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Naina Devi Temple: Take Blessings of Maa Naina Devi

Places to Visit and Things to Do in 3 Days in Nainital (2024)

Nainital, often taunted as the ‘district of lakes’ in India, has everything to woo its tourists. Nainital is nature crafted abode of natural lakes, astonishing picturesque views and charming local markets. Either you explore the tranquil offbeat destination of Nainital or stick to familiar happening places, Nainital will astonish you with its awe-inspiring tourist destinations. Nainital lures all kinds of tourists, either its friend’s getaway, a fam-jam trip or romantic bewilderment. The aura of Nainital welcomes all to enjoy their holiday time like never before.

The Uttarakhand State of India is a favourite destination for mountain lovers. A 3 days delightful holiday at Nainital gives you enough time to explore the majestic hills of Nainital and soak in the beauty of this amazing tourist destination. Nainital attracts tourists throughout the year from every corner of the world. Delightful Nainital has an amalgam of places that offers touristic vibes through its aura. There are plenty of things to do in Nainital.

Some tourists’ favourite things are sightseeing in the city, roaming through a bustling city market, eating luscious local meals or dining in popular city restaurants, letting kids enjoy parks and zoos, and strolling through the new temples and monuments of Nainital. So, Nainital can’t be explored fully who look for a one-day picnic destination. Exceed your trip to Nainital for a minimum of 3 days so that you can enjoy this place to the fullest.

Places to Visit and Things to Do in 3 Days in Nainital

Let’s know the details of some of the major attractions of Nainital that must be on your bucket list:

1. Naina Devi Temple: Take Blessings of Maa Naina Devi

  • Distance from Nainital bus stand: 300 meters (walking distance)
  • Time required to explore: Two hours

Known as the divine protector of Naini Lake, the Naina Devi temple of Nainital is dedicated to the Goddess Naina Devi. This Hindu Temple is an amalgam of tranquillity and diversity of Hindu religion. The devotion aura of this temple would give you the most peaceful moments which is must need for your mind and soul. You can have your prayers and take blessings from the Naina Devi while strolling through the temple premises.

Naina Devi Temple: Take Blessings of Maa Naina Devi

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2. Nainital Mall Road: Roam Leisurely and Shop Whole Heartily

  • Distance from Nainital bus stand: 1.5 km
  • Time required to explore: A couple of hours

If you are at Nainital, then Nainital Mall Road is not a place to miss. It’s a vibrant place with the hustle-bustle of tourists, locals and vendors. From local cuisines to local handmade crafts, each shop of Mall Road has something to allure tourists. You can have a good time exploring the local art and buy some items to remember Nainital. And if you get tired, then Bars and Fine Restaurants are there to entertain you with delicious food.

3. Raj Bhavan: Experience Royalty

  • Distance from Nainital bus stand: 3 km
  • Time required to explore: One and a half hour

Once a lavish residence of the British Governor is now a heritage site. This Raj Bhavan is a compilation of 113 beautiful rooms with the touch of royalty, one vast swimming pool, a golf course and leveraged lush green grass garden. The interiors of this Raj Bhavan are exemplary of the British era, while exteriors beautifully display the Gothic style building. If historical buildings fascinate you, then visit Raj Mahal for once, and it will be added to your sweet memory forever.

4. Naina Peak: Capture The Panoramic View Of The City

  • Distance from Nainital bus stand: 17 km
  • Time required to explore: 3-4 hours

Hill stations are often known for their highest points and story related to them. If you want to recreate the sound eco scenes of Bollywood films, then Naina Peak welcomes you whole heartily. Often taunted as China Peak, the Naina peak is the seat of displaying the panoramic sceneries of tall standing mountains, lush valleys and beautiful village setups. Naina peak is perfect for finding solace. Just find a place at the site and witness the awe-inspiring views of nature and rejuvenate yourself.

5. Land’s End: For Breath-Taking Views

  • Distance from Nainital bus stand: 6km
  • Time required to explore: couple of hours in morning or evening

Love hiking? Then explore Land’s End. This place is meant for tourists who look for an ideal place to experience the true wonders of nature. The Land’s End is where a majestic lake, pristine hills and pine trees can be seen in a beautiful camouflage. It’s a favourite place for nature and wildlife photographers. Visit this place with the desire of taking amazing pictures, and this Land’s End would not disappoint you.

6. Naini Lake: The Absolute Charm of Nainital

  • Distance from Nainital bus stand: 1 km
  • Time required to explore: 1 hr

Love boating? Then drive to the Naini lake. A one km drive to Naini lake would leave you at spellbound Naini Lake. This crescent-shaped lake is the most visited place of Nainital, where people enjoy water games, boating along the splendid nature flooded views. One can enjoy the chilling weather and witness the beauty of snow-laden mountains.

7. Nainital Zoo: Explore Wildlife Closely

  • Distance from Nainital bus stand: 2 Km
  • Time required to explore: 3-4 hours

If you are with family and kids, then Nainital zoo is best to explore. Along with rare and popular wildlife, Nainital Zoo has a wide collection of beautiful birds. There is an amusement park for kids within the premises of the zoo. This zoo is expended up to 11 hectares of land that includes special habitats for Bengal Tiger, Himalayan Bear, Snow Leopard and Sambar etc. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, then Nainital Zoo will give you much needed exposure to know the wildlife with a closer view.

8. Tiffin Top: Get the 360-Degree View From Here

  • Distance from Nainital bus stand: 2 km
  • Time required to explore: Two hours

Soak yourself in the mesmerizing views of the Himalayas from the Tiffin Top. This vintage top showcase the untouched beauty of Nainital town with picturesque view. Tiffin top is like a heavenly treat to the adventure seekers. It offers a variety of activities like hiking, horse-riding and trekking to the top. Tiffin top is also taunted as lover’s point as you can see plenty of couples strolling here.

9. Wilderness Church: A Catholic Getaway

  • Distance from Nainital bus stand: 3 km
  • Time required to explore: Two hours

Since 1846, this Church has been the major tourist attraction of Nainital. The impressive architecture and splendid glass windows charm the tourists with their magnificent aura. The inside environment of this Church is very calm and positive. One can visit this Church and relax for a while. The history and story behind this Church is very interesting. During Christmas time the Wilderness Church looks extremely beautiful during Christmas times. .

10. Eco Cave Garden: Explore This New Adventure

  • Distance from Nainital bus stand: Around 4 km
  • Time required to explore: Two hours

This unique picnic spot offers a solitary experience of getting a closer view of nature in its most basic form. Eco cave garden paves your journey through six caves that are quite small in existence and are interconnected. These caves are modified by adding many elements of fun to attract tourists. Such as musical and light effects to the fountains, hanging scriptures and plants etc.

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