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The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore - Top Luxury Hotel in Singapore

Top 3 Luxury, 3 Mid-range, and 3 Budget Hotels in Singapore for a Comfortable Stay (2024)

With Singapore being among the top-most visited cities for both business and pleasure, it is no wonder that they have some of the best hotels in the world. Whether you are in the mood to splurge or save some bucks on your stay, this vibrant city has a lot to offer. If you are planning to visit Singapore, then you must have a list of their best hotel options so that you can choose the one which suits your budget and needs. Here is a list of some of the most amazing and money-worthy luxury, mid-range, and budget hotels in Singapore.

Top 3 Luxury Hotels in Singapore

1. The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore

One name which comes to mind when you talk about luxurious and opulent stay in Singapore is the Capitol Kempinski Hotel. Located in the center of the civic district in Singapore, this luxury hotel is perfect for architectural lovers as well who will definitely fall in love with its 1930s neoclassical style Capitol Building and the 1904s Venetian renaissance style Stamford House. Needless to say, you will have access to all the required amenities.The Capitol Kempinski Hotel - Top Luxury Hotel in Singapore

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Also, do not miss out on the opportunity to satisfy your food cravings at their various restaurants such as the 15 Stamford by Alvin Leung or Freida which is popular for its German cuisine. Some of the popular tourist attractions around the hotel include Singapore Art Museum and National Gallery Singapore.

Address: 15 Stamford Road, Singapore

Cost Per Night: INR 21,000 onwards

Website: https://www.kempinski.com/en/singapore/the-capitol-singapore/

Phone Number: +65 6368 8888

2. The St. Regis Singapore

Imagine having a round-the-clock personal butler to attend to all your needs! Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Well, this is what you are in store for at the stunning St. Regis hotel in Singapore. Located in one of Singapore city’s primary shopping district, this hotel is the epitome of luxury. From being picked up from the Changi Airport in a chauffeur-driven car to having the best room at your disposal where you can indulge in a luxurious bubble bath – this hotel is the place to stay in Singapore. If you do not mind shelling out some extra money, then you should book their Presidential Suite which comes with a fully-stocked bar, private gym, crystal chandeliers, jacuzzi, steam chamber, and more!

Top Luxury Hotel in Singapore-The St. Regis SingaporeImage Source

Address: 29 Tanglin Road Orchard, Singapore

Cost Per Night: INR 25,000 onwards

Website: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/sinxr-the-st-regis-singapore/

Phone Number: +65 6506 6888

3. Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands is not just a tourist attraction place but also one of the most luxurious hotels to stay in Singapore. With a view of the South China Sea, this hotel has become immensely popular not just in Singapore, but throughout the world. There are three cascading hotel towers with theaters, nightclubs, celebrity chef restaurants, floating crystal pavilions, and more. For the ultimate experience, you should book their Chairman Suite which covers an area of 600 square meters and will offer you the most stunning views of the city from its floor to ceiling windows. With four huge bathrooms, luxurious bedrooms, and private balconies, it is the perfect place for you to entertain your guests as well.

Top Luxury Hotel in Singapore-Marina Bay SandsImage Source

Address: 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore

Cost Per Night: INR 27,000 onwards

Website: https://www.marinabaysands.com/

Phone Number: 00 65 6688 8888

Top 3 Mid-Range Hotels in Singapore

1. Bliss Hotel Singapore

This is a Chinese-themed boutique hotel which is perfect for couples as well as family. You can choose from their 42 elegant rooms which have a contemporary design with all the required amenities and comfort. Whether you are in Singapore for business or pleasure, the Bliss Hotel is one of the best options in the mid-range hotels. It has a number of tourist attractions near by such as Chinatown. They are completely customer-friendly and provide amazing services.

