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Barabati Fort - Amazing Place To Visit In Cuttack

Cuttack Tour Guide: 11 Amazing Places To Visit In Cuttack (2024)

Odisha is a state of archaeological wonders and every corner of the state exhibit these wonders. From pristine beaches to ancient temples, Odisha has something special in it that attracts tourists. Cuttack is one of the highlights of the state and it is the former capital of Odisha. Now Cuttack has been transformed into a popular landmark which travelers visit to explore the beauty of wildlife and nature and also some of the ancient forts and temples. If you are planning to visit Cuttack and willing to know about some of the amazing places to visit in Cuttack then do not stop reading this article.

Cuttack Tour Guide: 11 Amazing Places To Visit In Cuttack

1. Barabati Fort:

The Barabati Fort is a well-known fort with a beautifully carved gateway. The fort is about 8 km away from the Cuttack city. It is a fort built in the 14th Century during the Ganga dynasty. Barabati Fort is located near the river Mahanadi. It is the earthen mound of the 9-storeyed splendid palace.

Barabati Fort - Amazing Place To Visit In Cuttack

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In present times the Barabati stadium is built for various sports and cultural events. Katak Chandi temple is also nearby. The Barabati fort gets a charm to the city and also depicts the glorious history of Cuttack. The fort covers an area of 102 acres. The walls of the Barabati fort are made of Laterite and Sandstone.

If you are in Cuttack, you must surely visit this majestic attraction.

Address: Barabati Fort Road, Biju Patnaik Colony, Cuttack, Odisha- 753008

2. Deer Park:

Deer Park in Cuttack is one of the best places that is a home for many deers. This is a great location to visit with your family and friends, especially if you are a nature-lover and a photography-enthusiast. You can enjoy the alluring environment and can also watch a large number of deers playing in the deer park all around. This is one of the best places in Cuttack to spend with family and friends.

Amazing Place To Visit In Cuttack-Deer ParkImage Source

Address: Mahanadi Road, Biju Patnaik Colony, Cuttack, Odisha- 753008

3. Kataka Chandi Temple:

One cannot miss this ancient temple of Cuttack when they are in the city. This is the oldest and most famous temple that experiences a huge crowd of pilgrims throughout the year. Kataka Chandi temple of Cuttack rests by the banks of Mahanadi River and it has a statue of Goddess Chandi, known to be the living goddess by the locals here.

During the festival of Durga Puja, the doors of this ancient temple are open till midnight, and it is the best time to visit the temple and witness the grandeur of the Kataka Chandi temple.

Best Place To Visit In Cuttack-Kataka Chandi TempleImage Source

Address: Stadium Road, Chandi Chaka, Tulasipur Colony, Cuttack, Odisha- 753008

4. State Botanical Garden:

One of the best places to visit in Cuttack or the finest things that you can do in Cuttack is to visit and explore the gigantic State Botanical Garden. This is spread across a wide area of 173 acres and it is a wonderful treat for tourists who love nature and who want to take some exclusive photographs of the beautiful nature. State Botanical Garden is filled with colorful flowers and greenery, which are quite worth admiring. Tourists can enjoy a refreshing time here while taking a walk around this beautiful garden.

Top Place To Visit In Cuttack-State Botanical GardenImage Source

You can visit this garden anytime between 7:30 AM to 6 PM

Address: Botanical Garden Road, Jujhagada, Cuttack, 754005

5. Netaji Birthplace Museum:

The great freedom fighter of India, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was born in Cuttack. Netaji Subhas Bose spent his childhood in his ancestral home and now the home is converted into a Museum known as Netaji Birthplace Museum. This museum is an L-shaped building and it has got a temple in the backside courtyard. The house was remodeled and announced as a museum in the year 2007 officially. The rooms of the house have been transformed into galleries and in the galleries, you can find different photographs of Netaji Subhas Bose. There is also furniture in the museum that was used by the family of Subhas Bose. You will also find books, biography, autobiography, journals, documents, Vedas, and Upanishadas. You will surely experience a glimpse of ancient India during the freedom struggle when you will be visiting the museum.

Amazing Place To Visit In Cuttack-Netaji Birthplace MuseumImage Source

Address: Odia Bazar, Cuttack, Odisha- 753002

6. Odisha Maritime Museum:

The Odisha Maritime Museum is one of the best places to visit in Cuttack. This museum came up in the old dilapidated complex of “River Boat Construction and Repair Workshop” that was constructed during the British era. This workshop was renovated and converted into the Odisha State Maritime Museum in the year 2013.

This museum gives an insight into ancient Odisha’s famed maritime industry. There are tools used by the Sadhabas or the Seafarers on the display in the museum. You can also find the age-old navigation systems and their evolution on the display.

There are also 3D shows and the aquarium section of the museum attracts more tourists to it, especially the kids. There is also an open auditorium in the museum with a sitting arrangement for 250 people.

The Odisha Maritime Museum is located on the banks of Mahanadinear Jobra River. The museum conducts regular painting competitions for kids.

Odisha Maritime Museum In CuttackImage Source

Address: S.C.B Medical, Professors Colony, Cuttack, Odisha

7. Stone Reventment:

Stone Reventment is situated on the banks of River Kathjuri. This is an engineering marvel built in the 11th century. These stone walls are constructed for obstructing the flood-water from entering into the city. The reason why this is a known place is that this was all done during the age when there was no technological advancement. This is a wonderful example of the technical skills and logical thinkings of Odia people in ancient times.

Best Place To Visit In Cuttack-Stone ReventmentImage Source

Address: Kathjuri River, Cuttack, Odisha, India

8. Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary:

If you find it interesting to explore the rare species of fauna and flora, then Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary is the place where you must visit in Cuttack. This Wildlife Sanctuary is spread across an area of 650 square kilometers and there is a vast variety of animals, such as Olive Ridley Sea Turtles, Black Ibis, Asian Open Bill, Darters, and Egrets. Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect place for people who are willing to spend a short vacation while their stay in Cuttack.

9. Ananatasayana Vishnu:

This is an ancient Sculpture of Lord Vishnu in his sleeping position. It is completely made of stones. The architecture of the idol is simply amazing. One must visit this place if they have an interest in artifacts and history.

Ananatasayana Vishnu Amazing Place To Visit In CuttackImage Source

Address: Pitri, Dhenkanal, Near Cuttack, Odisha

10. Paradeep Beach:

Paradeep Beach is a splendid beach in Cuttack and is located at the confluence of Mahanadi River and Bay Of Bengal. This is a well-known beach which boasts a clear water bed, lush greenery, and stones laid on the side of the beach. Paradeep is famous for having the biggest port in India. Tourists can visit the Paradeep beach, relax, and have fun at this place in Cuttack.

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Address: Paradeep, Jagatsinghpur District, Odisha

11. Dhabaleswar Island:

The Dhabaleshwar island is located away from the city’s busy world and is marked as an exotic location, settled at the Mahanadi River. The Dhabaleswar island is a beautiful place where you can enjoy the serenity and relax amidst the beauty of nature. It could be one of the most exciting experiences to walk across the hanging bridge and the old temple. You can reach the Shiva temple on the hill rock, by climbing around 100 stairs.

Amazing Place To Visit In Cuttack-Paradeep Beach

Photo by Cuttack Pulse  Image Source

Address: Dhauli, Odisha 752104


These were some of the amazing places to visit in Cuttack and one must surely visit when they are in the city. So, if you are planning to visit Odisha then do keep a couple of days stored in your hands to explore the beautiful Cuttack and witness the beautiful temples, ancient heritages, museum, flora, and fauna.

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