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Longkhum Village - Top Rated Tourist Destination in Mokokchung

11 Top-Rated Tourist Destinations in Mokokchung (2024)

Nagaland is full of landscapes, heritage and serenity. Being in the centremost part of the state of Nagaland, Mokokchung is said to be the third most favourite travel destination in Nagaland for travel enthusiasts after Dimapur and Kohima. Being the birth place of Ao tribe, its people are spread across different villages and can be still seen preserving their heritage, culture and customs. Located at 1325 metres above the sea level, Mokokchung has been blessed by mother nature with its pristine streams and quaint hills. This place becomes most zoetic,at the time of Christmas,New Year and Ao festival-Moatsu.Let us look at the best options to visit when travelling to Mokochung:

11 Top-Rated Tourist Destinations in Mokokchung

Below are 11 Destinations in Mokokchung:

1. Longkhum Village

Longkhum Village - Top Rated Tourist Destination in Mokokchung

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12 kilometeres from the city centre, Longkhum village is located in southwest Mokokchung that offers breathtaking view of towns and villages and is certainly a top tourist destination in Mokukchung. The beauty of this place houses the sumptuous Rhododendrons upon the hill tops. Being the leading producer of tomatoes and rich harvest, Longhkhum is fondly known as the ‘Vegetable Capital’ of Nagaland. It is famous among travellers that you cannot visit Longkhum only once, as a piece of heart will stay here- such is the beauty of this place. Numerous shrines dedicated to God Longlanpa Tsungrem can be seen in the village. This place also offers an exquisite range of handlooms and handicrafts, waiting to be indulged in a shopping spree. 

2. Ungma Village

Ungma is the second largest village in Nagaland and also the oldest that is known to be native land for the famous Ao tribe. The tribe has taken extra precautions to preserve the beauty of the village and their cultural heritage. The two major Ao festivals of Moatsu and Tsungremong can be witnessed here with thrilling shows and celebrations. The favourite tourist spots in Ungma Village include an old log drum, which was once used to an instrument to send signal messages; Baptist mother church which still has kept the nostalgic vibe alive and District Park at the outskirts that leave the tourists awestruck with its beauty.
Top-Rated Tourist Destination in Mokokchung-Ungma VillageImage Source

3. Changkikong Range

Named after a resident Changki, of Changki village, the tranquillity and scenic beauty attracts thousands of tourists in Changkikong Range in Mokokchung. Parallel to the west of Changkikong range laysJapukong range and this place offers one of a kind hypnotising view. The freshness in the air and charismatic view makes it one of must-visit destinations in Nagaland.
Top Tourist Destination in Mokokchung-Changkikong RangeImage Source

4. Langpangkong Caves

The Langpangkong caves which are part of Langpangkong mountain range are situated near Changtongya and Tuli town of Mokokchung. If the history is to be believed, an Ahom king flew from Sivasagar and took refuge in these gorgeous caves. The caves speak history in volumes and though are in ruins and deprive aesthetic appeal, still they are one of the major attractions of Mokokchung and are flocked by tourists. One can easily hire a travel guide to better understand the story behind these caves. To reach Langpangkong caves, one can take a taxi from Mokokchung or even up here while enjoying the scenic beauty on the way.
Best Tourist Destination in Mokokchung-Langpangkong CavesImage Source

5. Molung Village

Molung village is an Ao village located in the Jangpetkong range in Mokokchung District. This place is known to introduce Christianity to the land of Nagas. An ancient leechi tree, which was planted by the first American Missionary to the erstwhile Naga Hills, is talk of the town among locals here.
Amazing Tourist Destination in Mokokchung-Molung VillageImage Source

6. Mokokchung Museum

Travellers swear by this place in Mokokchung that displays rich historian heritage. One can learn so much about Ao culture, customs, traditions and lifestyles from this place. Wide range of traditional outfits, jewelleries, artifacts and weapons are showcased here for the tourists.

7. Dikhu River

This river is one of the primary rivers and travels through Mokongchung and other districts. The river serves as the ideal hideaway spot for the locals. With its pure and unpolluted water, locals love to take a dive in it and the atmosphere here is quiet relaxing and healing. During the winter season, the water levels diminish significantly and its river banks become the perfect picnic spot. A long walk along the banks of the river is a popular couple activity here. The river is also the source of water and fish for the people of Mokokchung. The water is used by the government for irrigation for the purpose of cultivating land.

8. Chuchuyinlang Village

The village is about 30 km from main Mokokchung town and lies close to NH61. Blessed by Mother Nature, Chuchuyinlang village offers magnificent scenic beauty and one can never get enough of it. The village is also famous for conducting grand celebrations of various tribal festivals particularly the Moatsu Festival that is celebrated for 3 whole days. Non-natives are not welcomed during Moatsu festival by most Aovillages but Chuchuyinlang is an exception as they invite people from neighboring Trans Dikhu clans to showcase their culture shows.

9. Mopungchuket Village

Famous Tourist Destination in Mokokchung-Mopungchuket Village

Photo Courtesy: Mopungchuket on Facebook

Located on hilltop, this village is about 16kms north of Mokokchung on a ridge 1324m high with undisturbedscenic views.This Ao village showcases log drums, ancient houses including a morung, a beautiful church and an interesting park. There is also a viewing tower from which one can see Myanmar border and backside of the Mokokchung. The community-run park has a fish/boating lake and a set of six giant wooden sculptures under a pavilion.

10. Ongpangkong Range

Ongpangkong Mountain range is the greatest mountain range in Mokokchung District in India. The district headquarters of Mokokchung are itself located in this range. Villages such as Longsa, chungtia, Ungma, Longkum, Khensa, Mekuli, Aliba,Mokokchung village, Mangmetong Mekuli, Kinunger etc. can be seen from this mountain range and serves as a breathtaking view.

11. Mopungchuket

It is an Ao village in Mokokchung district, which is renowned for its historic past and romantic tale of Jina and Etiben. A tower celebrating their love story and struggle is one of the extrusive attractions of the village. The monuments located on the outskirts of the village are believed to have provided shelter to the Ahoms. The village museum, time pillar and morungs are few other attractions of the village.
Tourist Destination in Mokokchung-MopungchuketImage Source

Apart from the above mentioned list, Mokochung also has caves of Peren, Fusen kei and Mongzu Ki which are popular yet uncharted caves of the region. Mokokchung has heart of the tourists and avid travellers cannot stop to visit just once with its rich heritage, serene hills and magnificent scenery.

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