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Duheita Store - Top Place to Shop in Cuttack

Top Places to Shop in Cuttack & What To Buy (2024)

Top Places to Shop in Cuttack & What To Buy

Cuttack is an excellent commercial center in Odisha. Tourists from all over the World visit Cuttack for its exclusive tourist attractions and shopping. Cuttack is famous for its silver filigree, handicrafts, and exquisite handlooms that are sold in various markets, shops, and malls.

In ancient times, Odisha was popular as the exporter of quality textiles to various parts of the World. This art is one that is continuing even in the present times. The handloom sarees are produced in the districts of Sambalpur and Sonepur and are widely known as Sambalpuri and Sonepuri-style of handloom fabric. These sarees comprise of both cotton and silk. There are shopping places like the Duheita Store and Boyanika where you get these exclusive handloom sarees along with various other types and styles of sarees and other apparel in Cuttack.

Apart from handlooms, Cuttack is popular for its Silver Filigree or ‘Tarakashi” works. So, if you are wondering what to buy in Cuttack then this is the one that you should try shopping. Cuttack is known to produce one of the most beautiful silver crafts. There are ornaments, such as ear pendants, necklaces, anklets, brooches, bangles, hairpins, and jewelry worn by Odissi dancers, which are manufactured using silver in Cuttack. You can also find exquisite showpieces, Puja items, and utensils, which can be found in markets of the Cuttack city. You can find silver filigree or “Tarakashi” works in various places like Nayasadak, Tulsipur market area, and many other places in the City.

You can also purchase beautiful handicrafts bearing a tradition that is century old and talks about a vibrant culture. There are lots of variants, such as Stone arts, Wooden Paintings, Applique arts, Dhokra, wooden carvings, Paper Maiche Masks, Dhokra, and Patta paintings available in various markets of Cuttack.

There are also various malls, markets, Bazaars, and shopping places, like Big Bazaar, Naya Bazaars, Choudhry Bazaar, Nini Mall, Vishal Mega Mart, Jhola Sahi, Ahalya Market Complex, Metro Bazar, Manglabag, and many others where you can purchase a variety of things in Cuttack.

Let us now take a look at some of these best places to shop and what to buy when in Cuttack.

1. Nayasadak

Cuttack is known as the Silver jewelry hub of India. Shopping in the city is incomplete without buying some Tarakashi or silver jewelry. The beautifully decorated, classical, or modern designs of silver filigree are a must-buy on your trip to Odisha, especially in Cuttack. Nayasadak is the place where you can buy a lot of silver filigree work and where the streets have lots of showrooms and shops selling silver jewelry. 

Here, you can buy silver filigree works like ear pendants, necklaces, anklets, hairpins, brooches, bangles, and other jewelry that are worn by Odissi dancers. You can also purchase various utensils and Puja items in the market area of Nayasadak.

Address: Nayasadak, Near High Court, Cuttack

Timings: 9 AM to 8:30 PM

2. Tulsipur Road

Cuttack is one of the Industrial centers of India and is packed with shopping places. The Tulsipur Road is jam-packed with viable shopping options that accommodate the demands of everyone visiting Cuttack or residing in the city. The shops in this place sell various things that are affordable by all. You can fulfill purchasing any of your required items in various shops and showrooms in Tulsipur Road. 

Various items that you can buy here include apparel, sports brands, accessories, jewelry, stationery, books, and electronics. There are also showrooms selling motor vehicles here.

Address: Tulsipur, Matha Sahi, Cuttack- 753008

Timings: 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM

3. Duheita Store

Duheita is a brand of handlooms and apparel, that brings under its roof handlooms from every corner of India, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The Duheita brand deals mostly with handloom products and the primary motto of this brand is to merge the gap between the weavers and the shoppers. The Duheita brand came into being towards the end of 2015. You get many types of handlooms and apparel in this store. The store sells many local handloom of various places of India under one roof. Like you get beautiful Phulkari from Punjab and local handlooms from Mangalgiri. Duheita store also caters with Odisha handloom, but with a slight twist. Say for example you can find various Sambalpuri sarees with Pattachitra art on them.

So, when you are in Duheita store you can buy Kurtis, sarees, stoles, dupattas, and men’s Kurtas and shirts too. If you are fond of shopping for some ethnic wear then this is the right place to shop for some of the best ones for you.

Address: Ratho Enclave, Biju Patnaik Chhak, Tulsipur, Cuttack, Odisha- 753008

4. Vishal Mega Mart

Vishal Mega Mart in the city is a one-stop solution for all types of clothing, groceries, and household needs. This is one of the best places to shop in Cuttack.  Vishal Mega Mart - Cuttack

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You can buy dresses, kitchenware like utensils, cooking pans, plates, crockery, and also electronics like mixer/grinder, induction cookers, iron box, and many more. You can also buy bags, shoes, and many other items in Vishal Mega Mart, Cuttack.

Address: BK Road, Bajrakabati Road, Infront of Petrol Pump, Cuttack-753001

Timings: 10:30 Am to 10:00 PM

5. Big Bazaar

Cuttack offers a wide range of shopping options and Big Bazaar is one of them. The outlet in Cuttack is located in Darga Bazar and it is one of the busiest shopping centers here. Big Bazaar as a brand is well-known for its quality. Usually people are seen crowding the store as it caters to the daily requirements of people. Big Bazaar is a one-stop-solution for all your requirements.  Big Bazaar - Cuttack

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You can buy fashionable men’s and women’s clothing, household things, utensils, electronics, stationeries, and even sports items in Big Bazaar. You can also buy groceries in Big Bazaar. The best thing about this is that you get the items at reasonable price and many times they come with great offers and massive discounts.

