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River Kushiara - Top Tourist Attraction in Karimganj

Visit Karimganj: Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Karimganj & Best Time To Visit Karimganj (2024)

About Karimganj, Assam:

Going on vacations is not just about visiting popular cities and famous tourist attractions. It is also about exploring those unknown places which have their own quaint charm. India is a country which has numerous popular tourist spots and must-visit cities; however, it also has a number of cities waiting to be explored and Karimganj in Assam is one such sleepy little town!

If you are in the mood for an off-beat holiday destination, then pack your bags and head to Karimganj. Over the past couple of years, this beautiful district of Karimganj in Assam has slowly emerged as a tourist spot away from all the hustle-bustle of the regular city life. Situated at a distance of 313 km from Guwahati, Karimganj is located in the southernmost part of Assam and shares its border with Bangladesh. It is also one of the most important agriculture districts of Assam owing to its wetlands and farms. Apart from having agriculture importance, Karimganj also has a number of resources which are exported to other parts of India, thus, making it important economically as well.

The population of Karimganj consists of various local tribes which has resulted in Karimganj having a rich culture, language, and traditions. Karimganj is also a haven for nature lovers with thick trees and other natural vegetation. The produce from the forest is one of the major livelihoods of the locals.

A key feature of Karimganj is that it has two major rivers running through it – Kushiara and Longai. Both these rivers are connected by Noti Khal which is a long rumbling canal which also helps in balancing the water level. Read on to find out more about Karimganj – top things to do in Karimganj, best time to visit, how to reach Karimganj, etc.

Top Tourist Attractions in Karimganj

1. Chhatachura Range

There are quite a few ranges around Karimganj and the Chhatachura Range is one of the most popular one among all of them. Arising from the district’s south east side, this range can be divided into three sections – the lowest section called Badarpur which is located at 500 ft above sea level, the middle section called Saraspur, and finally the highest peak which is located at 2087 ft above sea level. You will be completely mesmerized by the views surrounding this Range. It is one of the best places to click some amazing pictures. This beautiful location is situated 19 km from the city centre.

2. Duhalia Range

The next place worth visiting in Karimganj is the Duhalia Range situated at a distance of 24 km from the city centre. This Range is also popularly known as Pratapgarh Range. This is the third range that passes through Karimganj and it separates the Longai and Chargola valleys. The highest peak of this range is at a height of 1500 ft above sea level.

Tourist Attraction in Karimganj-Duhalia RangeImage Source

3. River Kushiara

If you wish to witness nature’s beauty in Karimganj, then do visit the Kushiara River which flows towards Bangladesh. Apart from providing scenic beauty to its visitors, the Kushiara River also serves the purpose of an international border between Assam and Bangladesh. Again, this is a great location to click amazing pictures. River Kushiara is located at a distance of 2 km from the city centre. River Kushiara - Top Tourist Attraction in KarimganjImage Source

4. Adamail Range

This is another beautiful Range which is situated on the western border of Karimganj. Also known as Patharia Range, it has an overall length of 45 km with its highest peak located at 800 ft above sea level. You can easily visit this range as it is just 2 km away from the main city centre.

Attraction Tourist in Karimganj-Adamail RangeImage Source

5. Malegarh Crematorium

The Malegarh Crematorium is a must-visit spot in your Karimganj itinerary. This memorial spot has been created for the brave soldiers who lost their lives during the 1857 mutiny. It is one of the most important historical landmarks in Karimganj and is located about 30km from the main city centre.

Best Tourist in Karimganj-Malegarh CrematoriumImage Source

6. Son Beel

There is no dearth of visually stunning places in Karimganj and the Son Beel is one such place! It is Karimganj’s largest wetland and has the River Shingla passing through it. This river gets further divided into two rivers, namely Kochua and Kakra.

Amazing Tourist in Karimganj-Son BeelImage Source

7. Badarpurghat

Whether you are a history buff or not, you cannot miss out on visiting the beautiful historical fort Badarpurghat. Built during the British rule, this fort has been renovated a number of times. Another reason why you should visit this tourist spot is because the River Barak flows besides the fort, giving it a truly unique appearance which is worth capturing.

Top-Rated Tourist in Karimganj-BadarpurghatImage Source

Apart from visiting these top tourist destinations in Karimganj, you can also spend your time indulging in outdoor activities, such as:

  • Birdwatching – The majestic rivers surrounded by lush greenery and dense forests in Karimganj forms the perfect location for birdwatchers to spot different species of birds.
  • Photography – Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur, the sights and views of Karimganj will have you reaching for your camera constantly. It is a great place to hone your photography skills.
  • Trekking – Karimganj has lots to offer to the adventure lovers as well. Trekking is one of the best ways to explore this district which has a number of forests. So make sure you pack your trekking shoes without fail!

Shopping in Karimganj

Karimganj is not known for its shopping centres as it is more popular for its natural beauty. However, the couple of things that you must definitely go shopping for in Karimganj are products made of jute and handicrafts. These items are perfect to gift to your family members and friends or you can even purchase them as souvenirs for yourself to remind you of your beautiful trip to Karimganj.

Best Time To Visit Karimganj

  • Summer Season – The summer season in Karimganj begins in March and lasts till May. The temperature goes up to 32o C and there is a lot of humidity in the atmosphere as well. Nonetheless, this is a great time to visit Karimganj and explore all that it has to offer.
  • Monsoon Season – The monsoon season in Karimganj begins in June and lasts up to September. There is usually a heavy downpour which results in the road getting waterlogged. Try to avoid visiting Karimganj during this time as you will end up spending most of your time within your hotel rooms only.
  • Winter Season – The winter season in Karimganj begins in October and lasts up to February. With temperatures dropping to 10o C, Karimganj is a great place to visit in Assam if you love chilly weather. A lot of tourists prefer visiting Karimganj during the winter season.

How to Reach Karimganj?

To reach Karimganj, you can either avail the facilities of road, railways, or flights. If you are planning to travel:

  • By Air – The closest airport is the Kumbhigram Airport located in Silchar. You can fly down from any of the major cities to Silchar and then travel to Karimganj. The distance between Silchar and Karimganj is just 53 km.
  • By Rail – Located at a distance of 32 km, the nearest railway station to Karimganj is Badarpur Junction. Once you reach Badarpur, you can avail a bus or a taxi to reach Karimganj.
  • By Road – Karimganj has a good road network which makes it easy for tourists to travel via bus, private taxis, or personal vehicles. You will find a number of private as well as government buses plying between Silchar and Karimganj.

Once you are in Karimganj, you can make use of the local transportation such as taxis and cabs to roam around the district and explore it to your heart’s content.

We hope this travel guide has given you all the necessary information so that you can easily plan your trip to Karimganj.

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