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Visit Jomsom in Nepal: The Breathtakingly Beautiful Town

Visit Jomsom in Nepal: The Breathtakingly Beautiful Town (2023)

Located in the Mustang district of Nepal, Jomsom is a breathtakingly beautiful town. As this site is located by the Dhawalagiri and Nilgiri mountains’ foothills, its beauty is genuinely unparalleled. According to the local Nepalese dialect, this town’s name is Dzong-Sampa. Dzong-Sampa in English translates to New Fort. By seeing this village right now, you will not guess about its historical past. Once upon a time, the King of Thini constructed a fort in Jomsom to surveil Nepal and Tibet’s trade route. Apart from traders, pilgrims used to hike through Jomsom to visit Muktinath. Even now, many tourists and Hindu and Buddhist devotees visit Muktinath after spending some days in Jomsom.

Even though Jomsom is located at an altitude of 8,900 feet, it gets ample snow during the winter months. During the winter season, some tourists visit there to experience the magical beauty of the town covered in snow. Jomsom’s beauty lies in its surrounding mountain ranges and the mesmerizing Kali Gandaki river flowing through it. Throughout this town, you will get to see the flowing river. The black stones of the waterbody make it look immensely ethereal.

Dhawalagiri Mountains in Jomsom, Nepal

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There are many trekking trails available from this. That is why it has become a trekker’s paradise in the past few years. From Jomsom, hikers visit Lomanthang, one of the most intriguing and hidden areas in the Mustang district. Other major circuits covered from Jomsom include Annapurna Circuit, Dhwalagiri Circuit, and Upper Dolpo Circuit. This town falls under the Annapurna circuit trek. Being such a major attraction for tourists, this town is full of amenities that help them stay there for a few days. In this blog, we will provide you with all the important details that would help you plan the perfect trip to Jomsom quite effortlessly. So, let us venture into the majestic ambiance of Jomsom right now!

Must-Do Things in Jomsom

Jomsom might be quaint, but the things one can do in this tiny hamlet are quite adrenaline-infusing. Some of the most popular things to do in Jomsom are provided below.

1. Rock Climbing

The nearby surrounding hills in Jomsom are perfect for rock climbing. Throughout the year, several adventure lover tourists partake in this activity in this seemingly peaceful village. Mountaineers often climb the vertical hills of Jomsom. A major reason why this spot has become quite popular among rock climbers is that it has barren mountains. Devoid of any trees, these hills offer tourists the opportunity of rock climbing safely. Even if you are not an expert rock climber, you can try your hands at this activity while visiting Jomsom.

2. Mountain Biking

The barren and dry hills of Jomsom have become a major spot for mountain biking in Nepal for the past few years. In other Nepal sites, the trees and dense forest create hindrance if pursuing activities like cycling or mountain biking. But in Jomsom, the lack of trees makes it a great site for mountain biking. If you are a biker, you must partake in this activity. The activity will not only offer you a much-needed dosage of adrenaline in your life, but it will allow you to explore the region quite uniquely. Most mountain bikers prefer to bike by the Kali Gandaki river. You will have one of the best times of your life by participating in this great activity.

3. Shopping for Apples

Throughout the entirety of the Mustang district in Nepal, apple trees can be found quite abundantly. Jomsom being part of Mustang, is also blessed with a lot of apple trees. That is why shopping for apples, or apple-related products, is one of the most fun and popular things to do in Jomsom. Throughout this village, you will find different shops that sell fresh and dried apples. Many hotels in this area even sell apple jams, brandy and juices. There is a bakery in this hamlet that is especially famous for its apple-related bakery goods.

4. Hiking

Jomsom is the perfect place for partaking in different hiking expeditions. Most places surrounding this village can be reached by hiking. Some of the major sites you can hike from Jomsom include Marpha, Kagbheni, Dhumba Lake, etc. You will love spending some time in these sites near Jomsom as they are both culturally and historically enriched.

Most Popular Places to Visit Near Jomsom

There are many sites located near Jomsom that can be reached within a few hours. You can visit there by car, or you can trek there according to your preference. Some of the most beautiful sites near Jomsom are provided below.

1. Dhumba Lake

Located only 5.5 km from Jomsom, Dhumba lake is one of Nepal’s most notable and spectacular places. The rocky terrain amid the lush greenery of the pine forest surrounding this lake makes it a fantastic spot for having a picnic with your loved ones. Most people prefer to get to this lake by hiking from Jomsom. The entire route from the village to the lake is mesmerizing in every way. This lake is located pretty close to the Thini village. While exploring the lake, do not forget to spend some time in the beautiful and quaint rural village. After hiking for a few hours from Jomsom, you will love spending some moments of solitude by relaxing by Dhumba lake.

2. Marpha and Kagbeni

Marpha and Kagbeni are two of the most beautiful settlements located in Mustang. You can reach either of them by hiking for two hours. Many people visit there by car. You will get there within thirty minutes by car. Both of these villages are extremely beautiful. Marpha is a great site to experience the ancient Thakali community. You will be genuinely intrigued by the strange architecture that most of the houses in this village have. The beauty of this town will truly mesmerize you.

Kagbeni is extremely spectacular as well. As this settlement is located by the Jhong and Kaligandaki rivers, you will get to enjoy them throughout the region. The beauty of this town is amplified even more by these beautiful rivers. Even if you are not an experienced hiker, you will have no difficulty in reaching these villages.

