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Konark Urban Hat - Where to Shop and What to Buy in Konark

Where to Shop and What to Buy in Konark? (2024)

Konark is a well-known place for tourists visiting the state of Odisha and the primary credit goes to its magnificent Konark Sun Temple. But, it is not just about the Sun Temple or any other tourist attractions that make Konark such a wonderful place to visit. Shopping in Konark is one of the best things you would ever love about the place in Odisha. There are a lot of markets in Konark where you can pass some quality time and shop lots of local items. Let us read further to know about some of the best shopping places in Konark and what to buy.

Where to Shop in Konark

You can find a variety of local items in the local markets of Konark. Let us take a look at some of the best shopping places in Konark and also know what to buy here.

  1. Konark Urban Haat: Konark Urban Hat was constructed by IDCO or the Odisha Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation. This is a great shopping place in the Konark town and is spread over an area of 4.15 acres. This is located near the Sun Temple of Konark. The Konark Urban Haat is serving as a bridge between the handicraft industry and the tourists coming to visit the Konark Sun Temple in Konark, Odisha. This famous shopping place in Konark, has around 40 shops, 1 amphitheater, 2 green rooms, 5 exhibition halls, and 1 utility building. The Konark Urban Haat plays a crucial role in reviving the centuries-old handicraft industries, as it presents a lot of local products to the tourists’ eyes. Konark Urban Hat - Where to Shop and What to Buy in KonarkImage Source
  2. Government-Run Emporia And Shops In Konark Market: You can buy the traditional fabrics of Odisha from various shops in Konark and also take a lot of local items from the local markets of Konark. However, as far as the shopping places in the Konark town is concerned, the best place to shop would be the Government-run emporia, especially if you want some gifts or souvenirs.
    Best Shop in Konark - Government-Run Emporia And Shops In Konark MarketImage Source
  3. Handcraft Market Near Konark Sun Temple: Shopping near the Konark Sun Temple would be an amazing experience for you. You would find lots of shops around the Sun Temple that sell different varieties of appliqué works, including handbags, decorative items, and many more. You can also find several items made of shells, such as decorative items, showpieces, and mirrors. If you are fond of handicrafts, then this is the right place for you to be in.
    Amazing Shop in Konark - Government-Handcraft Market Near Konark Sun TempleImage Source

What To Buy in Konark?

Are you still wondering what to buy in Konark? As we talked about above that there are a lot of shopping places in Konark and there are so many local items that you can buy from these places. You can find several items featuring appliqué work, Patta paintings, embroidery works, and many unique handicrafts and fabrics in several markets and shopping areas of Konark. However, the best place to shop for local items is the Government emporium and take home some souvenirs.

Apart from the appliqué works, you can also buy delightful sculptures of Hindu Goddesses and Gods. There are also a lot of decorative items made of stone and natural wood that would attract you to take them home.

If you are an art lover, then the best buy for you in the town would be the Patta paintings. These Patta paintings are the painting on palm leaf.

The appliqué works from Pipili are of great demand in Konark and are also easily available in the local markets of the town. You can also buy the beautiful embroidery umbrellas from Konark and take home as souvenirs.

You will also find a great collection of conchs and seashells in various local shops in Konark. You can bargain for the items you purchase from the shops and take home the souvenirs.

Final Words:

If you love handicrafts then Konark is definitely the place in Odisha where you can shop a variety of handicrafts and local items that would make your shopping worthy enough in the place. At the end of your trip, you would be carrying some amazing stuff home from Konark along with the endless memories of great architecture and historical monuments of this fascinating town of Konark in the state of Odisha.

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