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Moxie Falls in Maine

9 Maine Waterfalls You Can’t Afford to Miss (2024)

Best Waterfalls in Maine always means a bucket full of options. The easternmost US State, Maine, boasts not only a stunning coastline but also plenty of waterfalls that come in all shapes and sizes. Largely inside Maine’s stunning National Parks and other natural preserves, Waterfalls are everywhere, from wild or even at the roadside stop. The sounds of water crashing into the pond, the beauty of glistening and spraying droplets, and the power of nature carving pathways give waterfalls a beauty that is wonderful and that nothing can compare or compete with.

There is no doubt Maine is beautiful, and no doubt that it promises great outdoor adventures. Needless to say, water sources are plentiful in the State, and of course when despite directions (E, W, N, S), it boasts an array of beautifully cascading waterfalls. Though, with more confusing options obviously become higher. But when we are here, there’s nothing to worry about. Of all the waterfalls Maine has to offer, here we have some incredible ones shortlisted.

9 Maine Waterfalls You Can’t Afford to Miss

Presenting a list of the Best Waterfalls in Maine. Have a look:

1. Angel Falls

Angel Falls is an impressive waterfall in Maine, and it stands true to what its name suggests. Angel fall stands at an impressive 90 feet tall and is also known as Wing fall due to the surprise that sometimes Waterflow here takes the shape of angel wings and the image appears as if it is coming down directly from heaven. Mountain Brook feeds the waterfall, and the flow here is lush from late May to early July. However, the waterfall stays active year-round. Angel Falls is located near Byron town in Franklin County. To reach here, individuals need to make a short hike by taking Route 17 from Byron. For most of its part, the trail is slick, but a small section right before the waterfall is all about beauty. This pathway through the woods with lush vegetation around appears serene and relaxing.

2. Alder Stream Falls

If you are looking for an easy-to-reach waterfall in Maine, then add the Alder Stream Falls to your itinerary. The waterfall is located just outside Alder Stream Township and is fed by the Alder Stream. The waterfall has two sections: the upper is 20 feet high (resembling plunges and cascades), and the lower is 25 feet high (resembling horsetails and cascades). Visitors need to cover only a short walk of a few hundred yards that begins from the parking lot to reach Alder Stream Falls. The route even has ropes for assistance when scrambling down the incredibly steep gorge walls. Once reached, the views of waterfalls right amidst the forested setting are incredibly beautiful. Further to reaching the upper fall, a rough path with stunning views leads through the wood.

3. Gulf Hagas Falls

Truly a picturesque waterfall in Maine, the Gulf Hagas Falls is another must-visit in the itinerary. The waterfall is located in the Gulf Hagas Gorge (or Grand Canyon of the East) somewhere in Bowdoin in Piscataquis County. Its natural features and eye-catching qualities pick it over other numerous falls in the State, making it an unmissable spot when it comes to waterfalls. However, in geography, the Gulf Hagas Falls is quite isolated, and to reach here, one has to complete an adventurous and strenuous hike. The multiple trailheads that reach the fall cover nearly 8 to 11-mile (round-trip) hike with experiences of slippery, steep, jagged terrain. Gulf Hagas Falls combines with a brook and a river, and the pond below allows for a quick dip during the summer season. However, since the water currents/ flow here are strong and high during the spring season, one must behave cautiously. The most scenic time to reach Gulf Hagas Falls is during the months of June through October.

4. Moxie Falls

Moxie Falls is a popular waterfall in Maine known for its incredible 90-foot vertical drop. The entire length of the flow then drops into a 17-foot pool below, making Moxie one of the tallest waterfalls in New England and Maine both. The pool also allows visitors to swim, but that can be a risky deal during spring since the flow is extremely lush. Although Moxie waterfall is located in a secluded setting of Moxie Gore Township in Somerset County, it is still frequented by visitors throughout the year. Weekdays are still easy, but weekends at Moxie falls are crowded, and you can find seekers from all across the State here. The waterfall is easily accessible by a half-mile trail from the parking lot on Moxie Road. Not only is the destination beautiful, but the wooden boardwalk and viewpoints along the way make this waterfall hike a wonderful one.