3. Mustang Eco-Museum

If you genuinely want to know about the Mustang district of Nepal’s traditions and cultures, visiting the Eco-Museum is a great idea for you. This museum is one of the most popular places to see in Jomsom. In this building, you will get to know about the Tibetan influence over Mustang. You will notice some relics from Tibet in the museum that belong to the year 800 BC. Apart from the relics, you will witness many ceramic vessels, pendants, and many more artifacts that directly speak to the area’s ancient history. As this site is located pretty close to the bus stop in Jomsom, reaching it is quite easy.

Entry Timing: 8 am to 5 pm.

Entry Fee: INR 50.

Best Ways to Reach Jomsom

There are three main ways through which you can visit Jomsom. They are explained in detail in the following part of the guide.

By Flight

Despite being located at an altitude of more than 8500 feet, Jomsom has an airport that offers frequent flights from Pokhara. The distance between Pokhara and Jomsom is 155 km, and the flight only takes twenty minutes to get you to your destination. Major domestic airlines in the country, including Nepal Airlines, Tara Air, Sita Air, and Summit air, offer daily morning flights to Jomsom. Apart from getting to this town quickly, these flights allow tourists to get a bird’s eye view of some of the world’s major mountain peaks. From your flight to Jomsom, you will get to see Tukuche, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri Central, Annapurna, and others quite vividly. Taking this flight from Pokhara might be costly, but it will be one of the most memorable events of your life. The one-way flight from Pokhara to Jomsom costs INR 5500.

By Road

From Pokhara, you will get several rented cars or jeeps and buses that will take you to Jomsom. The entire journey will not take you more than six and a half hours. If you avail a car to get to Jomsom, you will have to travel through the newly-built road that is not that safe. Many times a year, this particular road encounters landslides. Usually, people rent a jeep to visit Muktinath while visiting Jomsom. Tourists tend to book the jeep for two to three days. The entire cost of hiring the jeep for two days is around INR 20,000. You can bring seven of your close ones to this trip. If you plan to avail of a bus to reach Jomsom from Pokhara, you should know that it would cost you approximately INR 700 per head. These buses are available from 7 am to 4 pm daily.

By Foot

As you already know, Jomsom lies on the famous Annapurna circuit trek, and it is quite natural that many people would consider trekking there from Pokhara. Now, trekkers avail themselves of the ACAP trail from Pokhara to travel to the town. You will encounter other beautiful sites along the route to Jomsom, including Poon Hill, Ghasa, Ghorepani, and others. Usually, trekkers take around six days to hike to Jomsom from Pokhara.

Perfect Months to Visit Jomsom

During the entire year, Jomsom’s climate varies vastly. That is why there are specific months when you will be able to get there. The perfect time for visiting this spectacular village depends on the tourist. If you plan on trekking in and around Jomsom, it would be better for you if you go there between April. Many people consider April to be the best month of exploring Jomsom as the town’s weather during this month is ideal for trekking. Moreover, the region’s clear skyline during April allows you to get a crystal-clear view of the surrounding.

Apart from April, many tourists consider October and November to be the best months for visiting Jomsom. The climate of this region during these months is impeccable. As the town will be devoid of any rainfall, exploring its nook and corners will be pretty easy during these months.

You can visit Jomsom between January and March as well if you love snow. During these months, you will encounter snowfall; even though you will not be able to trek to its surrounding areas that easily in the winter months, you will get to enjoy the unparalleled natural beauty of the majestic town of Jomsom.

Best Places to Stay in Jomsom

There are several hotels and homestays located in Jomsom that are perfect for spending a few days. Some of the most popular ones are provided below:

Hotel Om’s Home

Hotel Om’s Home is a beautiful property located in the beautiful Jomsom. Located right beside the popular Himalayan Java Café in the town, this hotel is run by a resident of Jomsom. All the rooms available on this property are quite comfortable. As this property has its in-house restaurant, you will get to enjoy delicious Nepal and Indian cuisine while staying there. The staff of this hotel is extremely courteous. You will have a great stay in Home Om’s Home while exploring Jomsom.

Address: Jomsom, Marpha, Puthan, Jomsom 33100, Nepal.

Phone Number:+977 69-440042

Website: http://omshomejomsom.com/

Price of a room per night: INR 4200.

Red House Lodge

Located in the majestic Kagbeni, the Red House Lodge is a fantastic property to spend a few days amid the surreal beauty of Mustang. With a bar and an in-house restaurant, this lodge is entirely self-sufficient. One of the best things about this property is that it offers free wi-fi to all of its guests. The open-air terrace of Kagbeni allows guests to soak in the surrounding beauty of Jomsom even more. If you stay there for a few days, you will genuinely get a new perspective on life.

Address: Kagbeni 33100, Nepal.

Phone Number: Not available.

Website: http://www.redhouselodge.com/

Price of a room per night: INR 5800.

Jomsom is an exceptional Nepal town that is full of wonder and majestic beauty. If you go there, try staying there for at least three days. Even if you are not planning on going on a hike, visit Jomsom to enjoy its ethereal beauty. As this town is an underrated place in Nepal, finding information regarding it might be difficult for you. That is why we have tried including all the necessary information that you would require to plan a trip there. So, we hope you get answers to all of your questions regarding Jomsom by reading this blog.

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