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Myspace Holiday Inn - Blissful Homestay in Coonoor

9 Blissful Homestays in Coonoor (2023)

Located in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Coonoor is a breathtakingly lovely location that sits at an incredible 1850 metres above sea level. The hill station of Coonoor in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is very stunning. It is the second biggest hill station in the state.  Nearest international airport is Coimbatore, which has daily flights to and from Chennai, a distance of around 600 kilometres.

You should go to Coonoor if you like tea, gardens, dams and churches. Coonoor is home to several homestays, but we’ll focus on a handful of the finest in this post. Homestays in Coonoor, which are a popular tourist destination, have a wide variety of rates and amenities based on the time of year, number of visitors, and availability. Here is a list of some notable Homestays in Coonoor.

9 Blissful Homestays in Coonoor

1. Myspace Holiday Inn

This Homestays in Coonoor is well-known and reasonably priced. It’s a great location, and it’s well worth the money. In addition, visitors may have an Asian-style breakfast at the homestay. Some flats have balconies, as well. At Myspace Holiday Inn, there is a patio for guests to enjoy. As for the closest airport, it is just 83.7 kilometres away at Coimbatore International Airport. Offering free Wi-Fi, a cosy family room, free parking, and an excellent restaurant, this homestay in Coonoor is one of the most popular in the area and one of the most cheap.

2. The Bliss Homestay

Bliss Homestay is one of the finest and cheapest homestays in Coonoor, noted for its excellent services and amenities, as well as its location. A captivating gallery and a variety of birds owned by the owner allow visitors to enjoy their time on the terrace to the fullest. The rooms are well designed and have an appealing appearance even when left untouched.

3. The Serenity Manor

A trip at Serenity Manor is sure to be relaxing. Upon arrival, you will be greeted with lush grass and flower beds bursting with colour. You may relax on the swing seat, warm yourself by the fire pit, and have fun with your kids on the slide in the yard, all at the same time.

Comfortable mattresses and large flat-screen TVs are standard in each of the hotel’s rooms. Each room has a sitting space and a bathroom that has a shower, basin, and toilet.  Some of Coonoor’s most popular attractions are within a short distance of the homestay.

4. Jungle View HomeStay

Jungle View Homestay views are unbeatable, and it’s impossible to argue with that. Views of lush rainforest and lofty mountains may be seen from this location. While sipping your morning joe on the terrace, you’ll be able to take in the stunning views of the surrounding area. You’ll have plenty of room to spread out and relax during your stay in this room. You can unwind at the end of the day with a flat-screen television in each room. Every morning, a vegetarian breakfast is available to all guests.

5. Droog Homestay

It’s impossible to deny that the Droog hills can be seen in all their glory from this Homestays in Coonoor. You feel as if one of the world’s best architects has constructed it as his very own dream project because of its breathtaking location tucked away in the mountains. The Coonoor bus terminal is a 2.5-kilometer walk away. There are a number of tea estates within a short distance that visitors may easily visit while in the area. Guests visiting the Droog homestay in Coonoor, India, can expect a luxury and pleasant experience that will stay with them for a long time.

6. Four-Season Homestay

Travellers like you will appreciate the modest, but pleasant, lodgings provided by Four Seasons Home Stay. The homestay’s rooms are well maintained, sparklingly clean, and bursting with life. Your trip in Coonoor will be more enjoyable because of the homely environment. In the huge lounge, everyone may congregate and share their experiences. Sharing a bottle of wine or a cup of coffee or tea is also an excellent way to spend time at this location. They provide a hearty American breakfast every morning, so you can start your day off correctly.

7. Sun Valley Homestay

Because it is located outside of the commotion of a city, it is an ideal homestay location on Coonoor for anyone seeking a peaceful break from the daily commotion. It is situated in a quiet area about 3 kilometres from the train station. There are stunning views of tea plantations and distant mountains from your accommodation. Those luxurious rooms with clean baths and other essential facilities, as well as 24-hour front desk services, make it even better.

8. Tenerife Hill Homestay

A magnificent home sits atop a tea plantation in the Nilgiri Mountains on Kotagiri Road. Rose and teak furniture adorn the space, which is decorated in an old world manner. Due to the limited number of rooms offered, Tenerife Hill Homestay is best suited to those seeking a peaceful getaway in the midst of the natural world. First-floor residents may expect

assistance from the host family. Here, visitors may participate in tea sampling, hiking, and visits to nearby communities. The restaurant has a wide selection of foods that are cooked to order, some of them are traditional cuisine from the Badaga area that is located nearby.

9. Eden Garden Homestay

It is a Homestays in Coonoor with a veranda near Raliaha dam. The architecture produces a homey sense in its own right. The lush greenery of the grass only serves to enhance its allure. Due to its elevated position, it offers a breathtaking view over the region that is immediately around it. The existence of a variety of animal and bird species in the area contributes significantly to the region’s already stunning natural splendour. The vintage furniture in the area is a draw. Hosts are a normal family that work hard to make their visitors feel welcome and comfortable. If you’re looking to unwind and replenish your energy, a stay at Eden Garden Homestay is perfect for you.

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