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Dhikala - Jim Corbett national park

Awesome 8 Places to Explore in Jim Corbett (2024)

This time, we are off to one of the wildest adventures through the oldest and one of India’s most significant national parks, The Jim Corbett national park.

Located in Uttarakhand, the foothills of a massive mountain range, Jim Corbett national park is blessed with all the scenic beauty and the breathtaking views of the mountain ranges.A safari through the jungles of Jim Corbett national park is one of the best experiences you’ll have in your entire life where the dense forests are lively and packed with flocks of tuskers, ferocious tigers, and other wildlife.

There are many other things to do in Jim Corbett than the jungle safari and adventure trips.

Read in to find out what all things to do in Jim Corbett and make the best use of time to cover the national park to its fullest.

Awesome 8 Places to Explore in Jim Corbett

1. Dhikala

Let’s start with the most beautiful and the prime location of the Jim Corbett national park, Dhikala. You’ll get a picturesque scenery of the sun, valley, and the grazing flock of tuskers in the middle of the grasslands, making it the best thing about the Dhikala range.

It is almost in the center of the forest; hence you can expect more scenery and wild adventures. Dhikala - Jim Corbett national park

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When the blend of these meets the waters of the river Ramganga, the sight of that just can’t be expressed in mere words.

Tuskers are the prime attraction of the Dhikala area, where they are signed in flocks. Apart from the tuskers, many deer and bird species can also be spotted during the safari. There’s a large watchtower which will cover the entire area where you can enjoy a great view of the Dhikala region.

So yes, Dhikala is a must-visit zone when you’re visiting Jim Corbett and are ready for some wild adventures. Make sure that you pre-register for the safari as the maximum number of trips allowed are limited to two per day.

Location : The zone is 30 km and approx 50 Kms from the entry zone of Jim Corbett.

Safari Time :4 hours

2. Bijrani

We are just getting started, and here we go to the land of ferocious tigers, one of the best things to do in Jim Corbett.

Bijrani is a zone with varied landscapes, including thick forests, grassland, and bushlands, where you can spot multiple tigers in their form.

Awesome Place to Explore in Jim Corbett-Bijrani, Jim Corbett
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This region is home to the ferocious man-eaters right from the era of British, where they used to hunt them for leisure.

This region is flooded with a lot of other wildlife too. The core areas of tiger sightings are reserved, and tourists are limited to the outskirts of this area where they can spot tigers from a safe distance. Both elephant and Jeep Safari are available here.

Location: Adjacent to Amanda Gate, close to Ramnagar Town

Safari Time : 4 hours

3. Garjiya Temple

The proximity to the Jim Corbett national park makes this a prominent location that the tourists usually visit during their stay here. The temple is devoted to Garjiya, an incarnation of goddess Parvati also worshipped as the daughter of Himalayas, hence the name, Garjiya.

Place to See in Jim Corbett-Garjiya Temple
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It is a beautiful place to relax before and after your Jim Corbett expedition, which will take hours. The temple is on top of a big rock, which gives a beautiful view of the whole Jim Corbett region.

One of Uttarakhand’s best things is the mountain ranges, and the view from the top of the temple is simply a fulfilling one.

Location: Ramnagar town, nearby Jim Corbett national park

Best Time To Visit: All the year except monsoon season

4. Corbett Falls

What’s a jungle safari without a waterfall? The Corbett Falls fulfills the journey through Jim Corbett with a beautiful waterfall inside the forest.

The whole area is covered by Teak trees, which adds to the pleasant ambiance of the city. During your expedition, this is an excellent pitstop as this is a quiet area, without much wildlife.

Amazing Place to See in Jim Corbett-Corbett Falls
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You can rest, enjoy the waterfalls, and refresh yourself between long journeys. The falls were spotted nearly 25 km from Ramnagar town, and it is a great leisure spot inside the jungle.

The nearest entry or exit point is Kaladhungi, which is just 4 km away from the spot. Vehicle facilities are available, but also, if you’re interested, you can go on a trekking experience through the teak woods for a pleasant experience.

Location: The nearest town of Ramnagar is 27 km away, and the nearest checkpoint is 4 km away at Kaladhungi.

