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Digha GateDigha - Place in Digha That Every Tourist Must See

Visit Digha: 9 Places in Digha That Every Tourist Must See (2024)

About Digha in West Bengal

Located in the East Midnapore district of West Bengal, Digha is one of the most-visited tourist destinations in the state. This sea-side tourist site garners several tourists from not only West Bengal but from different parts of India. As this site is located only 187 km from the capital of West Bengal, Kolkata, residents of the city visit Digha quite frequently. Digha is commonly known as the “Brighton of the East”.

One of the most famous attractions of Digha is its sea beach that is over 7 km long. Even though the sea beach of the town is pretty shallow, tourists often go there to enjoy the sea.

Many people do not know this, but Digha was one of the most favorite places of Warren Hastings. He was the person who discovered this site and converted Digha into a tourist site. While writing a letter to his wife, Warren Hastings described Digha as “Brighton of the East.” The discovery of this majestic site happened in 1780. In 1923, Digha again became the center of attention when the world-famous English traveler, John Frank Smith started residing there. He was so mesmerized by this town’s simple beauty, that he decided to stay there permanently. Even though you might know that the then chief minister of West Bengal was the pioneer of turning Digha into a lucrative tourist spot, but you might not know that it is John Frank Smith, who convinced him to take that step.

Digha is a perfect site for a short weekend getaway. Most people visit there to blow off some steam. If you ever visit there, try watching the sunset and sunrise in Digha. The view of the sea in the said times is breathtakingly beautiful. Throughout the city, you will find palm trees. The location of these trees by the sea beach, make this town even more beautiful. One of the best things about Digha is that, as the beach is pretty shallow and located pretty far from the Bay of Bengal, you will be able to swim there without any fear. Apart from the sea beach, there are many places in Digha that you might have never heard about. In this blog, we are going to discuss the best places in Digha in detail. Reaching Digha has become a lot easier after it got a railway station in 2004. Now, tourists from nearby cities like Kolkata visit Digha within two to three hours through trains. If you want to visit Digha by accessing an airplane, you will have to travel there from Kolkata. The nearest airport from Digha is located in Kolkata. Usually, people rent cars from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose airport in Kolkata to visit Digha. Many people love to go to Digha by driving their cars. The route from Kolkata to Digha is quite beautiful and is great for a road-trip.

9 Places in Digha That Every Tourist Must See

The places mentioned in the following list are pretty famous in Digha. Some of them are quite underrated, but you will find them to be immensely beautiful.

1. Digha Gate

If you visit Digha by road, the first thing you will notice after going there is the Digha gate. Located on National Highway 116B, this gate is a vivid sign for welcoming tourists in the town. Digha gate is not an ordinary gate. The design of the gate makes it look like a fishing boat. It was designed to pay tribute to the fishermen who are the most important part of the town’s economy. Digha GateDigha - Place in Digha That Every Tourist Must See

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The massive size of the Digha gate makes it quite noticeable. Digha gate is pretty famous among tourists and that is why so many people click pictures in front of it to remember their trip. The white and blue color of the gate is quite suitable for the surrounding environment. If you visit the gate in the evening, you will find that it is decorated with lights. The gate looks even more beautiful at the night. You will not have to pay any money to explore the gate and it is open throughout the day.

The distance between Digha Bus Stand and Digha Gate is- 300 meters.

2. New Digha Sea Beach

Unlike the original sea beach of Digha, the New Digha sea beach is quite vast. Even though it is known as New Digha sea beach, but it has been founded several decades back. Most tourists still now prefer the old sea beach of Digha, but if you want to avoid tremendous crowds, this site is the best place in Digha for you. As the sandy beach in this region is located a mile away from the sea, there is enough space for you to relax and loiter.

