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Ratan Moti's Best Restaurant - Popular Food Place (Restaurant and Sweet Shop) in Mathura & Vrindavan

Popular Food Places (Restaurants and Sweet Shops) in Mathura & Vrindavan (2023)

The twin temple cities of Mathura and Vrindavan, the sacred sanctuary of cattlemen is famous for their milk sweets. The best food places in Mathura and Vrindavan are a real treat, serving you with some wide varieties of Indian and international cuisines.

Here is a list of some popular food places involving restaurants and sweet shops in Mathura and Vrindavan, which provide an extensive range of foods and are known for its sweet houses.

Popular Food Places (Restaurants) in Mathura & Vrindavan

#1 Dosa Plaza

Dosa Plaza in Mathura is well known restaurant for the varieties of Dosa and various regional Indian cuisines that it serves. They serve nearly 30 distinct varieties of Dosa, which are trademarked. Dosa Plaza is one of the prominent food hubs in Mathura, where you can have a lovely family time. It’s adjacent to Divinity by Audra Hotels, one of the most beautiful hotels in the city of Mathura.

Highlights of this Restaurant in Mathura

  • An excellent place to hang out with friends and family
  • Perfect for any time of the day
  • Mainly serves South and North Indian delicacies and Varieties of Non Alcoholic beverages.
  • Pure vegetarian with organic ingredients

Address: Near Divinity by Audra Hotels, Masani Rd, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh 281001

Contact: 089543 00008


Opening and Closing timings: 8 am to 11:30 pm

#2 Lord Krishna Restaurant

Located near the renowned Birla Mandir in Mathura, Lord Krishna Restaurant is known for its delicious servings and great hospitality. The restaurant has some splendid varieties of Indian and international delicacies which are simply mouthwatering.

Highlights of this Restaurant in Mathura

  • Great ambience with limited rush
  • WiFi
  • Direct home delivery services
  • A Jain friendly restaurant

Address: Near Birla Mandir, Vrindavan Marg, Madani, Mathura, UP – 281003

Contact: 08650636822

Opening and closing timings: 8 am to 11 pm.

#3. 11 Flowers Rooftop and AC Restaurant

One of the best food places in Vrindavan where you can enjoy a great evening snack or dinner. The lighting, decor, seating arrangements, and the unbeatable food varieties make this a beautiful place to dine in.

11 Flowers Rooftop and AC restaurant - Popular Food Place in Mathura & VrindavanImage Source


  • A great view of Vrindavan city from the rooftop
  • Ideal for hosting mini parties
  • Entertainment chambers with music and fun
  • Spacious parking lot

Address: 15A, Sheetal Chaya Marg, Near ISKCON Temple, Vrindavan, UP – 281121

Contact: 09897647878


Opening and closing timings: 9 am to 11 pm

#4. Ratan Moti’s Best Restaurant

A fantastic restaurant with some great indoor and outdoor lighting and decor. It is a perfect place for hosting parties in Mathura. They serve you with all significant Indian cuisines. Moreover, this restaurant is in a prominent location in Mathura, really close to Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi.

Ratan Moti's Best Restaurant - Popular Food Place (Restaurant and Sweet Shop) in Mathura & VrindavanImage Source

Highlights of this Restaurant in Mathura:

  • Spacious parking lot
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Beautiful place to hang out, especially at late evenings and night
  • Accepting orders for big parties

Address: F Sector, Gobind Nagar, near Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi 3rd entrance, Mahavidya Marg, Mathura, UP – 281081

Contact: 08533943999

Opening and closing timings: 10 am to 11:30 pm

#5 Bansal Foods Restaurant

A perfect example of ‘looks can be deceptive’. To look at, this restaurant in Mathura seems ordinary, but the interiors are jaw-dropping. Excellent service and all wide varieties of Indian delicacies are available here. They even offer catering services for parties and other kinds of events.

