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Palair Lake - The Beautiful Tourist Place in Telangana

Visit Palair Lake: The Beautiful Tourist Place in Telangana (2024)

About Palair Lake

Though small water bodies, but lakes are one thing which with their serenity and beauty attract a lot of attention from travellers all over the world. Once such alluring lake which is also considered among the many tourist places in Telangana, is the Palair lake.

Located in the Khammam district of Telangana, Palair Lake is one breath-taking lake whose beauty will leave you feeling overwhelmed. Though Palair lake is situated at a distance of around 30 kilometres from the main city of Khammam but it can be easily accessed by road. You would also be surprised to know that this large and beautiful lake is actually man – made but its beauty is such that no one can even guess that it is not a natural creation.

A part of the Palair lake which lies in the Kusumanchi Mandal within the Khammam district, is actually a balancing reservoir of the Lal Bahadur Canal. It was originally built as a part of the Nagarjunasagar project but today it is one of the most preferred tourist places in Telangana.

Palair Lake - The Beautiful Tourist Place in Telangana
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You would even be surprised to know that Palair lake has been constructed over a whooping area of more than 1748 hectares and it is capable enough to store close to 2.5 tmc of water. Though not many people include Palair lake in their travel itinerary as it doesn’t come under main attractions, but once you actually go and visit this beautiful place, you surely would not return disappointed. Want to know more about Palair lake? If yes, then continue reading because we have already gathered the essential information for you in this article!

Importance of the Palair Lake:

If you were thinking that Palair Lake is just a natural beauty that is a popular tourist place in Telangana, then you are highly mistaken. Other than being an important tourist attraction in the district, the water from the Palair lake is used for serving the irrigational purposes around the area. It may come as a bit of surprise but this beautiful lake is quite a popular spot for fish farming as well. Another benefit of Palair Lake that you must know is that electrical power is also generated using the Palair reservoir water.

Things You Can Do At Palair Lake:

Apart from being a major source of fresh water for the residents of Khammam district, this man-made Palair lake has received significant attention from travellers as well. Over the years a series of recreational facilities have been provided at the Palair lake in the recent time, in order to develop the site into a tourist attraction. The efforts have been pretty successful as today Palair Lake is placed among the list of serene tourist places in Telangana. Some of the activities that you can do in Palair Lake include:

  1. Indulge In Some Water Sports: It is not surprising that sprawling over a vast area of 1748 hectares, Palair lake is not some small lake. All the travellers who want to indulge in something thrilling would love to know that a visit to Palair lake is not just about admiring the beauty. You also get to a chance to participate in a variety of water sports here as well.
    Things You Can Do At Palair Lake-Water Sports
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  2. Take Part In Some Adventurous Activities: Some people just can’t sit still and crave the sensation of their adrenaline pumping up and down. If you are also one of these people, then you don’t have to worry because when at Palair Lake, there are a plenty of adventurous activities organised just to make sure that the visitors remain engaged as well as entertained.
    Things Can Do At Palair Lake-Take Part In Some Adventurous Activities
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  3. Relish Some Delicious Sea Food: For all the travellers who are foodie by heart, you will actually love visiting the place. Though the natural beauty of the place is such that you will already feel full but at Palair lake, your stomach will be taken care of as well. The lake is known to be a home to a huge range of prawns and fresh water fish which are not just cultivated here but are also used for eating purposes. They are cooked, prepared into delicious mouth-watering delicacies and are later served to the visitors.
    Things Can Do At Palair Lake-Relish Some Delicious Sea Food
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  4. Spend Some Quality Time: Running here and there, this fast-paced life has made it hard for people to stop and relax for a while. However, Palair lake will give you the chance to do exactly that. Its beauty and the scenic views, will make you stop in your tracks, sit down, admire, relax and rejuvenate for some time. Spend some quality time in peace here with your loved ones.

Places That You Can Visit Nearby Palair Lake:

You would be pleased to know that many interested tourist places in Telangana are located in the Khammam district itself, so you can easily combine them all together to make the most out of the trip. Some of the places you can visit nearby are:

  1. Narsimha Swami Temple: Situated on a hill called Stambhadri, this temple is also known as Narsimhadri temple. It is believed to have existed for more than 1.6 million years.
    Place to Visit Nearby Palair Lake-Narsimha Swami Temple
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  2. Khammam Fort: Initiated in the 950 AD, this fort has experienced changes over a number of reigns. Being a blend of architecture belonging to both- Muslim as well Hindu reigns, Khammam Fort is frequently visited by travellers.
    Best Place to Visit Nearby Palair Lake-Khammam Fort

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  3. Kaman Bazaar: If you are a shopaholic and want to buy some good clothes as well as accessories, then this is the perfect place in the area for you.
    Amazing Place to Visit Nearby Palair Lake-Kaman Bazaar

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How To Reach Palair Lake?

  1. By Air: nearest airport is at Hyderabad (200 km away from Palair)
  2. By Train: nearest railway station is at Khammam (30 km away)
  3. By Road: Palair is located on the road from Hyderabad to Khammam.

Distance from Hyderabad: Approximately 164 km away.

The calm environment, the serene water and the natural beauty around will definitely appease your soul, capture your heart and calm your mind. Have a great and memorable vacation in Telangana!

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