, and that’s the I.C Colony, a predominantly Catholic society, is home to the I.C Church. The Church is one of the richest in the Mumbai area and offers a calming and serene experience for anyone who visits it.

Visit this Church and stroll around the area, and you will get the vibes of Goa, only a bit more urban. There are some popular food destinations in I.C Colony as well, like Silver Coin.

The Mandapeshwar Caves are a small cave structure and one of the several that are in Mumbai. Want to check out the other cave structures in the city? Head over to Sanjay Gandhi National Park, to visit the Kanheri Caves. You can also visit the Elephanta Caves, which are a separate island, a jetty ride away from Churchgate in Mumbai. The Elephanta Caves will take you an entire day to travel to and explore.

From Kandivli, you can move towards Malad, and choose to spend the rest of your day at the three beaches that are in the vicinity. There are three beaches here, the Aksha Beach, the Dana Pani Beach, and the Marve Beach. Aksha and Dana Pani Beaches are nearby, and Marve is a bit ahead. All three beaches are great options for anyone looking to spend a quiet evening in Mumbai.

How to Reach Mandapeshwar Caves in Mumbai?

Reaching Mandapeshwar is simple. It is between Kandivali and Borivali, so you first need to reach Kandivali Station, which is on the Western Railway from the Station, you need to take an autorickshaw to reach Poisur. Some buses ply on this route as well.

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