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7 Hill Stations in Nepal Perfect for Wanderlust Travelers

7 Hill Stations In Nepal Perfect For Wanderlust Travelers (2022)

Being home to the highest mountain peak in the world, it is quite natural that Nepal would have some of the most beautiful hill stations as well. You might even have heard about most of these destinations as they are not typically touristy. Most of these sites are hidden amid the mesmerizing beauty of the Himalayas. The panoramic views offered by these sites make them excellent spots for spending some time in nature. By visiting these hill stations, tourists across the globe get the much-needed break from their monotonous lives for a few days.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the most beautiful hill stations in Nepal. If you love mountains and adventure, visiting any one of these sites will be a great idea for you. Even though the altitude of Mount Everest is 8848 meters, none of these hill stations are above 2500 meters. Their nominal heights make them perfect for exploration. You will get to spend some marvelous time in the lap of the Himalayas by going to these sites.

Apart from panoramic views, these places are great for partaking in some adventurous activities. If you love to get some adrenaline pumping in your veins, you can easily participate in amazing activities like trekking, paragliding, bungee jumping, etc. Many tourists in Nepal love staying in hill stations during the summer months. Even though spending a few days in the beautiful mountains amid the chilly weather is tempting, exploring the hill stations of Nepal in the winter months can also be amazing.

Many of the Nepal hill stations experience snowfalls during the winter months. Skiing and snowboarding are quite common sports that people participate in while visiting the hill stations in the magical land-locked country. Most of the destinations can be reached by Kathmandu. You can avail of public transportation in Nepal or hire a car to explore the sites.

Without spending any more time on logistics, let us venture into the majestic hill stations of Nepal right now.

7 Hill Stations in Nepal Perfect for Wanderlust Travelers

The places mentioned in the following part of this blog are visited by travelers from all across the globe. As these sites are not massive tourist spots, getting hotel reservations on-spot might be tricky, that is why try booking your accommodations in any of the sites mentioned below in advance.

1. Daman

While listing the hill stations in Nepal, Daman’s name comes on top because of its majestic natural beauty. Located on Tribhubhan Highway, this quaint little town can be reached pretty easily from Kathmandu. This town is situated in the Thaha municipality area of Nepal and has undoubtedly the best scenic views in Nepal.

Despite being located at a height of 2322 meters, the view offered by Daman is unparalleled. From this town, you will get a crystal-clear view of the spellbinding Mount Everest as well as Mount Dhaulagiri. You will seldom get to see such a pristine view from anywhere else in the world that you will see in Daman.

By visiting there in summer or winter, you will get an unhindered and unfiltered view of the Himalayas. The site of the snow-capped peaks amid the beautiful skyline of Daman will stay in your mind till the day you die. One of the strangest facts about this area is that, despite having some of the most beautiful views in the world, this amazing town has significantly lower tourists.

The lack of tourists might be one of the crucial reasons behind this town’s allure and cleanliness. While exploring Daman, do not forget to hike around its lush green forests.

Places To See: Shree Rikheshwar Mahadev Temple, and Mountain Botanical Garden.

Distance from Kathmandu: 77 km.

2. Nagarkot

After talking about one of the quaintest hill stations in Nepal, let us talk about one of the most popular hill stations in the country. Apart from Pokhara, Nagarkot is certainly the most popular destination in Nepal for those who love the vastness and wilderness of nature. Located extremely close to Kathmandu, tourists across the globe visit this site throughout the year.

At an altitude of 2000 meters, Nagarkot is a fantastic destination to get a phenomenal view of the Himalayas in the world. It is one of the few places in the world from where you can witness 8 out of 13 major mountain peaks of the Himalayas. The best part about Nagarkot is that you will not even have to hike a long distance to get these magnificent views. By simply glancing at your hotel windows, you will get to see the majestic views of the grand peaks.

Some of the major mountain peaks that you will see from Nagarkot include Rolwaling, Numbur, Jugal, Everest, Langtang, Annapurna, etc. Nagarkot’s beauty is genuinely unparalleled. By spending a few days in this gorgeous village, you will certainly get rejuvenated. Apart from the spectacular panoramic views, Nagarkot offers tourists to partake in some of the most adventurous activities in their lives.

If you go there, do not forget to take part in paragliding and trekking. Many agencies in the town offer tourists the package to witness Everest while paragliding. Participating in this activity is certainly one of the most exciting that will ever happen in your life.

Places To See: Changu Narayan Temple, Nagarkot Buddha Peace Park, Kailashnath Mahadev Statue, etc.

Distance from Kathmandu: 28 km.

3. Dhulikhel

Apart from Nagarkot, Dhulikhel is another hill station that is located quite close to Kathmandu. Being part of the Kathmandu valley, tourists travel to Dhulikhel within one hour from the capital of Nepal. With a height of only 1550 meters, the climate of this town is quite favorable. Even in the winters, you will get to explore this site without trouble.

The difference between Nagarkot and Dhulikhel is that this hamlet is genuinely quaint and devoid of massive tourist crowds, unlike Nagarkot. If you love to witness majestic views amid the vast wilderness, then visiting Dhulikhel is a great idea for you. The panoramic views of the Himalayas that you will see from Dhulikhel are quite picturesque. Some of the peaks that you will witness in Dhulikhel include Dorje Lakpa, Numbur, Gauri Shankar, and Langtang Lirung.

The snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas can be enjoyed in a much more pleasant way in Dhulikhel than in any other site of Nepal. Many wanderlust travelers prefer staying in Dhulikhel for multiple days. This site is quite close to Namobuddha, one of the major tourist places in Nepal. If you want you can hike to Namobuddha.

