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Pollachi - Top-Rated Weekend Destination From Dindigul

5 Top-Rated Weekend Destinations From Dindigul (2024)

Also known as Tintukkal, Dindigul is a famous and historically important town in Tamil Nadu that was once ruled by the Muslim Monarch Tipu Sultan. What makes the city of Dindigul so unique is that this was the only place in all of Tamil Nadu to have been ruled by a Muslim king. The city is today the administrative center for the Dindigul District and is located between the majestic Palani Hills and the Sirumalai Hills. While the city is not particularly famous for its terrain, its rich culture and history have made it a popular tourist attraction of Tamil Nadu. Dindigul was also the headquarters of the British Army at one point in time.

What is Dindigul famous for? If you are in Dindigul, you must make it a point to visit the Dindigul Fort, which is the main attraction here, along with numerous other historical monuments. While in Dindigul, it is also a great idea to explore some of the major tourist spots around Dindigul over the weekend. There are many interesting places to visit near Dindigul that are perfect for a weekend getaway. Without any delay, let’s take a look at some of these amazing weekend getaways from Dindigul.

5 Top-Rated Weekend Destinations From Dindigul

1. Madurai

The holy city of Madurai is located just 64 kilometers from Dindigul, and it takes around an hour to reach Madurai by road if you are driving down yourself. Being the second-largest city in Tamil Nadu, Madurai is popularly referred to as the temple city. It is located on the banks of the River Vaigai and is known to be one of the oldest cities to have been inhabited. With the Nagamali Hills to the south and the Sirumalai Hills to the north, Madurai makes for a beautiful weekend getaway spot from Dindigul. 

What is Madurai known as? Madurai is often called the Lotus City as it has been constructed in the shape of a lotus. The city of Madurai is the perfect mixture of various cultures and religions. The city was ruled by the Pandya kings for a long time and is famous for many ancient temples that dot the city. 

Top-Rated Weekend Destination From Dindigul-Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple
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What is Madurai famous for? The most famous attraction in Madurai is the Meenakshi Amman Temple, which is dedicated to the Goddess Meenakshi, with a separate section devoted to her consort Lord Sundareshwarar, a form of Lord Shiva. 

Apart from this, there are many other beautifully sculpted ancient temples in Madurai, one more beautiful than the next. In fact, Madurai is a hub for many history buffs who flock to the city to take in its glorious past and culture. If you are in Madurai for a weekend, make it a point to visit the Thiruparankundram Temple. This is one of the oldest temples in the city dedicated to Lord Murugan (Karthikeya), and it is situated about eight kilometers from the center of the city. 

The bustling marketplaces and lip-smacking street food of Madurai will make you want to keep coming back for more.

2. Karaikudi

Not many people are aware of this gem of a tourist destination near Dindigul. Karaikudi is popularly referred to as the pride of Chettinad. But how far is Karaikudi from Dindigul? This unique place is located roughly 106 kilometers from Dindigul, and if you are driving down for the weekend, it will take you around two hours and 15 minutes to reach this town. 

Where is Karaikudi? Since Karaikudi still remains a hidden gem of Tamil Nadu, many people are often unaware of exactly where it is located. Karaikudi is a town located in the Sivaganga district in Tamil Nadu. The town is quite popular as it is the biggest town in this municipality region, and the town is also strategically located on the highway that connects Rameshwaram and Trichy

Weekend Destination From Dindigul-Karaikudi, Chettinad Palace
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What is Karaikudi famous for? Well, Karaikudi is known for the style of houses that are unique to this place. The houses are constructed of limestone known as ‘karai veedu,’ after which the town is also named. Some of the places worth visiting in Karaikudi are the Koppudai Amman Temple, the Chettinad Palace, and the Kannudayahayagi Temple. The exact history of this town is unknown, but locals believe that the town was established in the 18th century. Archaeological digs in and around the town have also dated the oldest temple in the town back to 1800 AD. 

The beauty and uniqueness of Karaikudi are such that it is a draw for many film makers of the southern film industry. Many South Indian movies have been filmed in this town. If you are lucky, you may even get to see a movie being shot. 

The delicious local dishes of Karaikudi have also earned this town a name of its own.