5. Austin Stream Falls

Austin Stream Falls is noted as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Maine, USA. Divided into two sections, upper and lower, Austin Stream Falls, though is small but extremely powerful when it comes to the water flow. The waterfall flows in a series of beautiful cascades, and as it enters the stream’s gorge, its upper fall makes an unusual, almost 90-degree turn. To get views of Austin Stream Falls, one can walk 0.2 miles down the spur road from Dead Water road until its end. Next, follow rough paths on the left and then head downhill 50 feet over to the brook. However, the waterfalls can’t be fully physically reached but only be viewed from above from several camping spots. However, there are multiple viewing spots one has to find manually where they can grab an unobstructed visual. When Austin Stream Falls is at its full lush, no camera can do justice to its beauty. Standing for an afternoon and soaking in the waterfall views is undoubtedly a relaxing experience of its own.

6. Big and Little Niagara Falls

Big and Little Niagara are two waterfalls located south of Lily Pad Pond on the Nesowadnehunk Stream. The great Niagara Falls are undoubtedly the world’s best, but the Niagara in Maine as well are too beautiful for words to portray. To reach the fall, one can take the entry from the Togue Pond Gatehouse, register themselves and drive 10 miles to the Kidney Pond Campground. From here leads two trails, easier of which begins from the beginning at the Daisey Pond Campground. It follows the Appalachian Trail for a mile. Another route involves the longer hike following Nesowadnehunk Stream from the campground leading to the offshoot trail further. The waterfall that appears first is Little Niagara Falls, and it further leads the way toward Big Niagara Falls. For added adventures, enthusiasts can also indulge in activities like river kayaking and forest camping.

7. Step Falls

Step Falls is beautiful water in Maine that calls for a fun-packed afternoon. Long, spectacular, and with gradual descents are some words that define Step Falls perfectly. Step Fall is approximately 250 feet high and, therefore, one of the tallest waterfalls in Maine. It is a part of a 24-acre property that is a few miles outside the eastern border of Grafton Notch State Park. The waterfall is fed by the mountain stream of Wight Brook and therefore stays its richest during the spring and monsoon season, though a year-round attraction. The massive seasonal flow also produces fine mist sprays, roaring horsetails, and plunges. Before reaching those numerous shallow pools, the Step falls cascade down several hundred feet of sunny granite slabs resulting in a mesmerizing view.

8. Houston Brook Falls

The Houston Brook Falls near pleasant ridge is another best-known waterfall in Maine. It is one of the easiest-to-access waterfalls in Maine and, therefore, a frequently visited one as well. Houston Brook Falls features an impressive 32-foot vertical drop that takes the shape of horsetails and plunges. Though what makes it special isn’t the height but the swimming hole, the rock arrangements, the strong torrent of water, and the artistically striking settings. The trail reaching the waterfall is generally noted as easy, but due to the thick mist, the rocks around become slippery and thus dangerous to walk on. Getting the shoes with more grip and keeping your way mainly to the dry land is advisable for being safe. The hike, though, is only 10 minutes long, and all it takes is strolling through the giant and beautiful woods. A trip to Houston Brook Falls is definitely considered worthwhile on a sunny afternoon.

9. Katadhin Falls

Last but undoubtedly not least on our list is the Katadhin Falls, the tallest waterfall in Maine. This super scenic waterfall is a glittering feature of Baxter State Park not only due to its grandness but also due to the fact that its trek is a popular one as well. Being the tallest of them all, Katadhin Falls features an 800 feet vertical drop with a main drop of 280 feet. To reach the waterfall, individuals can the 10.6 miles (out and back) Hunt Trail, which is a bit challenging, but both the journey and destination pay off for it. As the trail experience a 4,000-foot elevation gain, it opens up the stunning and immeasurable views of the entire Baxter State Park and multiple mountain peaks near and far. The entire 10.6-mile spread includes beautiful wildflowers, a variety of birds, and the astounding colors of nature. And at the end of the day, the grand Katadhin Falls and the Katahdin Stream Campground make up for all those extra hiking efforts.

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