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Comfortable Taxi Services For Hyderabad to Hampi

Comfortable Taxi Services For Hyderabad to Hampi by thetoptours.com (2024)

Hampi is a city not only popular in Southern India but worldwide. This ancient South Indian village is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and every tourism freak wishes to be here.

Comfortable Taxi Services For Hyderabad to Hampi

Hampi is a popular town in Karnataka, nearly 371.6 kilometers from Hyderabad. The Belgaum Airport in Karnataka and Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad are the closest International air destinations to Hampi. For connecting Hyderabad to Hampi, Thetoptours.com offers comfortable taxi and cab services. We offer affordable taxis services from Hyderabad to Hampi to keep our consumers at ease. Comfortable Taxi Services For Hyderabad to Hampi

Hyderabad to Hampi Distance By Cab| Thetoptours.com

The road route from Hyderabad to Hampi is long but absolutely enjoyable. The drive between these two popular Indian cities and towns is scenic and amusing. There are multiple routes connecting both destinations, including:

  • A 371.6 kilometers long route via Raichur Road and National Highway 167. A road trip on this route takes a minimum of 8 and a half hours.
  • A 417.3 kilometers long route via National Highway 44. A road trip on this route takes a minimum of 8 hours and 54 minutes.
  • And a 415.9 kilometers long route via Raichur Road and National Highway 163. A road trip on this route takes a minimum of 9 hours and 17 minutes.
  • The journey on any of the above routes and extend depending upon vehicles’ speed, route, traffic, and number of stoppages in between.

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Hyderabad to Hampi Taxi Fare| Thetoptours.com

Thetoptours.com prides itself on its transparency. Even though the route between Hyderabad to Hampi is long, we try to provide consumers with the most affordable tour packages.

Hyderabad to Hampi Taxi Fare for one-way trip and round trip are different. The charges to book an outstation cab can also differ depending on the date and time of the journey.

Considerations for Taxi Fares from Hyderabad to Hampi Include the Following:

  • Fuel charges (Petrol, Diesel, or CNG) depend upon the number of kilometers and duration.
  • Cab Maintenance.
  • Driver Allowance, Toll Tax, and State Tax
  • 5% GST (Including CGST (2.5%) & SGST (2.5%)).

*Any additional kilometers added to the trip will be charged separately.

Thetoptours.com is transparent and simple with its billing process and never tries to burden its consumer’s pocket. Our Hyderabad-Hampi-Hyderabad taxi fare prices are comparatively more affordable than many other service providers in the industry. Consumers can avail of the package depending on their journey and itinerary.

Thetoptours.com offer prepaid taxi services from Hyderabad to Hampi with no additional cost or hidden charges. Our customer executive will inform you about all the factors while discussing the final fare.

For booking a Hyderabad to Hampi Taxi Service, Call us at 7075982162 or 7075482162.

Hyderabad to Hampi Prepaid Taxi and Cab Options| Thetoptours.com

For consumer ease and multiple options, Thetoptours.com offers different types of prepaid cabs and taxis.

Our cabs and taxis that serve consumers on Hyderabad to Hampi route include:

  • AC Sedan likes Toyota Etios, Swift Dzire, and more.
  • AC SUVs like Large Crysta, Toyota Innova, Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, and more.
  • Large Vehicles including Mini Van, Force Traveller 3350 Wider, Tempo Traveler, and more.

Why Consider Thetoptours.com for Hyderabad to Hampi Cab Service?

  • For reliable inter-city taxi and cab services.
  • For clean, hygienic, and comfortable cars.
  • For 24*7 customer support over a phone call.
  • For affordable trips and transparent billing.
  • For well-trained, professional, and experienced drivers.
  • For a world-class traveling experience.

Hampi Overview- Places to Visit in Hampi, Karnataka| Thetoptours.com

Hampi is a hub for tourism in the Southern part of India and has so much to explore and do. Here are a few exciting places and activities in Hampi:

Virupaksha Temple: This famous temple in Hampi is also known as Pampapathi temple, and it dates back to the 7th century. Virupaksha temple has been continuously operating since the 7th century and therefore is the oldest in-use temple in the county. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the ultimate Hindu god who here is known as Lord Virupaksha. Also a UNESCO world heritage site, this temple is a wonder for architecture and history lovers as well.

Lotus Palace: Also known as Kamal Mahal, this tourist place in Hampi features an explicit architectural design. The structure resembles the Lotus flower, and that’s where it got its name from. It is open for visits from morning 08:00 am to evening 06:00 pm.

Hampi Bazaar: The market (Bazaar in Hindi) is spread in over a kilometer of space and is also known as Virupaksha Bazaar. It is the ultimate shopper stop whether you are a local or a visitor. One can shop for anything from embroidered shawls, fiber handicrafts, stone carvings, and souvenirs. At the east end of the market street stands a Nandi bull statue.

Vijaya Vittala Temple: It is the most fantastic stone structure in Hampi. The temple dates back to the 16th century and is true architectural excellence, all thanks to the exemplifies remarkable creativity and architectural imagination. One can visit here for free daily from morning 08:30 am to evening 18:00 pm.

Coracle Ride: Riding a Coracle is the most popular thing to do in Hampi. Coracles here are available at a mere price of Rs 50. A ride in one of the Coracles will take you back to experiences of the good old golden days. The rides are arranged at the Tungabhadra River boating area, Sanapur waterfalls, and Sanapur Lake.

Hippie Island: Also known as Virapapur Gadde, this small island is located across the Tungabhadra river. One can reach the island via coracle or boat only. The boat rides do not take any more time than 5 minutes and are absolutely enjoyable. The island is popular amongst tourists for its laid-back atmosphere, and people choose tocozyy back in its cosy lodges. If not for staying back, one can also visit the island for its beauty, café, and restaurants.

Badavilinga Temple: Another Lord Shiva temple in Hampi, Badavilinga Temple, is a must-visit. The Shivalinga here is carved out of a single boulder and stands at a height of 3 meters in water. The structure has no ceiling and, therefore, the entire Shivalinga is spread with sunlight. The shiv linga is claimed to date back to the era of the Vijayanagar Empire.

Other Popular tourist attractions in Hampi include Monolithic Bull, Elephant Stables, Matanga Hill, Queen’s Bath, Yantrodharaka Hanuman Temple, Zanana Enclosure, Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary, Old Palace (Gagan Mahal), Achyutaraya Temple, Archaeological Museum, Underground Temple-Prasanna Virupaksha Temple and more.

FAQs on Hyderabad to Hampi Taxi Service

Can I Book a One-Way Cab From Hyderabad to Hampi?

Yes, if you only wish for a drop-off, you can book a one-way cab from Hyderabad to Hampi. However, if you are planning to come back within a couple of days, you can also book a round trip.

What Is The Most Economical Cab Service From Hyderabad to Hampi?

Sedan, at present, is the most economical cab service from Hyderabad to Hampi. The other available options are SUVs, and Large vehicles.

What Are The Payment Options For Booking A Hyderabad To Hampi Taxi Service On Thetoptours.com?

Thetoptours.com offer prepaid cab booking and payment options, including Google Pay, Paytm, and Internet Banking.

Do I Need To Carry Any ID Proof To Avail Of Cab And Taxi Services From Hyderabad To Hampi?

Even though we do not ask passengers for any ID proof, it is better to carry one for your own convenience.

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