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Must Visit Shopping Places In Gangtok

4 Must-Visit Shopping Places In Gangtok (2024)

Gangtok is undoubtedly a shopper’s paradise! While being here, the tourists can take back a good number of mesmerizing souvenirs from the markets. This heartthrob is not only famous for its peaceful monasteries and the lush green valleys. Instead, it is also known as the best shopping extravaganza facilitator for the tourists. The variety of best shopping places in Gangtok showcase the overall culture and traditions of this beautiful place. They offer a plethora of stuff, and you can buy whatever you feel like from these markets. Stroll past the market streets in Gangtok, serving as a paradise for the shopaholics.

4 Must-Visit Shopping Places In Gangtok

Are you planning to spend your vacations at Gangtok, and your friends have already asked you to bring them the best gifts? You don’t have to worry if that’s the case. It’s because we have curated a whole list of the best shopping places in Gangtok. Know more about them, gather some information about their best products, and decide which ones to visit.

1. MG Marg:

Even if you ask anyone about the best shopping places in Gangtok, the first place they’ll name would be none other than the MG Marg. It is considered to be the main marketing area, especially for the tourists present here. The whole road of this market in Gangtok is dotted with plenty of shops on every side. There are innumerable things that you can buy while here, and some are the men’s and women’s clothing, trinkets, souvenirs, gifts, and many others!

MG Marg Best Shopping Places In GangtokThe most renowned products sold at the MG Marg are none other than the beautiful Sikkimese cups. They are made out of porcelain and are quite affordable as well. The traditional designs belonging to Sikkim are made on these cups, and their beauty would just sway your heart. Also, there are several books focusing on Sikkim culture and tourism! You cannot just leave this place without shopping for the amazing jewelry items sold here.

What to Buy: Sikkimese cups, shoes, trinkets, souvenirs, Buddhist artifacts, books on Sikkim culture and jewelry items, etc.

2. Lal Bazaar:

You just have to walk for a few minutes down from the amazing MG Marg, and you shall reach the buzzing market of Gangtok, Lal Bazaar. It has been named after the majorly prominent J. Lal, who was known to be the Sikkim’s king. This shoppers’ paradise was incorporated in the year 1956 and has been considered amongst the best shopping places in Gangtok since then. But it was during 2005 when the whole market was destroyed to construct a gigantic shopping complex.

Lal Bazaar Best Shopping Places In GangtokThe shopping complex was formed inclusive of a vegetable market, and later on, it was given the name as Kachendzonga Shopping Complex. On mentioning the considerable chunk of items sold here, they would be none other than the incense sticks, electronic gadgets, cottage cheese, rural items, organic vegetables, etc. It is highly recommended to pay a visit to Lal Bazaar on Sunday since you are going to witness this place at its vibrant best! There would be the villagers dolled up in the Bhutia as well as Nepalese dresses. Apart from that, you would also see some Bihari businessmen dressed in dhotis and other fashionable attires.

What to buy: Alpine Cheese, pottery, prayer flags, cut flowers, Daalo, Khukri, incense sticks, electronic gadgets, etc.

3. Directorate of Handicrafts & Handlooms

As you reach up to the end of the notable Tibet Road, you are going to reach the Directorate of Handicrafts & Handlooms ultimately. Here is the existence of the vast and heavily expanded Sales Emporium. The sellers here are indulged in the sale of various Sikkimese handcrafted stuff. Apart from that, you would also stay stunned on seeing the jaw-dropping beauty of the artwork done by craftsmen and other artists. While being here, you can purchase the wood carvings, wall hangings, woolen carpets, and many other commodities. The Directorate of Handicrafts & Handlooms acts as a perfect epitome of the illustration showcasing the talent and skills of the artists in Sikkim.

Directorate of Handicrafts & Handlooms Best Shopping Places In GangtokApart from being the shopaholics’ hub, the travelers can also pay a visit to its notable museum, which was established in 2007. Here, you are going to come across a whole array of items and the other artworks based on the Sikkim culture exhibited here. Overall, the building is an amalgamation of various important and very interesting activities. As you keep on climbing up the stairs, you would witness different activities taking place. In some places, you would see the sellers selling the products. While on some floors, you would see some artwork going on!

What to buy: Thangkas, wood carvings, wall hangings, Choktse, woolen carpets, Lepcha weaves, souvenir items, handcrafted bags, Sikkimese dresses for women and men, homemade pickles, tray mats, pot holders, etc.

4. Book Shops

The number of best shopping places in Gangtok is never-ending. But, not only the shopping of souvenirs or other handmade items, Gangtok is a paradise for bookworms as well. If you are someone who never misses out on buying some books while traveling, you should undoubtedly visit the book shops in Gangtok. We can recommend plenty of book stores when you can just go, get to see a wide variety of books, and purchase one of your kind! Such book stores include the majorly prominent Citinews, Goodbooks, Jainco, Pashupati Nath, Rachna Books, to name a few.

Book Shops Best Shopping Places In GangtokEach one of these book stores has got the best and extensive collection of books for you! Apart from that, they have also started playing a huge role in serving as a cultural and social hub for the tourists lately. Whether you want anything on poetry, history, entertainment, philosophy, biographies, art, music, travel, children’s books, or any other genre, these book stores would always have everything you desire for.

What to buy: Children’s books, poetry books, travel books, art books, music books, philosophy books, books on Sikkim tourism and culture, and many others.

So, here is all you need to know about the variety of shopping places in Gangtok. Each one of them would just fill up your time with memories and your bags with a whole lot of products and souvenirs. They have got a good range of products keeping the Sikkimese culture alive forever! Don’t let your shopaholic soul wait for long! Grab your bags and head towards these amazing shopping places in Gangtok, awaiting your presence.

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