Highlights of Bansal Foods, Mathura

  • Great place to spend some quality time with friends and family
  • Home delivery and catering facilities provided
  • All primary vegetarian food in the menu
  • An enjoyable dine-in experience at an affordable price range

Address: Opposite My Career Academy, Krishna Nagar, Mathura, UP – 281004

Contact: 09149254454

Opening and closing timings: 10 am to 11 pm

#6. MVT Restaurant

With nearly 25 years of experience, MVT is continuing to be one of the best food places in Vrindavan. When you lookout for the most elegant restaurants with some splendid interiors, and food varieties at an affordable price range in Vrindavan, the name of MVT tops the list. Adjacent to Shri Krishna Balram Mandir, the restaurant only functions at scheduled timing.


  • Great ambience with less rush
  • The ideal choice for parties and mini celebrations
  • Wide varieties of tasty vegetarian food
  • A friendly atmosphere with ample lighting and decor

Address: Bhaktivedanta Swami Road, adjacent to Shri Krishna Balram Mandir, Vrindavan, UP – 281121

Contact: 09997738666


Opening and closing timings: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm, 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

#7 Aggarwal Restaurant

One of the best diners located close to the national highway – 2, on the Mathura bypass. It’s a great option whenever you want to pull over on the highway for a nice meal. It’s a pure veg restaurant in Mathura with a seating capacity of more than 150. All major Indian cuisines are available here.

Popular Food Place in Mathura & Vrindavan - Aggarwal Restaurant

Image Source

Highlights of Aggarwal Restaurant in Mathura:

  • Pleasant ambience with less traffic
  • Spacious parking and even Valet services
  • Fully air-conditioned and soundproof
  • Catering services and home delivery services are also available

Address: NH-2, Mathura Bypass road, adjacent to Maheshwari hospital, Mathura, UP – 281001

Contact: 08791757113

Opening and closing timings: 10:30 am to 11:30 pm

#8 Bharti Vyanjan

This is one of the luxurious restaurants in Gopalgarh, a prime location in the township of Vrindavan. Within five years of service, this food place became the most trending one in Vrindavan. This space is loved for its food and the unmatchable ambience of music, lighting, decor, especially in the late evenings and night.

Bharti Vyanjan - Popular Food Place in Mathura & Vrindavan

Image Source

Highlights of Bharti Vyanjan Restaurant in Vrindavan:

  • Completely modernized space with a little rush
  • A great choice of location for parties and celebrations
  • Fully air-conditioned with WiFi availability
  • Immense varieties of vegan food served hot
  • Musical nights which enhanced the whole atmosphere to a fantasy level

Address: Tehra Marg, close to Omaxe Township, Gopal Garh, Tehra, Vrindavan, UP – 281121

Contact: 07055520318


Opening and closing timings: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm

#9 Ammaji’s Restaurant

A hassle-free restaurant at the Parikrama Marg of Vrindavan. One of the most excellent restaurants that offer buffet-style food serving along with the regular dine-in facilities. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant, with abundant varieties of Indian, Chinese, and Italian delicacies. Ammaji’s Restaurant is located in a prime spot in Vrindavan.

Highlights of Ammaji’s restaurant in Vrindavan:

  • Wide and comprehensive varieties of Indian and international cuisines
  • Home delivery services available
  • A neat, silent and peaceful ambience
  • Pre-booking services available for parties or special night outs

Address: Sri Binu Seva Sansthan, Bhanumathi Road Parikrama Marg, Adjacent to Gore Dauji, Vrindavan, UP – 281121

Contact: 09997710000

Opening and closing timings: 10:00 am to 11:00 pm

#10 New Govinda Restaurant

Vrindavan is a city of divine and class. It’d be a crime not to get the taste of some classy dishes when you are visiting Vrindavan. New Govinda Restaurant located at Leela Dham in Vrindavan is well known for its traditional recipes and dishes. They cover almost all of the prime Indian cuisines, and it’s finger-licking good.

Popular Food Place in Mathura & Vrindavan - New Govinda Restaurant

Image Source

Highlights of New Govinda Restaurant in Vrindavan:

  • A fantastic set up with an ample seating area
  • Best for having breakfast, brunch, lunch and the evening snacks
  • Fully air-conditioned, neat and hassle-free atmosphere
  • The friendly environment can enjoy a good meal with your family here

Address: Raman Reti, Leela Dham, Vrindavan, UP – 281121

Contact: 09627626007

Opening and closing timings: 8:00 am to 2:30 pm and 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm

#11 Dasaprakash Restaurant

It is one of the most inexpensive restaurants in the township of Vrindavan that serves you with food which is absolute value for money. All prime Indian cuisines, regional ones are available here. Surrounded by a very peaceful and calm atmosphere, a bit away from the congested traffic and rush.