Place in Digha That Every Tourist Must See-New Digha Sea Beach
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Throughout this beach, you will find local vendors selling coconut water. You will have a great time by simply relaxing over there with a coconut in your hand. Many people love to walk from Old Digha to New Digha by following the 7 km-long-sea-beach. In case you are not willing to walk the entire distance, you can get on an e-rikshaw and go there. There are some gardens and aquariums located close to this site that make it even more special. The palm trees are mostly located on this side of Digha and the scenic view of the entire region is genuinely refreshing.

The distance between Digha Bus Stand and New Digha Sea Beach is- 4 km.

3. Amarabati Park

Amarabati park is the most famous sightseeing spot in Digha because of its beauty. This park is a manmade region located in the New Digha area of Digha. With lush green lawns, a beautiful lake, and blooming flowers, Amarabati park is a breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle of the seaside town. The view of New Digha from this park makes it even popular among tourists. One of the most interesting parts about this site is its lake.

Place in Digha-Amarabati Park
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Even though the lake is tiny, people have a great time boating over there. You can participate in paddle boating while exploring this park. The site is so well-maintained that you will be quite surprised that you have not heard its name that much before. You can take a ride in the ropeway of the park that helps you get the bird’s eye view of the entire region. Many people go there to have a fantastic picnic with their families and friends. There are many sitting places on the site. In case you want to take a boat ride in Amarabati park, you must know that it would cost INR 60 per head. The entire ride is of twenty-five minutes. You can bring three of your loved ones with you on the boat ride.

  • Entry Fees: INR 5 per head.
  • Timings: 7.30 am to 5.30 pm.
  • The distance between Digha Bus Stand and Amarabati Park is- 1.6 km.

4. Talsari Beach

Located at a half-hour drive from Digha, Talsari beach is one of the most peaceful places located over there. Even though this beach is technically located in the Baleswar district of Odisha, it can be traveled from Digha pretty easily. The beach is located at the intersection of the Bay of Bengal and Subarnarekha rivers. Surrounded by gorgeous palm and cashew trees, the scenic view of Talsari beach is breathtakingly beautiful. Even a few years earlier, not many people knew about the splendor of this site, but now it is becoming pretty famous.

As Talsari beach is flocked by fishermen due to the high volume of fishes, seafood over there is quite scrumptious. If you go there from Digha, it will be better for you to visit there during lunchtime. There are many food stalls over there that would offer you tasty delicacies prepared with fresh crabs, prawns, and other fish items. To genuinely enjoy the location, you can go on a boat ride in the Bay of Bengal. Many people love swimming in Talsari. Most people visit there from Digha during the day. If you want, you can stay in hotels located over there.

The distance between Digha Bus Stand and Talsari is- 10 km.

5. Marine Aquarium and Regional Centre

The Marine Aquarium and Regional Centre in Digha are one of the best places to see over there. This site is usually flocked with tourists because of its massive collection of marine animals. With 8 freshwater tanks and 24 massive marine tanks, this site is well-equipped to provide a home for several different species of sea-water animals. When you will visit the site, you will find some local species of fishes and some rare breeds.

Best Place to Visit in Digha-Marine Aquarium and Regional Centre
Image Source
As these tanks are filled with a high-filtration seawater circulation system, the marine animals reside in this aquarium quite comfortably. Some of the most common species of marine life that you can witness in this region are horseshoe crab, sea snakes, butterflyfish, sea anemones, and others. As this center is pretty big, it would take you at least two hours to explore the entire region. Most people visit here in the afternoon between 2.30 and 4 pm.

  • Timings: 9.30 am to 6 pm. (This place is closed on Sunday).
  • The distance between Digha Bus Stand and Marine Aquarium and Regional Center is- 2 km.

6. Digha Mohona Watch Point

Located at the intersection of the Bay of Bengal and Champa river, the Digha Mohana Watchpoint is one of the most fascinating places to see in Digha. When you will visit there, you will clearly understand the difference between the two water bodies. The best time to explore the region is at dawn. Not only will you get to enjoy the tranquility of the region, but also you will get to see the fresh fishes that are caught by the fishermen at dawn. Another reason why most people go there in the early morning is that the sunrise in the region is mesmerizingly beautiful.

