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Arboretum cum Craft Centre - Things To Do In Diphu (Assam)

Visit Diphu (Assam): Things to Do in Diphu and Best time to Visit (2024)

About Diphu:

Hill stations are truly a wonderful destination for a relaxing vacation. Away from the hustle-bustle of the city, hill stations offer all the peace and tranquillity that you need to recharge your mind and body. India has a number of stunning hill stations, with a number of them situated in the beautiful state of Assam. Among all the options available, one hill station that you must definitely visit in Assam is Diphu.

Located in Assam’s Karbi Anglong district, Diphu is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Assam. Diphu is not a very large town which means that you will need just a day or two to explore this quaint little town. You can spend your time going on leisure walks, or pack a picnic basket and visit any of the picnic spots in Diphu, or if you are an adventure junkie, then you can put on your trekking shoes and set off on a beautiful trek.

The atmosphere in Diphu is quite calm and serene and is the perfect holiday destination if you are looking for a peaceful vacation. Apart from Diphu, there are several other beautiful spots as well in the district of Karbi Anglong which are worth visiting as well. Read on to find out what Diphu has to offer to its visitors, how to reach Diphu, which is the best time to visit this serene spot, and more.

Things To Do In Diphu

1. Arboretum Cum Craft Centre

Located in Matipung which is about 8 km away from central Diphu, the Arboretum Cum Craft Centre is a beautiful complex where people can spend ample amount of time. This centre features a craft and exhibition centre, a garden, a park for both adults as well as children, an open-air stage, and an indoor hall. Take a leisure stroll around the garden which is well-maintained throughout the year and has different types of seasonal as well as annual flowers on display. The open-air stage is often used for various kinds of events while the indoor halls are used for smaller exhibitions and events. Do check out these exhibitions as you can get your hands on some amazing traditional clothes and souvenirs to take back home as a remembrance of your trip. You can also pick up several gift items for your family and friends. All that strolling and shopping is sure to leave you famished so don’t forget to munch on some delicious food at the cafeteria located within the centre.

Arboretum cum Craft Centre - Things To Do In Diphu (Assam)

Credit: Dhentaghat, Karbi Anglong  Image Source

The Arboretum cum Craft Centre is open from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM. 

2. Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens in Diphu is a must-visit tourist spot! Located about 5 km away from central Diphu, the stunning Botanical Garden is located on the road to Lumding. Another truly well-maintained garden, visitors to the Botanical Garden can spend time checking out the various trees, plants, and flowers that are native not just to the Karbi Anglong district but entire Assam as well. There are several medicinal plants and herbs as well grown here and the entire Botanical Garden falls under the maintenance of the Forest Division of Assam’s government. If you are travelling with kids, then it is highly recommended that you visit this tourist spot as it also has a semi-natural water body with boating facilities. Apart from this, the vast open spaces with lush greenery is a great place to let your children run free and have fun. Ensure that you check out the replicas of some of the traditional Karbi Anglong homes. Your hunger pangs can be taken care of at the cafeteria on-site which offers delicious refreshments.Botanical Gardens in Diphu Image Source

The Botanical Gardens has an entry fee of 10 INR and is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

3. Marat Longri Wildlife Sanctuary

 Situated at a distance of 10 km from Diphu, the Marat Longri Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected reserve. It is a part of the greater Dhansiri-Lunging elephant Reserve and covers an area of about 451 sq.kms. Declared in 2013 as a wildlife sanctuary, this tourist spot is still underdeveloped but nonetheless worth visiting. Similar to other wildlife sanctuaries in Assam, you will find native fauna here as well such as Royal Bengal Tiger, Hoolock Gibbon, Asiatic Elephant, Himalayan Black Bear, etc. It is recommended that you visit the Marat Longri Wildlife Sanctuary during the winter months of November to March.Marat Longri Wildlife Sanctuary Image Source

This will allow you to explore the sanctuary thoroughly as the temperatures will be cool with less humidity.

4. The District Museum

The District Museum in Diphu was established in the year 1886 and is located in Lorulango. The archaeological collection housed in this museum is wonderful and worth checking out. Spend your time going around the museum and checking out the various handicrafts exhibits, textiles, ornaments, hunting tools, traditional instruments, house tools, etc. The entire museum consists of 497 artefacts and it also houses an image of Lord Narasimha which is believed to belong to the 13th century! The District Museum is truly one of the best tourist attractions in Diphu where visitors can learn about its rich history, culture, traditions, and heritage.The District Museum in Diphu Image Source

5. Singhason Peak

The Singhason Peak is the highest peak in the Karbi Anglong district and is located about 4 km away from Diphu. This peak is considered as the best peak for those who are interested in hiking and trekking. It is also considered as one of the most beautiful picnic spots in Diphu! The Singhason Peak has an altitude of 1600 m and the hike will take you through rocky hills and rainforest. On your hike, you might across animals such as the gigantic langurs, barking deer, and migratory birds such as Himalayan Hornbills. Once you reach the top of the peak, you will be treated to a spectacular panoramic view of the Brahmaputra Valley and snow-capped Himalayan peaks at a distance. Catching a sunrise or a sunset at the Singhason Peak will truly make your Diphu trip an unforgettable trip!

6. Siloni Picnic Spot

The Siloni Picnic Spot which is also known as Longsokangthu Picnic Spot is one of the best spots to enjoy with your family and friends. This picnic spot is situated 24 km north of Diphu. It is a protected land which is taken care of by the Department of Environment and Forest. You can spend an entire day at this park and indulge in various activities such as cooking barbecues, playing music, dancing, relaxing with a view of the majestic mountains and surrounding river, etc. You can easily reach the Siloni Picnic Spot either in your own transportation or public transportation.

The park charges an entry fee of 20 INR and is open on all days from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Apart from these must-visit tourist attractions in Diphu, you can also visit ISKON temple, Bura Gohai Than, Lokhimon temple, Shiva Mandir, and Deopani Durga Mandir.

How To Reach Diphu?

You can reach Diphu via rail, air, or road. The nearest airport to Diphu is Dimapur Airport located at a distance of 54 kms. Diphu has its own railway station with trains running from major cities such as Guwahati, Delhi, Dimpaur, Chennai, Amritsar, etc. You can also reach Diphu by taking a bus from cities such as Tezpur, Guwahati, Dimpaur, Hojai, etc.

Best Time To Visit Diphu

The best time to visit Diphu is during the winter season which starts from late October and lasts until early March. During these months, the temperature in Assam ranges between 10oC to 24oC with the days sunny and nights quite chilly. This makes it ideal for visitors to explore Diphu during the day as there is less humidity. If you are visiting during December or January, make sure that you are carrying enough warm clothes as it can get chilly.

We hope this travel guide helps you to plan your perfect Diphu itinerary!

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