Popular Food Place in Mathura & Vrindavan - Dasaprakash Restaurant

Photo courtesy: Dasaprakash Restaurant  Image Source


  • Spacious parking lot with Valet services
  • Pleasant dine-in experience with the high interior setting
  • Ideal option to hang out with friends and family, best during the breakfast and lunch timings
  • Home delivery services are also available

Address: Raman Reiti, Nearby Kridha Residency and axis bank, Chatikkara Marg, Nandavan, Vrindavan, UP – 281121

Contact: 09258088048


Opening and closing timings: 8:00 am to 11:00 pm

#12. 56 Delights Restaurant

Are you a fan of Awadhi cuisine? Craving for the spicy Awadhi delicacies in Vrindavan? Then you must pay a visit to this beautiful restaurant in Raman Reiti at Vrindavan. The restaurant name, 56 Delight means the ‘Chappan bhog’, a traditional style of food combo, related to the Shri Krishna Janmashtami.
56 Delights Restaurant - Popular Food Place in Mathura & VrindavanImage Source


  • Various regional Indian cuisines, continental, and fast food delicacies
  • Such a welcoming atmosphere, especially in the late evenings and night.
  • WiFi and parking lot facilities are available
  • They also deliver to the locations

Address: Adjacent to hotel Krishnam, Raman Reti road, close to Fogla Ashram, Vrindavan, UP – 281121

Contact: 09997378022


Opening and closing timings: 7:30 am to 11:00 pm

#13 Bharti Foods and Restaurant

Took a long stroll through the pathways of Vrindavan? Tired and craving for some regional delicacies? Head to Bharti Foods and Restaurant in Hanuman Bagh, which is a one-stop destination for all kinds of delicacies and multiple cuisines in the township of Vrindavan.

Popular Food Place in Mathura & Vrindavan - Bharti Foods and Restaurant

Image Source

From sweets to complete dishes, Chettinad cuisine of South India to the Chinese delicacies and western barbeques, Bharti Foods and Restaurant in Vrindavan covers it all.

Highlights of Bharti Foods and Restaurant in Vrindavan:

  • A pleasing atmosphere with open-air surrounding
  • An unbelievably big menu to checkout
  • Fully air-conditioned and the interior furnishings are just appealing
  • Perfect location for partying and pre-bookings for special dine ins and dinners

Address: located at Hanuman Bagh, close to Harini Kunj Chauraha, Raman Reti Marg, Vrindavan, UP – 281121

Contact: 09152721153


Opening and closing timings: 7:00 am to 11:00 pm

That was a mouthwatering journey through the top class restaurants that serve multiple cuisines, unbelievably delicious food, friendly service, and proximity to the prime pilgrim destinations in Mathura and Vrindavan. If you are wondering about where we are going next, well now let’s take another drooling trip to some of the most popular sweets and dessert shops in Mathura and Vrindavan.

Popular Food Places (Sweet Shops) in Mathura & Vrindavan

#1 Giani’s Ice Cream And Dessert Parlour

One of the oldest hangs outs in the city of Mathura, standing for nearly 70 years and still one of the most popular food joints to visit, Giani’s Ice Cream And Dessert Parlour is well known for the delicious desserts. It won’t be merely talking big if I say that people used to travel long distances to visit Giani’s Ice cream and dessert parlour in Mathura for sweets, pastries, cakes, and other delicacies.

It is located very close to the primal pilgrim destination of Mathura, Shri Krishna Janmasthan. From accepting bulk orders to providing an enjoyable dine-in experience, Giani’s Ice cream and dessert parlour are a must-visit food joint in the city.