Amazing Place to Visit in Digha-Digha Mohona Watch Point
Image Source
The fish market located at the watchpoint is genuinely amazing. It is the center where fishermen sell the fishes caught by them. Many people buy delicious fishes like Hilsa or Bhetki from there. In case you are staying at a holiday inn that allows cooking, you must visit this watchpoint sometime to shop for some fresh fishes. If you do not have any shopping to do, then you can visit the region any other time in the day. At dawn, the Mohona area of Digha smells a lot and many people cannot tolerate the smell so early during the day.

The distance between Digha Bus Stand and Digha Mohona Watch Point is- 3.2 km.

7. Udaipur Beach

Located quite close to the heart of Digha, the Udaipur beach is becoming one of the most popular places to see over there. This site is situated pretty close to Talsari and it is a lot less crowded than the beaches in Digha. Like Talsari, this beach is also surrounded by palm and cashew trees. The calmness of the location makes it so great for many tourists. On this site, you will see many fishermen selling fresh fishes. This is another site where people shop for fishes in Digha.

Top Place to Visit in Digha-Udaipur Beach
Image Source
Even though Udaipur beach is not that popular in India, but it is far more beautiful than many noteworthy sea beaches in the country. There are many shacks located by the beach that serves delectable local cuisine. You can have a hearty meal over there while enjoying the majestic Bay of Bengal. Nowadays, tourists can take part in adventure sports while visiting Udaipur beach. Some of the activities that you can participate in our banana boat riding, bike riding, speed boat riding, and others. Many tourists love this site so much that they end up spending a night in the tourist complex over there. This site is especially great for those who are looking for a romantic getaway.

The distance between Digha Bus Stand and Udaipur Beach is- 5 km.

8. Old Digha Sea Beach

Old Digha Sea Beach is the heart of the town. It is the site where thousands of tourists love to spend some time. Even though many people might find this part of Digha a lot crowded, but it is the most popular site in the area. Throughout this beach, you will find several shops, road-side food stalls, and handicraft stores. If you want, you can shop to your heart’s content in the said shops.

Popular Place to Visit in Digha-Old Digha Sea Beach
Image Source
Now, the old Digha area has been completely renovated and that is why the entire area has become even more popular. Most temporary shops have been converted to permanent ones due to the recent changes. Many popular fast-food chains have opened their branches in this area of Digha. It is one of the best places to hang out in Digha. After sunset, the entire area is decorated with lights. Most people love to spend the evening in Digha by eating tasty food in the Old Digha sea beach.

The distance between Digha Bus Stand and Old Digha Sea Beach is- 2 km.

9. Digha Science Center and National Science Camp

With 3D theatres, galleries, light and sound shows, and other features, the Digha Science Center and national science camp is one of the most visited tourist places in Digha. If you have kids, this site will be a great place for you and your entire family to explore. Even if you do not have kids, you will find this site pretty interesting. There are so many facts about science that you will get to learn over there that you will be amazed.

 Famous Place to Visit in Digha-Digha Science Center and National Science Camp
Image Source
The 3 D show in the center is the most popular activity over there. Different science-related movies are shown in the theatre. If any of your family members studies in the West Bengal affiliated school, they will only have to pay INR 10 to enter this location.

  • Entry fees: INR 15.
  • Timings: 9 am to 7 pm.
  • The distance between Digha Bus Stand and Digha Science Center and National Science Camp is- 4 km.

All the sites included in this blog can be visited from any part of Digha by foot. Or else, you can hire an auto and explore these sites at your pace. There are some other interesting sites located over there that could not be mentioned including Shankarpur Beach, Biswa Bangla Gate, Watch Tower, and others. If you want to enjoy Digha comfortably, it will be better for you if you visit there between November and February.

Many people prefer the monsoon in Digha, but you will not be able to explore all the said places during this time. We hope by studying this blog, you learned a lot about Digha and you get to plan a great itinerary for your trip.

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