It will not take you more than two to three hours to trek to Namobuddha from Dhulikhel. Even though Dhulikhel is a quaint Nepali town in the middle of nowhere, stay vigilant while exploring it. Many tourists have encountered robbery and theft while staying there.

Places To See: Old Newari houses, Harisiddhi temple, Narayan temple, Bhagwati temple, Gaukhureshwor temple, etc.

Distance from Kathmandu: 32 km.

4. Pokhara

Commonly known as the ‘Tourist capital of Nepal,’ Pokhara is a must-visit site in the country. Not only among hill stations but all the tourist destinations in Nepal, Pokhara is certainly the most loved one. Even though Pokhara’s height is only 900 meters, the views that tourists get to see from this city are phenomenal.

One of the main reasons why people love Pokhara so much is that, apart from being naturally beautiful, this town is immensely vibrant. With shops, cafes, pubs, restaurants, Pokhara is not like most hill stations in Nepal. Even though this town can get crowded and rowdy in peak seasons, but its charm cannot be denied.

There are so many lakes in Pokhara, that it has exceedingly become a boater’s paradise. Many people love spending their time in Pokhara by simply paddling on the beautiful Phewa lake in the city. If you love river rafting, Pokhara is the best place to visit for you. As the tributaries of Gandaki and Seti are located there, most river rafting trips start from Pokhara.

Most treks towards the Annapurna base camp also start from this magnificent city. You will even find shops selling trekking equipment throughout Pokhara. Apart from river rafting, paragliding is another adventure sport that tourists love to participate in the town. While staying there, you can partake in the activity to genuinely explore the beauty of Nepal.

Places To See: Sarangkot, Annapurna Circuit, Davis Falls, Phewa lake, Gupteshwor Mahadev Temple, and many more.

Distance from Kathmandu: 200 km.

5. Chitlang

Chitlang is one of the most underrated hill stations in Nepal. Calling it a hill station is technically wrong, as Chitlang is an organic eco-village that is slowly becoming quite popular among nature lovers. Unlike Daman, Dhulikhel, or Nagarkot, the mountain peaks visible from Chitlang do not belong to the Himalayas. Rather, they belong to Chandragiri hills.

The lush greenery of this village will transport you to another world. It is a well-known fact that many writers and poets visit Chitlang to get inspired by its beauty. Chitlang is quite famous in Nepal as it is home to the widest man-made lake in the country. The lake is known as Indra Sarovar and helps in creating one of the most beautiful sceneries in Chitlang. Many people love hiking to the nearby villages in the town. By hiking for three to three and a half hours, you will reach the Markhu and Kulekhani villages.

While exploring Chitlang, do not forget to visit Bhedafaram. Bhedafaram is quite famous in Nepal. It is supposed to be the largest ground in the country. An interesting fact about this region is that many music videos and movie songs have been shot over there.

Places To See: Shikhardham, Satdhara, Bhedafaram, Kukekhani, Markhu, etc.

Distance from Kathmandu: 25 km.

6. Gorkha

Gorkha is one of the most famous tourist spots in Nepal and it is located at an altitude of 1000 meters. This magnificent town allows tourists to witness the spectacular views of the Himalayas like other hill stations in Nepal. Most trekkers visit this region to start the Manaslu circuit. Manaslu is one of the most popular places to hike in Nepal.

Apart from the Annapurna circuit, Manaslu is the second most popular trekking circuit in the country. You can easily start your trekking expedition from Gorkha. Apart from natural beauty and trekking starting points, Gorkha has a rich historical significance. You can see its evidence in the Durbar area of the town.

The Durbar Square is one of the most significant places in Gorkha as it allows tourists to experience the historical days of the village amid the surrounding beauty of the grand mountains. You will be surprised to know that Gorkha was the birthplace of Prithvi Narayan Shah, the foremost ruler of Nepal. He spent a huge part of his childhood in the palace of Durbar.

From Gorkha Durbar, you will get to witness the spectacular views of Mount Manaslu, Annapurna, Himalchuli, and Ganesh Himal. There are many temples located throughout Gorkha that you will have a great time exploring.

Places To See: Mahadeva temple, Bhimsen temple, Gorkha Durbar, Manakamana temple, etc.

Distance from Kathmandu: 142 km.

7. Jomsom

Last, but not least, Jomsom is another hill station that tourists love to explore in Nepal. This village is perched at an altitude of 2700 meters and is quite famous for having the deepest gorge in the world. Due to its high altitude, the climate in Jomsom is not that comfortable. If you plan on visiting there, avoid the winter season as it gets completely covered in snow.

Most people go to Jomsom to commence the Kali-Gandaki river valley trek. This trek is one of the most participated and famous treks in Nepal. As Jomsom is the starting point of the hike, you will find several shops located over there selling tourists the essential items.

The beautiful town allows you to experience rustic Nepal. You will have to stay in the homestays while visiting Jomsom. Staying with the locals will offer you a new outlook towards like. Apart from the Kali-Gandaki trek, there are many places to see in Jomsom that you can explore within a day or two. There is an airport in the town that you can use to travel there. Some adventure enthusiasts prefer trekking to the town from Beni.

Places To See: Dhumba lake, Leopard Cave, Muktinath temple, Jomsom view tower, Rupse Falls, etc.

Distance from Kathmandu: 356 km.

The hill stations in Nepal are pretty different from anywhere else in the world. Nowhere on earth will you get to see such majestic views. The towns that have been mentioned in this blog are some of the most spectacular places in Nepal. We hope, by reading this blog, you get to decide on the hill station that you want to visit for your upcoming vacation.

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