  • Mostly Indian delicacies, from local sweets to multi-layer stuffed desserts.
  • Spacious parking and WiFi availability
  • They also provide home delivery
  • Easy to locate and prime location

Address: Near Divinity by Audra Hotels, close to Shri Krishna Janmasthan Mandir, Gobind Nagar, Mathura, UP 281001

Contact: 08006995995

Website: http://gianisicecream.com/

Opening and Closing Timings: 11:00 am to 12:00 am

#2 Brijwasi Mithai Wala

According to the scriptures, Vrindavan was the abode of cattlemen’s community. Even now Vrindavan is well known for its milk sweets and other delicacies made of milk. There are hundreds of shops in Vrindavan, selling original, pure quality milk sweets at varying prices.

The best player in the arena, Brijwasi Mithai Wala is the most significant and prominent food joint known in Vrindavan for its milk sweets and other delicacies. Other than little milk sweets of Vrindavan, they have abundant varieties of sweets and other foods from all the parts of India.


  • A one-stop-shop for all varieties of sweets and other savouries at a completely reasonable and affordable price.
  • Lovely interiors and an appealing arrangement of the sweets, which simply catches our attention.
  • Friendly and efficient staff, maintaining the rush in a hassle-free manner
  • Above all, the unmatchable taste and softness of the sweets are a speciality of Brijwasi Mithai Wala.

Address: Opposite Harinikunj, Vidya Peeth Chauraha, Vrindavan, UP – 281121

Contact: 0565-2443363 also visit Brijwasi Exclusive Shop: Online Authentic Indian Sweets

Opening and closing timings: 9:00 am to 10:00 pm

#3 Shankar Mithai Wala

Another prime food hub reserved for the various types of North Indian cuisine, sweets, and savouries located at the centre of Mathura city. Shankar Mithai Wala has the experience and expertise of nearly 60 years in the sweet business and is a landmark of the Holi gate. They invested their business in quality and customer satisfaction which is paying off as they grew to be a fantastic contender in the sweet business. A good number of satisfied customers are generated by this food joint which has an impressive variety of sweets and savouries.

The rush is unbelievably expensive during the festival times and special occasions. Nearby, Shankar Mithai Wala is the first choice when it comes to delicious sweets in Mathura. They still make traditional sweets along with modern ones, which do attract a lot of customers.


  • Home delivery services available
  • Dine-in facilities
  • Efficient and friendly staff who manage the rush pretty well
  • Unique varieties of sweets during festivities and special occasions

Address: Tilak Dwaar, Holi Gate, Mathura, UP – 281001

Contact: 09997590022

Opening and closing timings: 7:00 am to 10:00 pm

Well, that’s not it. To be honest, this is just an attempt to pick some of the best of the best restaurants and fast food joints in both the cities. There’s a whole bunch of beautiful restaurants which deserve mention here.

  1. Nidhivan Sarovar Portico, Vrindavan
  2. Anandam Food Circle, Vrindavan
  3. Food art restaurant, Vrindavan
  4. Heera Foods, Mathura
  5. Ninety-nine restaurant, Mathura
  6. Taj Family Restaurant, Mathura
  7. Mirchi Tadka Sip and Bite, Mathura
  8. Sheel Gopal, Mathura
  9. Chaat Chatore, Mathura
  10. Bansal Foods, Mathura
  11. Two 21 cafe, Mathura
  12. Chai Chowk, Mathura
  13. 11 flowers jungle cafe, Vrindavan
  14. Mottram Prasadam, Vrindavan
  15. Namaste Vrindavan, Vrindavan
  16. Krishna Multi-cuisine restaurant, Mathura
  17. Pizza hut, Mathura
  18. Domino’s Pizza, Mathura
  19. Baskin Robbins, Mathura
  20. Café Coffee Day, Mathura

Both Mathura and Vrindavan are now major tourist hubs in the north Indian map. They are well modernized and growing cities which never really lost the touch of tradition and spirituality.

Every street, every corner of Mathura and Vrindavan has its own story related to Lord Shri Krishna’s adventures. No wonder the air here feels so fresh and listening to the chants is gratifying to the soul.

Most of the restaurants and fast food hubs in Mathura and Vrindavan, use fresh, pure, organic ingredients for the preparation of food. Adds a sense of divinity to the food prepared in this land; it doesn’t matter if it’s a franchisee or a street food stall.

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