Top Mid-Range Hotel in Singapore-Bliss Hotel SingaporeImage Source

Address: 62 Upper Cross Street Bliss Hotel, Singapore

Cost Per Night: INR 5,000 onwards

Website: https://www.blisshotel.com.sg/

Phone Number: +65 6438 1088

2. Keong Saik Hotel

The Keong Saik Hotel describes itself as an old-world hotel with all the modern comforts. If you are looking for a hotel which provides comfort, convenience, and value for money, then Keong Saik is your best bet. Along with all the basic amenities such as air conditioned rooms, free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, etc., this mid-range hotel is also close to various attractions such as the Marina Bay Sands Skypark, Orachard Road, Merlion Park, Chinatown in Singapore. It also has a number of restaurants nearby which can satisfy your food cravings.

Top Mid-Range Hotel in Singapore-Keong Saik HotelImage Source

Address: 69 Keong Saik Road, Singapore

Cost Per Night: INR 6,000 onwards

Website: http://www.keongsaikhotel.com.sg/

Phone Number: +65 6224 0660

3. Hotel Yan

Hotel Yan is one of the most recommended mid-range hotels in Singapore. It is a relatively newer hotel in the market but already enjoys a steady stream of loyal customers. Unlike the other hotels which have a more traditional look and feel, Hotel Yan has more chic look which looks classy. You can choose from their various room options such as Single Loft, Premium Double, Superior Double with Balcony View, Superior Twin with Balcony View, Deluxe Double with Balcony View, Deluxe Twin/King, or Luxury Suite. Another reason why this is an ideal choice for tourists is because of its proximity to various tourist attractions, shopping centers, and popular restaurants.

Top Mid-Range Hotel in Singapore-Hotel YanImage Source

Address: 162 Tyrwhitt Road Hotel Yan, Singapore

Cost Per Night: INR 7,000 onwards

Website: https://www.hotel-yan.com/

Phone Number: +65 6805 1955

Top 3 Budget Hotels in Singapore

1. Wink Capsule Hotel

The Wink Capsule Hotel is one of the best budget-friendly hotels in Singapore. They have custom pods in unique designs which offers sufficient space to the guests. It is situated close to the Chinatown Mass Rapid Transit, which is a public transportation system, making it easier for you to get around the city. It offers sufficient safety with its secure tap card system and you can avail all the necessary amenities like showers and toilets, internet stations, laundry, café, etc. There also a number of options with regards to restaurants and nightlife.

Top Budget Hotel in Singapore-Wink Capsule HotelImage Source

Address: Chinatown Heritage Center

Cost Per Night: INR 2,200 onwards

Website: https://wink-chinatown.business.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral

Phone Number: +65 6222 2940

2. Bond Boutique Capsule Hotel at Bugis

Located in the heart of Bugis, this boutique capsule hotel is the perfect choice for budget-friendly travelers. Take advantage of their futuristic-styled capsules pods which is located close to the Bugis MRT station. Some of the popular tourist destinations that you can visit include Bugis Village, Malay Heritage Centre & National Design Center, Arab Street, Marina Bay Sand, Singapore Flyer, Merlion, etc. Apart from the basic amenities, you will also be offered complimentary breakfast, complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi, etc.

Top Budget Hotel in Singapore-Bond Boutique Capsule Hotel at BugisImage Source

Address: 7A Jalan Pinang, Singapore

Cost Per Night: INR 2,400 onwards

Website: http://www.bondcapsulehotel.com/

Phone Number: +65 6299 5975

3. Footprints Hostel

Another budget friendly hotel that you can take advantage of during your Singapore trip is the Footprints Hostel which is located right in the center of Little India, the Indian community staying in Singapore. This hostel gives of a very cozy, friendly, and relaxed vibe and is a great place to chill and relax. The location of this hostel provides you ample opportunities to shop as the area is filled with culturally-rich shops and is perfect for you to practice your bargaining skills. You will also have nod earth of options when it comes to eating out as there are a number of eateries around the hostel.

Top Budget Hotel in Singapore-Footprints HostelImage Source

Address: 25A Perak Road Perak Court, Singapore

Cost Per Night: INR 1,600 onwards

Website: http://www.footprintshostel.com.sg/

Phone Number: +65 6295 5134

Now that you have this perfect list of the best luxury, mid-range, and budget hotels in Singapore, list down your preference and choose the one that suits your needs and budget the best for your Singapore trip.

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