Safari time: 1 hour

5. Jhirna

The southernmost tip of the Jim Corbett national park, Jhirna, used to be a village in the foothills of the mountain range. Now it’s another prime spot for tigers and other wildlife too, like cheetal, sambhar and a lot more.

This region has a lot of merely breathtaking views and visits the Jhirna zone during snowfall, and you’ll fall in love with this place. We’ll forget the silence and the ambiance of the dense forest when we witness it’s a natural beauty, with the backdrop of mountain ranges filled with snow.

Best Place to See in Jim Corbett-Jhirna, Jim Corbett National Park
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The good news is, there is a rest house in the Jhirna area, which you can utilize to stay and enjoy the zone to the fullest. The elephant safari is an enjoyable experience here, and also Jeep Safari is available.

Don’t forget to pre-register for the safari as only two trips are taken in a day.

Location: The nearest checkpoint is the Ramnagar Town, which is 16 km away from the spot.

Safari time: 4 hours

6. Amanda Gate Corbett

Amanda Gate is one of the major gateways in Jim Corbett national park, which connects to most of the prime hotspots, including the Bijrani zone.

The proximity to all the major locations around makes it an excellent site for leisure. We are taking a break before or after the expedition. The Ramnagar town is nearby, and almost all of the major locations can be connected through the Amanda Gate of Jim Corbett.

Must Visit Place in Jim Corbett-Amanda Gate Corbett, Bijrani Zone
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Make sure that you visit Amanda Gate during the summer and winter because it remains closed during the monsoon season.

Amanda gate is the last spot you’ll get to relax before entering into the adventure, which makes it a prominent location among the others in Jim Corbett national park.

Location: Amanda Gate Corbett has located just 3 km away from Ramnagar Town and 4 km from the Ramnagar Town railways station.

Safari Timing: 5 hours

7. Corbett Museum

Are you excited about the trip through the dense forests of the Jim Corbett national park, waiting for your turn, or having a tiring but exciting safari through the woods? Take a chill pill and hang out at the Corbett Museum, a great place to relax and refresh your mind and body before or after the trip.

Top Place to Visit in Jim Corbett-Corbett Museum
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This place is dedicated primarily to the renowned Jim Corbett, and his memories of expeditions are exhibited here. It consists of all the essential things you want to learn about the forest, wildlife, plant life, safari, etc. are available here at the museum.

It is close to Kaladhungi, and it’s proximity to Corbett Falls makes it a wonderful

ul place to hangout after trekking through teak woods.

It’s a fun place where you can relax your mind and body until the next expedition.

Location: The Jim Corbett Museum is located 3 km away from Kaladhungi, which is the nearest prime location.

Visiting Time : 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

8. Kyari Camp

If you are planning to explore and experience Jim Corbett national park to the fullest, pay a visit to the Kyari Camp, a beautiful set up for fun and entertainment.

This heaven-like setup is in Kyari village, where the banks of the river Kosi are chosen to set up an entertainment zone in the outskirts of the forest.

Place to Visit in Jim Corbett-Kyari Camp
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A lot of fun and challenging activities await you at the Kyari Camp, including Rock Climbing, exploring the caves, camping and trekking, bird watching, Jeep Safari, and many more.

Being surrounded by the mountain ranges gives this place a mesmerizing look, where the blend of nature and this camping setup is just overwhelming.

The well built, beautiful, resort-like houses and the passing wildlife is a treat to the eyes. The stay here is simply a dream coming true.

Don’t miss the Kyari Camp if you’re up for some challenging and fun activities after your wildlife expedition through the jungles of Jim Corbett national park.

Location: Kyari Camp is located in a village of Syat Kotabagh, and it is 12 km away from the nearest town of Ramnagar.

Exploring time: 2 hours


Now you know that there are many things to do in Jim Corbett other than your dream jungle safari and trekking adventures.

The picturesque location and the spotting of wildlife without cages are a dream-like experience that must be enjoyed at least once in a lifetime.

So get your trekking gear, camera and start off to the Jim Corbett national park when it’s safe to travel again.

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