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The Literature Temple - Best Attractions of Hanoi

Dive into the Beauty of the 9 Best Attractions of Hanoi, the Vietnamese Capital City (2024)

Immerse yourself into the happening streets of Hanoi and catch Vietnamese life’s essence. The nation’s capital is a new financial base, but remains firmly attached to western culture and is a showcase of Vietnam’s traditional and modern past. The old quarter is full of street shopping and cultural dip into Vietnam; the cafés and restaurants are lively and trendy. The only way they can be a thrilling adventure is to be a part of the moving traffic and the chaotic road crossing in the city. Hanoi has many places to visit where you can leap in for some peace when the crowds get down.

Dive into the Beauty of the 9 Best Attractions of Hanoi, the Vietnamese Capital City

1. The Literature Temple

Introduced as a university, this beautiful spot was constructed in the 11th Century and is now one of Hanoi’s best tourist destinations. The Temple is considered a tribute to the scholars of the country. Ages ago, the concept of Confucianism was studied at this place, and also Literature was taught to the students whose names are still engraved on the pillars. It is believed to be the first Vietnamese University of History, so don’t forget to add this destination to your list of Best Attractions of Hanoi.

The Literature Temple - Best Attractions of Hanoi

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The Temple was constructed to recreate the birthplace of Confucius, with five courtyards and numerous temples and several other complexes in the sprawling premises. The stone carvings of Physicians, a collection of over 100 sculpted blue stone turtles honoring the names of all passing candidates of the royal exams, are of particular significance.

2. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Tourists wouldn’t want to miss seeing Ho Chi Minh’s remains, conserved at this spot. There are other forms of limitations here, such as the dress code, silence, and discipline. The tourists must be dressed in a certain decent manner and must put their hands in the pocket while not crossing arms. Besides, there is no smoking, alcohol, or food allowed inside the mausoleum. Safety is tight, and guests will be asked to put their cameras and bags out of the building. Visitors cannot stop walking while in the queue as the place is always crowded, and the line must go on. The remains of Uncle Ho are sent to Russia every year for maintenance, which certainly means the mausoleum is normally closed from October for a little while.

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3. Hoa La Prison Museum

Initially designed by the French to detain Vietnamese government inmates, the Hoa Lo Jail, named Hanoi Hilton by American Prisoners of War. Earlier in the Vietnam War, the Army used the jail to hold war prisoners. Some of the other war prisoners who were held in this facility were some well-known men, Senator John McCain and James Stockdale. The other part of this building was converted into a museum which is now a popular tourist destination in Hanoi. 2/3rd of the complex was demolished and replaced by Hanoi Towers.

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4. Water Puppet Theatre

Without stopping by this destination and enjoying a show of the world’s famous ancient water puppet show art, no journey will be made. The perfect location among the Best attraction of Hanoi for witnessing this performance is Hanoi’s Water Puppet Theatre in the very heart of the town. Capture a puppet performance in a flooded paddy full of fireworks, music, and a very few imaginary creatures. The shows tell you the folk tales and farming tales and Vietnamese myths. In rural Vietnam, these performances started when rice grounds flooded in the monsoons, and local people used to dance to amuse themselves with puppets on the mud.

Best Attractions of Hanoi, the Vietnamese Capital City-Water Puppet Theatre

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The displays of Hanoi’s watermarionettes are a perfect way for you to end your day and experience traditional Vietnamese art and entertainment. Performances typically portray, with the help of a live band using traditional Vietnamese tools, stories revolving around well-known local myths. Hanoi is an excellent place for such cultural activities to be explored. This theatre displays the best of its traditional legacies with five shows a day at the municipal Water Puppet theater.

