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Book A Prepaid Taxi for Hyderabad to Beechupalli One-Way or Round Trip

Book A Prepaid Taxi for Hyderabad to Beechupalli One-Way or Round Trip With TheTopTours.com (2024)

Hyderabad to Beechupalli is a common route that locals and visitors often travel from. Whether you are in Hyderabad or have arrived at either Rajiv Gandhi International Airport or Poodoor Railway Station, Beechupalli is never far away.

Thetoptours.com offers reasonable and affordable Hyderabad to Beechupalli Cab Packages. We continuously strive to ensure timely pickups and drops, comfortable taxi rides, and quality services. You can easily book Hyderabad to Beechupalli prepaid taxi services for one-way or round trip on Thetoptours.com 24/7 without any hassle. Book A Prepaid Taxi for Hyderabad to Beechupalli One-Way or Round Trip

Book Hyderabad to Beechupalli Taxi Services with Thetoptours.com| Cab rentals and more.

Book a Hyderabad to Beechupalli prepaid cab by Calling us at 7075982162 or 7075482162

From Hyderabad you can book a cab to Beechupalli with the following taxi rental options:

  • AC Sedan including Toyota Etios, and Swift Dzire, which are ideal for 2 to 4 passengers
  • AC MUVs, including Large Toyota Innova, Crysta, Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, etc, which are ideal for 4 to 6 passengers
  • AC Mini Van, Force Traveler 3350 Wider, Tempo Traveler, etc, which are ideal for large groups and families

*Mini Vans and other large vehicles are available for taxi services on selective routes only.

Hyderabad to Beechupalli Prepaid Cab Packages, Distance, Duration, and More| Thetoptours.com

Call us at 7075982162 or 7075482162 for all your Hyderabad local and outstation cab services.

The distance from Hyderabad to Beechupalli via National Highway 44 is 172.4 kilometers. A journey on this route takes nearly 3 hours and 13 minutes.

Simultaneously, the distance from Hyderabad to Beechupalli via National Highway 44 and National Highway 765 is 192.8 kilometers. A cab journey on this route takes nearly 4 hours and 14 minutes.

Since road trips may have a few halts in between, the exact time of your journey from Hyderabad to Beechupalli may increase.

Beechupally Quick Facts

  • State: Telangana
  • District: Mahaboob Nagar
  • Pincode: 522 101
  • STD Code: +91-080
  • Language: Telugu, English

Number Of Tolls From Between Hyderabad To Beechupalli

  • Raikal Toll (Toll Charges 70 INR)
  • Shakhapur Toll (Toll Charges 65 INR)

*State Highways and Expressways might have some additional toll plazas as well.

How Much Do I Need To Pay For My Hyderabad To Beechupalli Trip?

For all, your local and outstation trips in and around Hyderabad, Thetoptours.com offer reliable services. When you book our cab rental services from Point A to Point B, you get your hands on the best deals.

For every Hyderabad to Beechupalli one-way trip or round trip, we calculate the following:

  • Base Fare, which includes basic fuel charges, depends upon the distance and duration of the journey. Additional charges if the Kilometers are extended during the trip.
  • Cab/taxi maintenance charges and Driver’s allowance.
  • Toll Tax/Road Tax, and State Tax.
  • Parking fee (Conditional).
  • GST 5% (Including CGST (2.5%) & SGST (2.5%))

Thetoptours.com has no hidden cost for your Hyderabad to Beechupalli taxi trip. Our cab booking executive will discuss the Base fare and additional charges.

The passenger needs to pay Base Fare, GST, Cab/ taxi maintenance charges, and Driver’s allowance at the time of booking. However, additional charges, including Parking, Toll

Tax/ Road Tax, and State Tax, are to be paid as and when required.

Our cab drivers, however, will never ask you for any added/ undisclosed fare at the time or after the journey.

For all your Hyderabad to Beechupalli taxi service queries, you can call us at 7075982162 or 7075482162. Our customer support service is available 24*7.

Beechupalli Overview- Things you can do| Thetoptours.com

Beechupalli is a village in the Jogulamba Gadwal district of Telangana. It, in fact, is one of the famous shrines for the god Hanuman. People from not only Hyderabad but all across South India choose to visit here throughout the year.

The Beechupally Hanuman Temple is a famous shrine for the god Hanuman (Anjaneya Swamy). The temple is right on the banks of the Krishna River. There are several ghats built for Pushkar snanam (a sacred bath that happens every 12 years). Apart from the Hanuman temple, there’s also a Shiva lingam temple near the Krishna river. During the Monsoon, when the river flow is high, the water goes high enough to touch Shiva lingam at the temple. This occurrence is noted as divine.

Also known as Beechupally Anjaneya Swamy Temple, it is on National Highway 7. This centuries-old temple features beautiful south Indian architecture. According to claims, even the Hanuman idol inside the temple was brought and installed by Sri Vyasaraja himself.

The temple opens and welcomes visitors every day from 6 am to 8:30 pm. Hanuman Jayanthi in April and Narasimha Jayanthi in Vaishaka Masam are the primary festive draws here.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hyderabad to Beechupalli Cab Packages| Thetoptours.com

Why Should I Book A Cab From Hyderabad To Beechupalli?

The route from Hyderabad to Beechupalli is extremely scenic, and a prepaid cab/ taxi ride is the best way to enjoy it. Thetoptours.com offer you clean and sanitized prepaid cabs along with well-appointed drivers that will make all your local and outstation trip in Hyderabad memorable.

Can I Book A Trip From Beechupalli To Hyderabad As Well?

Thetoptours.com offers a wide range of taxi services. You can book a Beechupalli to Hyderabad or Hyderabad to Beechupalli one-way trip. Or, if required, you can also book a Hyderabad-Beechupalli-Hyderabad round-trip.

How Do I Get From Hyderabad Airport To Beechupalli?

Call us at 7075982162 or 7075482162 and book yourself a cab from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Hyderabad to Beechupalli. You can estimate your pick up 15 to 20 minutes after your flight landing or as and when you can leave the airport.

Can I Pick A Car Model Of My Own Choice For My Hyderabad To Beechupalli Taxi Service?

Yes, you can pick a car model of your choice. Our booking executive will introduce you to all the available cab rental options making the choice process easy.

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