3. Pollachi

Pollachi is famous for being the coconut capital of Tamil Nadu. Pollachi is another great weekend getaway from Dindigul. This beautiful town is just 124 kilometers from Dindigul, and it is hardly a two-hour drive from Dindigul if you leave early morning. 

Pollachi is another very popular filming spot as the beautiful town is surrounded by lush greenery and breathtaking sceneries. Located in a predominantly agricultural region, Pollachi is known for the vast spreads of vegetable, jaggery, and coconut fields.  Pollachi - Top-Rated Weekend Destination From Dindigul

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What is there to see in Pollachi? The most famous tourist attractions in Pollachi are the famous Topslip Tiger reserve and the Annamalai Wildlife Sanctuary. Along with these two natural attractions, there are many historically important temple sites that are a delight for history buffs. 

The town of Pollachi is beautifully bracketed by the Western Ghats and has one of the cleanest unfiltered air nature can provide us humans to breathe. When in Pollachi, also make it a point to visit the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve. There are several activities you can enjoy here, including jungle trekking, bamboo rafting, boating, and much more. 

When is the best time to visit Pollachi? The best time to visit Pollachi is between December and February.

4. Thoothukudi or Tuticorin

Popularly still known by its old name of Tuticorin, Thoothukudi is located roughly 214 kilometers from Dindigul, and it is the city of pearls and ports. This metro port city is located on the Gulf of Mannar on the Bay of Bengal. The city is hugely popular because of the booming pearl fishing industry in the town. 

What is there to see in Thoothukudi? Thoothukudi is a busy port and fishing town that is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of more popular tourist spots. However, the town is much more than just being the city of ports and pearls. The city is home to beautifully sculpted ancient temples, stunning golden beaches, and mouth-watering local cuisine. Spending the weekend at Thoothukudi will help you reconnect to nature and bring your stress levels down to zero. 

Best Weekend Destination From Dindigul-Thiruchendur Murugan Temple
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What are the famous spots in Tuticorin? Here are some of the major tourist attractions in Tuticorin: 

  • Kalakkad Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Tuticorin Port
  • Kalugumalai
  • Thiruchendur Murugan Temple
  • Tuticorin beach
  • Our Lady of Snow’s Basilica 

When is the best time to visit Thoothukudi? Winters are the most beautiful time to visit this serene and quaint port city as the pleasant weather, scenic views, and the golden beach during the winter afternoons make for a breathtaking view that you will remember forever.

5. Tirupur

This beautiful land of textiles and temples, Tirupur, is just 123 kilometers from Dindigul. This textile center is also located quite close to Coimbatore, which can be another great weekend stopover if you have time. Textiles produced in Tirupur are sold all over the country and also exported to many foreign locations. In fact, many of the leading clothing brands of India have their factories in Tirupur. 

Tirupur is also known for its rich history showcased by the beautiful ancient temples that still remain inside the city limits. Located on the banks of the Noyyal River, the city is famous for the temples that date all the way back to the Cholas and Pandyas kingdoms. There are many legends that surround this city. Perhaps the most famous legend surrounds the Vishweswara Swamy Temple that is located in the heart of Tirupur. This is also one of the oldest temples in the city. The story goes that the Shiva Linga that is worshipped inside this temple was actually left behind by a king who was carrying the Shiva Linga with him and was back from a pilgrimage to Kashi.

Top Weekend Destination From Dindigul-Tirupur, Sukreeswarar Temple
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Other beautiful temples you can check out in Tirupur include the Tirupur Tirupathi Temple, Arulmigu Avinashi Lingeshwarar Thirukoil temple, and the Sukreeswarar Temple. 
The Andipalayam Lake and Sivanmalai are other favorites of tourists who come here. 

Some of the other weekend destinations from Dindigul you can plan to visit include:

  • Rameshwaram
  • Swamimalai
  • Kolli Hills
  • Thirunageswaram
  • Salem
  • Alangudi
  • Namakkal
  • Erode
  • Yercaud
  • Sivakasi
  • Theni
  • Kodaikanal

The winter season is usually the best time to plan any weekend getaways to all these places as the weather remains pleasant and there is no humidity to make touring a sweaty affair. So start planning your next weekend getaway from Dindigul right away.

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