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Dimapur - Top Rated Tourist Destination In Nagaland

Visit Nagaland: 8 Top-Rated Tourist Destinations In Nagaland (2024)

The sheer excellence will unquestionably catch your heart when it comes to Nagaland. This charming area overflows with many attractions, for example, capturing mountains, pleasant scenes, stunning dawn and dusk, dazzling greenery, beguiling stone monuments, uncommon types of flying creatures and beautiful cascades. Situated in North East India, Nagaland has an unequaled social legacy. Wealthy in widely varied vegetation, around one-6th of this wondrous land is covered with backwoods.

Visit Nagaland: 8 Top-Rated Tourist Destinations In Nagaland

Some of the popular tourists places to visit in Nagaland include:

1. Dimapur

Dimapur is the business center of Nagaland and the principle passage point into the state. It is the solitary city in Nagaland to be connected well via train. The capital of the antiquated Kachari clan, Dimapur, has some baffling thirteenth-century ruins from the Kachari human advancement. They were kept in control there until the Nagas descended from the slopes and dominated. These relics, spotted about Rajbari Park, are a great fascination in Dimapur even though they’re tragically ignored. There’s additionally a Wednesday market near the relics, which gives an adroit gander at Nagaland life. Dimapur - Top Rated Tourist Destination In NagalandImage Source

2. Kohima

Kohima is the bumpy capital of Nagaland, which comes under one of the seven sister states of India. ‘Kohima’ is the British’s Anglicized name. The first name ‘Kewhira’ was gotten from the Kewhi blossoms found in the locale. Famous for its ethereal climate and immaculate excellence, it is a place where there are fables gone down through the ages. It is arranged at a height of 1500 meters over the sea level. It is endowed with impressive slopes, emerald timberlands and pleasant scenery all around. Kohima in Nagaland is the go-to place for the adventure lovers as it is ideal for escapade, outdoors and climbing.
Top Tourist Destination Kohima-KohimaImage Source

3. Khonoma Village

About 20 km from Kohima, Khonoma Village has a place with the ethnic gathering Angami Naga of Nagaland. Being a Green Village, each structure has been made in the town to add to a more suitable environment. The town frames a significant piece of Nagaland travel industry and is known for giving great perspectives. After arriving at the spot, you will see quite a lot of porch ranches, amazing foggy valleys, and quality of life prepared to make you one with nature. Set in the mountain base of Nagaland, the town is perhaps has been the most renowned traveler spots to visit in Nagaland. It should be a vital piece of your Nagaland visit schedule.
Top Tourist Destination Kohima-Khonoma VillageImage Source

4. Phek

An excellent area in the south-eastern part of Nagaland, Phek offers many touring Nagaland choices and is another fantastic spot to visit. With a charming scene and faultless magnificence, Phek quickly turns into your most loved spot when you arrive. Fixed with waterways and lakes, Phek offers a reviving rest with its quieting brilliance and grand environs. The area is a top choice of isolation searchers and honeymooners. If you wish to find out about the way of life of the spot, at that point, you can visit Khezakeno, which is a legacy place in this very area
Sight-seeing Tourist Destination Kohima-Phek.Image Source

5. Mokokchung

Mokokchung is perhaps the most delightful town with unique customs and celebrations. The liveliest region of Nagaland, Mokokchung, is well known for the energetic Ao clan’s friendliness. They consider this spot as their home. Some various captivating slopes and streams will leave you amazed in awe. Its hillocks are enhanced with Rhododendron, and its ideal climate merits beginning to look all starry eyed at. Longkhum is additionally known for its ethnic handloom and handiwork and an organization considered Limapura training region. Uma is one more area of interest in the Mokokchung locale that is accepted as the primary spot established by the Ao clan when they entered Nagaland from Chungliyimti.
Attraction Tourist Destination Kohima-MokokchungImage Source

6. Wokha

Wokha is nature’s tremendous blessing to Nagaland. Spotted with brilliant plantations, covered with multi-toned blossoms and bordered by slopes and streams, Wokha is a nature darlings’ heaven. It is around 4 hours’ drive from Kohima. This locale is the ideal spot to loll and see the greatness of nature. A traveler town above Riphyim is a significant fascination in the Wokha area. This spot is known to offer stunning perspectives on a dam on the Dalyan River. The traveler stops at Riphyimmake it an incredible spot to visit. It also renders a cleaned-up view from each room’s window. Wokha is the place known for the Lotha clan, and one has a magnificent chance to connect with the ancestral individuals and see their traditional craftsmanship and specialty.
Best Tourist Destination Kohima-WokhaImage Source

7. Benreu

Benreu in Peren locale is a neglected town with 15 percent of its occupants being nature and untamed life. It is situated at an altitude of 1950 meters and sits across Mount Pauna, the third most noteworthy pinnacle of Nagaland. Benreu is encircled by a couple of towns, for example, Peren, Mt.Pauna Tourist Village. Benreu isn’t only home of the Zeliang clan yet, in addition is also a home to some uncommon, widely varied vegetation. Aside from investigating the basic town life of the Naga culture, you can get entranced by the calm excellence of nature out there for you.

8. Longleng

Longleng is an adventure searchers heaven on earth. If you search for the best travels and great rides, the 34 km venture offers beautiful perspectives and a spirited ride to drivers. The area is very much associated and open from Changtongya. The town conveys a spiritualist, time old appeal that adds to the excellent characteristic scenes in general. Longleng is home to PhomNagas, and they are notable for earthenware, bamboo work and turning abilities. You can purchase ancient rarities that you can take home as a memory. The area is commended for its deep-rooted conventions and customs. If you visit this town, don’t miss the Dikhu River, which is an absolute necessity to stay near Longleng.

Nagaland is perhaps the most delightful area in India, and you ought to take your accomplice and friends and family to this place. Much to our dismay, on each turn in Nagaland, there is an unexpected surprise sitting tight for us. The unforeseen impact of Hinduism, the permanent signs of Christianity and the legends known past Indian boundaries make Nagaland genuinely an exciting area that should be investigated. So, just pack up your bags and immerse yourself in the hypnotic beauty of Nagaland.

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