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Dhanushkodi Beach in Tamilnadu

Dhanushkodi In South India- The Last Village Of India: Mythology and Facts, Top Tourist Attractions, Travel Tips, and More! (2024)

South India is known for its serene beauty and amazing places to explore. One of the most exciting to do in South India is to visit the last village in India, i.e. Dhanushkodi. This place is marked for its uniqueness and beauty. It is located at the southeastern tip of Pamban island and can be easily reached through Rameshwaram. Let us read further and explore more about Dhanushkodi, know some of the facts and mythology related to it, and discover its top tourist attractions, and much more.

Dhanushkodi In South India- The Last Village Of India

Dhanushkodi is a hidden yet beautiful place in South India and is the last Indian village. This is the only village that shares its border between India and Sri Lanka. The actual distance to Sri Lanka from this place is just 24 km. Dhanushkodu is a beach town in the state of Tamil Nadu. This place experienced the worst cyclone in 1964 and became isolated and inhabited. However, it still reflects its beauty and is largely flocked by tourists. There are many intriguing tales, mythological relations, and different ghost stories associated with this village. Some of the best travel spots are found in Dhanushkodi, makes it one of the favorite places among travelers who love to explore hidden places in India.

Dhanushkodi is located at a distance of 18 km from Rameshwaram. It is one of the smallest villages in the world and is spread over only 50 yards. It is bordered by two major oceans of India, The Bay of Bengal on the east and the Indian Ocean on the west. This is the place where these two oceans merge. Dhanushkodi also has its significance in the Hindu mythology “Ramayana”. It is highly considered a holy site among Hindu pilgrims.

Even though the town is now abandoned due to the terrific cyclone of 1964, still some buildings of churches, and a few houses could be found.

Mythology, Beliefs and Some Facts About Dhanushkodi

As per mythology, it has been said that Lord Ram and his army of monkeys and apes built Rama Setu, or Rama Bridge to save his wife Sita from the Kind of Lanka, Ravana.  As per Hindu mythology, after rescuing his wife Sita, Lord Ram destroyed Rama Setu or Rama Bridge with arrows from his bow. Thus, the place was named Dhanushkodi, which means “The end of the bow”.

This Rama Setu/bridge is also known as Adam’s bridge because it connects Tamil Nadu in South India with Mannar Island off the northern coast of Sri Lanka.

A terrific cyclone hit Dhanushkodi on 21st December 1964 and nothing was spared but ruins. This cyclone took too many lives and was a huge disaster for this small village. Four radio operators were rewarded for their bravery during the cyclone because they remained in Dhanushkodi to broadcast updates about the natural disaster.
Dhanushkodi is famous for its ancient harbor.

Dhanushkodi is also believed to be the “Ghost Town” and even today tourists are not allowed to be near beaches at night as few paranormal activities are experienced here. However, the fact is some anti-social activities are running around this place and smugglers get active during the night. They tend to spread false ghost stories so that people remain inside their huts and that would give the smugglers free passage.

Top Tourist Attractions Of Dhanushkodi

Dhanushkodi Beach

This beach is one of the major attractions of Dhanushkodi. The white and clean sand on the beachside along with the amazing sea makes this a perfect spot to visit for beach lovers. This beach is usually less crowded and thus makes it a great place to spend some time in peace. You can also go for a silent barefoot walk on the beach and enjoy the beautiful sight around. Many eatable stalls can be found near the beach and they prepare some delicious food.

Rama Setu/Adam’s Beach

Rama Setu or Adam’s beach is another top tourist attraction of Dhanushkodi. It connects India to Sri Lanka and is 50 km long and 3 km wide. You can find one of the most amazing settings of nature here. It is believed that this bridge was built around 1.7 million years ago. So, this beach must be one of the attractions of this village that you should visit.

Gulf Of Mannar Marine National Park

Located in the Gulf of Mannar in the Indian Ocean is the Marine National Park, which is a combination of 21 small islands located adjusting to the coral reef and you can witness the water habitat here. Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park was established in 1980. It is spread over an area of 6.23 square km. This Marine National Park comprises three aquatic systems like mangroves, seagrass, and coral reefs. Apart from these, you can also find specific algae communities, and salt marshes too. This is definitely one of the best places to visit in Dhanushkodi.

Pamban Island

This island lies in the proximity of 20 km from the village of Dhanushkodi. It is also known as Rameswaram Island. This is a beautiful iland with the deep blue sea offering a magnificent sight. You can reach Pamban island by crossing the Pamban Bridge. Pamban island witnesses the confluence of the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal.

Ramar Patham Temple

At a distance of 20 km from Dhanushkodi, lies a magnificent temple, named Ramar Patham Temple. Lord Ram is worshipped in this temple and it is believed to have the footprint of the Lord on a stone here. It is believed that this is the place where Lord Hanuman conveyed the message to Lord Ram that he has found wee Goddess Sita was kept by Ravana (The King of Sri Lanka) in Sri Lanka.

Railway Station and Church Ruins

At Dhanushkodi you can see the ruin of many churches and railway stations that are located near the shore. The church and railway stations were destroyed in the cyclone of 1964. This offers an amazing sight that is worth witnessing.

Things To Do In Dhanushkodi

A lot of things can be done in Dhanushkodi as it is one of the most exciting places in South India. If you are a history lover then you will surely love this place. You can explore many things about the past from this place and the ruins of different buildings tell how powerful the cyclone of 1965 was.

  • If you love photography then you can capture some exclusive pictures using a drone camera and you will be amazed by seeing your captures from Dhanushkodi.
  • You can spend some relaxing time at Dhanushkodi beach and collect different seashells here.
  • You can witness different attractions of this place and know about the ghost stories from the local people.
  • Dhanushkodi is known for fish and fish items. You can try out fish fry at Dhanushkodi.

How to Reach Dhanushkodi?

By Air: Dhanushkodi does not have an airport. Tuticorin Airport is the nearest airport to Dhanushkodi. This is at a distance of 142 km from Dhanushkodi and is also properly connected with other major cities in India. Madurai airport is another airport near Dhanushkodi, which is at a distance of 198 km. Once you reach the airport you can book a cab or take a local bus to reach Dhanushodi.

By Rail: Rameshwaram railway station, lying at a distance of 18 km from Dhanushkodi is the nearest railway station to the village. You can hire any local transport from the railway station and reach your destination.

By Road: Dhanushkodi can be easily accessible via roadways. You can find regular bus services available from all major areas of Tamil Nadu, including Rameshwaram.

Travel Tips While Planning Your Trip To Dhanushkodi

It is good to visit Dhanushkodi during winter as the southern part of India experiences harsh heat during the summer months and this could be problematic for sightseeing. There are no big hotels and restaurants in Dhanushkodi, so you have to choose your accommodation in Rameshwaram or any other nearby area.

  • There is just one highway connecting Dhanushkodi and Rameshwaram. You can choose the local bus service from Rameshwaram to Dhanushkodi.
  • You can enjoy the beautiful place and capture good photographs.
  • There are not many residents other than a few huts of fishermen.
  • Do not camp at Dhanushkodi beach at night as it is a breeding ground for anti-social activities and many smugglers come out during this time.

Last Words About The Last Village In India

Dhanushkodi has a lot to offer if you are a travel enthusiast and love to discover hidden and forgotten things. Maybe it is about the mythological stories, the stories about the ghost, facts about the 1964 cyclone and the damage it caused, or maybe it is about the top tourist attractions, stepping onto the last village of India in South India will really be a memorable experience you will ever have in your life. So, if you are excited enough to have a unique trip in India, then you should try visiting Dhanushkodi at least once.

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