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Madanmohan Temple - Wonderful Place in Bankura for an Innovative Vacation

Visit Bankura: 7 Wonderful Places in Bankura for an Innovative Vacation (2024)

West Bengal is one of the most exciting states in India. This state has so many different geographical variations that tourists worldwide visit there throughout the year. Apart from breathtakingly gorgeous seaside towns, and enchanting hill stations, West Bengal is known for other tourist sites. Bankura is among the off-beat destinations in West Bengal that travelers who visit there fall in love with it. Bankura town is quite importnt to the economy, culture, and history of the state. Firstly, it is the district headquarter of the Bankura district. Secondly, it is one of the most prominent spots in the Rarh region of Bengal.

With red laterite soil, the entire region of Bankura looks pretty magical. The whole land of Bankura is pretty red, and it is one of the most identifying features of the area.

Moreover, Bankura is situated at the Chota Nagpur Plateau, which is why there is a descent in its topography. When you visit there, you will get to witness the difference between the topography and other regions of Bengal pretty quickly. Bankura is also quite famous for its beautiful hills and forest cover. Many people do not know, but adventure enthusiasts trek in different regions of the area. It is one of the lesser-known trekking areas in India.

Bankura has a tremendous historical impact on India as well. The most famous dynasty that ruled over the region is known as the Malla dynasty. Adi Malla was the person who founded the renowned dynasty. Other Malla rulers like Jay Malla, Kalu Malla, Jhau Malla, and forty other rulers from the dynasty ruled the entire region of Bankura. After the Malla dynasty, the Kingdom was led by the Singh dynasty. It is one of the few Kshatriya dynasties that ruled in West Bengal. Later the region was also governed by the Mughal dynasty. Shah Jahan’s son, Shuja, was the administrator of Bankura at the time. Most historical sites, temples, mosques, and other structures were constructed in Bankura during the said reigns. In this blog, we are going to discuss the best places in Bankura in detail. You will be surprised to know that there are so many hidden tourist spots over there after reading this blog.

Bankura has located 212 km from Kolkata, and that is why reaching there is not a big deal. People who want to visit there via airplane have to travel there from Kolkata airport as the nearest airport from the town is located in Kolkata. If you go there by train, you will reach there directly. Several major trains travel to Bankura from different parts of India. Otherwise, if you live in West Bengal, you can easily visit there by road. By renting a car, you can reach Bankura within four hours from major cities like Kolkata, Asansol, Panagarh, and others.

Bankura is quite notorious for its heatwave. That is why it is always advisable for tourists to avoid the summer season while visiting the city. Instead, the winters are a lot more comfortable in Bankura. Moreover, the famous Bishnupur fair is held in the district during December. If you visit there at that time, you will get to explore the region comfortably and get a taste of the district’s cultural heritage. So, let us delve into the great sites of Bankura.

7 Wonderful Places in Bankura for an Innovative Vacation

The places mentioned in the following part of this blog are quite famous in West Bengal. As the local transportation in Bankura is pretty well, tourists do not face any problem exploring the following sites.

1. Mukutmonipur

Located an hour and a half-drive from Bankura city, Mukutmonipur is one of the most beautiful sites to visit there. Surrounded by gorgeous hills and lush greenery, Mukutmonipur is also one of the most popular picnic spots in West Bengal. The main attraction of Mukutmonipur is the 86 square meter lake that is located over there. Originally this lake was constructed as part of the Kangsabati water reservoir. Now, this lake is a popular site to spend some time with their loved ones. Most people explore this reservoir by participating in a boat ride. As hills surround the entire region, the scenic view of the area becomes more enthralling.

When you ride your boat in the Mukutmonipur lake, you will forget that you are even in Bankura. The entire region feels surreal. There is also an island located amid the vast waterbody. A well-maintained pavement surrounds the waterbody, and some tourists love walking along its path. You can also calm yourself by taking a stroll along the lake.

Wonderful Place in Bankura-MukutmonipurImage Source
It is a great way to relax and genuinely soak in the ambiance. The best times to enjoy the area is during dusk or dawn. We know visiting there in the early morning is pretty tough, that is why we would suggest that you stay there until sunset. The sky’s color on the backdrop of lush green mountains and glistening waterbody is genuinely mesmerizingly beautiful.

If you travel another 5 km from this site, you will get to see the famous deer park as well. This park is pretty popular among children. Tourists, as well as locals, visit Mukutmonipur to have a hearty picnic with their loved ones. You can also take part in this joyous experience while visiting Bankura.

The distance between Bankura and Mukutmonipur is- 55 km.

2. Bishnupur

Among all the fantastic sites in Bankura, Bishnupur is the most popular one. This destination is not only a famous town in the district, but it is also a significant economic hotspot for West Bengal. Mostly known for gorgeous terracotta temples, Bishnupur has several must-see sites. Usually, tourists keep a day in their hands to explore Bishnupur as there are too many renowned sightseeing spots located over there. Even though the town reached its peak glory during the 17th and 18th centuries, you will be able to witness the reminiscences of it even now. As this destination was the headquarter of the historically significant Malla rule, many temples were created by the rulers located in the town.

