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Bogatha Waterfall The Niagara Falls of Telangana

Bogatha Waterfall: The Niagara Falls of Telangana (2024)

Also known popularly by the name of the ‘Niagara Falls of Telangana’, Bogatha Waterfalls are believed to be the second largest waterfall located in the entire state of Telangana. Situated in Jayashankar district, Bogatha waterfalls are nestled secretly amidst a dense forest. If you are looking for one of the offbeat but eye – pleasing tourist places in Telangana, then there could be no better option than Bogatha waterfalls.

Bogatha Waterfall: The Niagara Falls of Telangana

The variegated hills from where the water cascades down and bubbles in an awe – inspiring manner is a site that will stay engraved in your heart forever. Offering mesmerising scenic views of the colourful and rich landscapes that circumscribes it, the place appears to come alive straight from a fairy tale book. Falling from an elevation of about 30 feet, many small water steam gushes together to form a large pool of fresh water at the bottom. Taking a dip or two in this pool will give you a chance to relish the freshness of the water. Other than that, the surrounding area of the waterfall is pretty famous for bird watching as well. There is even a nearby temple dedicated to Sri. Bhogadri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy.

Bogatha Waterfall The Niagara Falls of Telangana

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If you wish to reach the upper part of the waterfall, then you can do so with the help of this temple. You would also be pleased to know that the water of Bogatha waterfall later on merges with the Godavari river. Situated away from the noise and chaos of fast – paced city life, you can relax and enjoy moments of peace amidst natural surroundings for a while. Want to know more about this one of the hidden tourist places in Telangana? If yes, then continue reading!

Places To Visit Near Bogatha Waterfall:

If you go to visit Bogatha waterfalls, then you are not limited to just natural marvel. There are many other fantastic tourist places in Telangana that are located in close vicinity of the Bogatha waterfall. Some of these places are:

  1. Bogateswara Swamy Temple: For all of those travellers who love the spiritual and peaceful vibes of a temple, would love to visit Bogateswara temple. Situated on the upper part of the waterfall, this temple dedicated to Bogateswara Swamy, a revered holy figure amidst the local people, is surely pristine. Not only important from religious point of view, the temple is known to offer its visitors great panoramic picturesque views of the whole place and hence is visited by a number of tourists as well as locals. If you come here, you can pray, seek blessings and spend some time in peace witnessing the spectacular views as well. 
  2. Butterfly Garden: If you a butterfly lover, you are surely going to love this mesmerising butterfly garden which was constructed by the Forest Department, especially to attract the attention of travellers. Comprising of immense greenery, huge trees, variety of flowers and plenty of shrubs trimmed in the shapes of butterflies, the place is actually a treat for the eyes. Other than admiring the beauty, the visitors can also indulge in archery. There is even a small area dedicated to children. Hence, one can say that this family – friendly place is perfect to have picnic. 
  3. Watch Tower: This is a three – storey tower that has been recently constructed nearby the Bogatha waterfall. This structure provides a stunning bird’s eye view of the entire place to its visitors. All you have to do is just climb to the top of the tower and you will be greeted wit serene views. The watch tower is especially built for giving the visitors the golden chance to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunset or sunrise views. As the different hues of the sky merge together with the lush greenery of the place, the place looks magical. So, when around the area, go witness some unique views and capture them in your heart as well as camera. 

Things To Do At Bogatha Waterfall:

If you thought that the only thing you can do at Bogatha waterfall is to admire the natural beauty, then you are highly mistaken. You can do some great activities here. Some of them are:

  1. Go For A Picnic: With the picture-perfect backdrop of the Bogatha waterfalls, having a picnic amidst lush greenery is a great idea. Enjoy yummy food while tiny droplets of cool water brush against your skin from time to time. You can go to Butterfly garden for a picnic too, for an exceptional experience.
  2. Go For A Stunning Trek: For reaching this magnificent waterfall, the visitors first have to trek for about 2.5 km. You will be pleased to know that the whole path is filled with verdant trees and immense scenic natural beauty. This trek will not only pump up your adrenaline but will also provide some fresh air to your lungs. With a bit of adventure and lot of scenic beauty around, the whole journey will become pretty memorable.
  3. Swimming: Taking a dip or swimming in the large fresh water pool that forms at the bottom of the waterfall is one of the favourite activities among travellers. The water is fresh, clean and cold, that will rejuvenate and relax your body.

Best Time To Visit Bogatha Waterfalls:

If you want the best experience, then it is recommended that you plan your trip between the months from June till November. This is because during this period the place experiences monsoon season which makes sure that the waterfall is bubbling with water. 

Entry fee: Visitors have to pay a fee of just Rs. 10 for visiting Bogatha waterfall.

Opening hours: The place is opened from 9 AM to 5 PM on all days for the visitors.

Distance from Hyderabad: Bogatha waterfalls are located around 276 km away from Hyderabad.

Bogatha Waterfalls to Warangal distance is 135 kms.

Bogatha waterfalls to bhadrachalam distance is 120 kms.

Visiting this scenic tourist place in Telangana will prove to be a great getaway giving you the chance to spend some quality time in the company of serene water and greenery.

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