5. Hoan Kiem Lake

Believed to be a mystical body of water, Lake Hoan Kiem is a famous-most lake in Hanoi. Tourists and locals enjoy wandering around here, taking long, soothing walks in the absence of noise as there are no vehicles here. The place is well-known as Turtle Lake as it is believed that a Vietnamese legend Turtle swims here. The lake name means “The Lake of the Returning Sword” by the English version. It is one of the oldest locations in the world with significant historical background. Any soft tortoises can easily be seen, swimming in the lake and having a lovely view for years. The lake was called Luc Thuy, which in English stands for green water. It was the lake’s former name because the water was green.

Hoan Kiem Lake A Mamous Lake in HanoiImage Source

6. Old Quarter and Dong Xuan Market

The old quarter is a mix of traditional and modern narrow roads wrapped around ancient brick houses, surrounded by modern motorcycles and street vendors. Hanoi city is a mixture of Colonial French architecture and ancient temples on Lake Hoan Kiem’s bank. In Hanoi, from temples to the water puppet show to its street market, it’s a hub for many attractions. The streets around the market are named for the form of items that were once sold along its slopes.

Old Quarter and Dong Xuan Market in HanoiImage Source

Vietnam’s capital city is the most visited by those who love walking down the old town center’s streets. The cultural heartbeat of the town is this quarter of alleyways, which has an ancient past. The unusual structure of the medieval period has succeeded in capturing the new buzzing motorcycle hub, street vendors, and lively shopping. This happening area has a lot of diversified shop architecture, where traditionally traders would live in long, but narrow two-story dwellings over their shopping streets.

It is a substantial checkout area if you are looking to go shopping in Hanoi. The Xuan Dong market has a 3-story mall that contains goods of various types. It is one of the best locations for visitors looking to buy souvenirs because many different items are available at a reasonable price. But to get a decent deal, you have to negotiate here.

7. West Lake

It is a popular spot for visitors as well as Hanoi’s people. This is where affluent Hanoi’s high-end houses reside and include numerous hotels, restaurants, and luxury shops. For thousands of years, it has been a famous place to visit and houses one of Hanoi’s four holiest temples and the oldest pagoda. It is situated on an island in the heart of the lake from the sixth Century on this pagoda. The board walking activities here, boating, sightseeing, and shopping are frequent and worth a trip. West Lake is an ideal location for most travelers, where they can enjoy magnificent views of the new Hanoi and have a fresh meal at one of the many waterfront cafes. West Lake is located on Thuy Khue Road.

Best Attractions of Hanoi, the Vietnamese Capital City-West Lake

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8. Train Street

There is a fascinating transitway called “Train Street,” hidden in the Old City’s narrow alleys. Situated in the Old Quarter between Duan and Kham Tien Lane, on a narrow passageway through residential houses, the area is surrounded by several connecting train lines. The unpretentious train routes are almost lost underneath the layers of regular activities of the people living around there. Twice a day, tracks are cleared, and the kids are pushed into the houses for the bullet train to pass through the narrow alleyway. You will be thrilled when you click on the wall to create only inches of space between you and the fast train if you are fortunate enough to get around during that time.

Train Street-Best Attractions of Hanoi, Vietnamese Capital City

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9. Presidential Palace

Behind the mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh is a modest building, and Ho Chi Minh has been believed to have lived here in the 1960s, though some say it’d be too risky for him in the war to reside here. A traditionally rural house interpretation was maintained just as Ho left it. The building was maintained even after him. It is situated in an elegant garden beside a pond. It shares grounds with the presidential Palace, which was built in the early 1900s by the French governor of the Indochine colony. The Palace is now open to the public for evening receptions.

Best Attractions of Hanoi, the Vietnamese Capital City-Presidential Palace

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This Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, used to be the headquarters of the communist Army of North Vietnam. Hanoi is the most visited, located in Ho Chi Minh City, and formerly called Saigon, which today is a beautiful escape, so don’t forget to include it in your list of Best attractions of Hanoi. The north is lengthy, with the sharp Rocky Mountains with waterfalls while the south is full of palm trees and beaches, warm, smart water embedded in farmland, and a community that is so special and beautiful. A visit to Hanoi provides a fascinating mix of East and West for travelers.

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