Wonderful Place to Visit in Bankura-BishnupurImage Source
Most of these temples have a terracotta architectural style. Temples like Shyam Ray, Rasmanchha, Jorbangla, and others are incredibly famous in the city. Bishnupur is also immensely renowned for its Baluchari sarees. If you visit there, make it a point to spend some time shopping. Apart from Baluchair sarees, the terracotta pottery work of Bishnupur is globally renowned as well. You can buy some home décor items from Bishnupur. This town was famous for its paintings and music as well. In the city’s art stores, you will still find illustrations of the Bishnupur Gharana quite easily. An entire day spent in Bishnupur will take you to another time. It will be one of the unique experiences of your life.

The distance between Bankura and Bishnupur is 36 km.

3. Susunia

Located at an altitude of 1500 feet, Susunia hill is an excellent place to visit in the Bankura district. As these hills are part of India’s Eastern ghat hills, their height is relatively less than other mountain ranges in the country. Most of the trees located in these hills have medicinal value. Many years ago, the local people used to source their medicines from the plants of this region. Susunia hill is also famous for another critical reason. You will be surprised to know that it is a primary archeological site in India. Several fossils of wild animals like giraffes, hyenas, lions, and others have been found throughout these mountains.

Best Place to Visit in Bankura-SusuniaImage Source
It is a mystery how so many varieties of fossils can be found in this region. Moreover, rock inscriptions from the fourth century have also been found in these hills. It is believed the inscriptions belonged to King Chandravarman. Surprisingly, the rock edicts depicted Bankura to be a place named Pushkarna. Apart from the said facts, stone age tools were also discovered in the region. Many adventure seekers participate in rock climbing in Susunia hills. If you want, you can again do rock climbing as there are many options to do that easily. Otherwise, you can camp in the mountains. The surrounding area of Susunia hills is quite beautiful. You will enjoy the site even more if you visit there in the winter season.

The distance between Bankura and Susunia Hills is- 30 km.

4. Madanmohan Temple

Commissioned by the famous ruler Durjana Singh Dev, the Madanmohan temple is the pride of Bankura and West Bengal. This temple was built in the 17th century. Still, now it looks breathtakingly beautiful. Mostly known for its gorgeous terracotta architecture, the carvings and motifs made outside the temple are immensely beautiful. The Ekaratha architectural style of the temple makes it even more visually stunning. Even now, deities are worshipped inside the temple. Madanmohan Temple - Wonderful Place in Bankura for an Innovative Vacation

Image Source

Primarily this religious site is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. He is commonly known as Madan Mohan by the local people of Bankura. Throughout the structure, you will recognize scenes from epics like Ramayan and Mahabharat on its walls. While visiting Bankura, missing out on the Madanmohan temple will make you regret it a lot. As this site is located in Bishnupur, reaching there will not be a problem for you.

The distance between Bankura and Madanmohan Temple is- 35 km.

5. Pancharatna Temple

Located amid a beautifully landscaped garden, the Pancharatna Temple or Shyam Rai Temple is another important site to see in Bankura. This structure is one of the major attractions of Bishnupur. It is so picturesque that you will not stop yourself from clicking many pictures while exploring the site. Like the previous site, this structure is also a terracotta temple. Commissioned by the famous Malla ruler, Raghunath Singha, this site was constructed in 1643 AD. When you explore this area, you will notice that the motifs and carvings made on the temple’s outer and inner walls are breathtakingly beautiful.

Popular Place to Visit in Bankura-Pancharatna TempleImage Source
The carvings depict different stories from the Mahabharata, Ramayana, and other mythical stories. Some motifs that you will see over there are so vivid that you will be enthralled. While visiting there, make sure that you study every part of the site thoroughly as you will get to know a lot of exciting things by doing that.

The distance between Bankura and Pancharatna Temple is- 36 km.

6. Jhilimili

Located at a three hour-ride from Bankura town, Jhilimili is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in West Bengal. As this site is located at the intersection of Midnapur, Purulia, and Bankura districts, the entire area has a unique topography. The whole region is surrounded by the lush greenery of thick forests and gorgeous mountains. As this area is still pretty unknown to the rest of the world, it is still relatively untouched and naturally beautiful.

Moreover, this region is situated by the bank of the Kangsabati River. The scenic view of the part is accentuated even more due to the water body. When you get there, you will fall in love with the beauty of the region. The panoramic view of the surrounding will take your mind away from the stress of your life.

The distance between Bankura and Jhilimili is – 70 km.

7. Joypur Jungle

Apart from the historical sites and hillocks, Bankura is also pretty famous for its forest cover. Joypur jungle is the best place to witness the magnificent forests of the district. These woods are home to many wild animals, including wolves, wild foxes, Cheetal, elephants, etc. As the forest is pretty dense, it is a great possibility to get lost in them. That is why it is always advisable to go there by renting a car. Many adventure seekers explore the site by foot. You can also explore the region by walking, but you must know that snakes and mongoose are pretty prevalent in the area, and that is why you should always be aware while exploring the site.

Attraction Place to Visit in Bankura-Joypur JungleImage Source
Trees like Neem, Kusum, Teak, and others surround the forest. Many parts of this wildlife sanctuary are protected, and tourists are not allowed inside the region. You will also get to see a large number of rare birds while exploring the site. You must remember that this wildlife sanctuary is closed at 4 pm every day.

The distance between Bankura and Joypur Jungle is- 48 km.

By reading this blog, you can understand that Bankura is a versatile site with various tourist spots. If you want, you can cover most of the places mentioned above in a day or two, but it will be more fulfilling for you if you stay there for at least three days. Bankura is a rare destination where you will get the best of everything. There are other important sightseeing spots located in the district that we could not mention in this blog. We hope this article was helpful to you.

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