Address: Dargha Bazaar, Old Jail Road, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Arcade, Cuttack- 753001

Timings: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

6. Jhola Sahi

Jhola Sahi is a marketplace in Cuttack that is famous for the traditional and also contemporary clothing, well-designed and beautiful “Jholas, and alluring handcrafted jewelry. This market area is packed with various shops and plazas and is a favorite amongst the local people in the Cuttack city. Here, you can take a quick tour around the area and the shops and find what you want to buy. 

Be it the Khadi and hand-woven attires or the exclusive collection of clothing and shoes of National and International brands, find everything here. You can also buy handicrafts, colorful bangles, earrings, and many well-designed handcrafted neckpieces to pair them up with various attires on several occasions.

Address: Near Sri Vihar Apartment, Jhola Sahi, Cuttack- 753002

Timings: 9 AM to 7:30 PM.

7. Ahalya Market Complex

Ahalya Market Complex in Cuttack is one of the most popular market complexes in the city. This is located near Badambadi and it is the ideal location for you if you are crazy about shopping. This market complex has lots of shops that provide varieties of stationery products, apparel, and accessories. The shops in this complex are usually crowded. 

If you are wondering what to buy in this shopping place then let us inform you that the market complex is the perfect place to buy clothes, accessories, stationery products, and household items.

Address: LIC Colony, Badambadi, Cuttack- 753012

Timings: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

8. Boyanika

Odisha is a state that is known for its rich history and traditions that are followed till date. Cuttack is the city that represents these traditions and culture of Odisha perfectly. The handloom industry in the state also needs special mention in this case. Boyanika is the most popular name that is associated with Odisha’s handwoven collection of fabric. Boyanika has more than 57 years of experience in the handloom industry. 

The store offers you with exotic quality of various handloom products. You can shop for the Ikat, Tassar silk, natural dyed Kotpad fabrics, Bomkai silk and also cotton that is woven by the Jala technique. These handloom products of Boyanika are of great quality and you can find a huge variety too!

Address: Mission Road, Buxi Bazaar, Cuttack, Odisha- 753001

Timings: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

9. Choudhary Bazaar

Chowdhary Bazaar is one of the best shopping destinations in Cuttack. The shops here re always crowded and the shops here deal in different categories of products. 

You can buy fashionable clothes, along with gifts, hardware, books, and stationeries from Choudhary bazaar. You can also buy electronic goods here. The best thing about this shopping destination is you get every product at a reasonable price.

Address: Choudhary Bazaar, Cuttack, Odisha, India

Timings: 9:00 AM to 6: 00 PM

10. Alatarang

Alatarang is a famous place for shopping in Cuttack. You can find various shops selling beautiful attires, various cosmetic stores, shoes, and sandals too.

You can buy shoes, and other footwear, along with beautiful dresses, cosmetic items, gifts, grocery, and also electronic goods at Alatarang and take home the best of the things that the Cuttack city offers.

Address: Alatarang, Cuttack, Odisha- 753002, India

Timings: 6:00 AM to 9:30 PM

11. Naya Bazar

Naya Bazaar located in Cuttack offers an array of shops for you to choose from. There are various shops selling the basic amenities. You can see various stationery shops lined up in the bazaar. Naya Bazaar is greatly famous amongst the locals in Cuttack. This is a great place to shop with friends while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee.

You can buy books, stationeries, gift items, and basic items from this place at a reasonable rate.

Address: Naya Bazaar, Cuttack, Odisha, India.

Timings: 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM

12. Manglabag

Manglabag in Cuttack is an exciting shopping destination with multiple national and international brands available in various stores here. Some of the famous brands include Shoppers Stop, Lee, Wrangler, etc, and they all have their showrooms here in Manglabag. There are also lots of bookstores in this area.

If you are looking for perfect fashion solution for you along with world-class quality products then this is the right place to visit to shop in Cuttack. You can also buy books and stationeries in the area as there are a lot of bookstores available here.

Address: Main Road, Manglabag, Cuttack-753001

Timings: 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM

13. Metro Bazar

Metro Bazar located in Dolamundai Square offers one of the best shopping solutions in the city. This bazaar has several stores selling all the essential products.

If you are wondering about what to buy in this place then you have tremendous shopping options here. Be it clothing, electronics, stationaries, footwear, gifts, or sports products, Metro Bazaar has something stored for all. You can also find a bookstore in this Mall. Once you are done with shopping, you can simply relax and have a meal in the food outlet in this place.

Address: Dolamundai Square, Dolamundai, Near Jagannath Temple, Cuttack- 753001

Timings: 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM

14. Nini Mall

Nini Mall is the one-stop shopping outlet for everyone. You can shop a variety of things at this mall. It is a well-planned Mall, and it has items of various National and International brands. The Mall is well-equipped with all the modern facilities and people of all age groups can be here for shopping.

If you are wondering what to buy in Nini Mall, then we will inform you that you can find fashion products, electronic shops, various cosmetic stores, mobile phone shops, and also kids gaming stores in this mall. This is very famous among the locals.

Address: Nayabazar, Chauliaganj, Cuttack- 753004

Timings: 10:30 AM to 10: 00 PM

Final Words:

With so many shopping options in the Cuttack city, it is obvious that you would be overwhelmed while shopping here, especially if you are a shopaholic. So, shop your favorite items while exploring the city when you are here and take home something really worth-having!

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