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Debrecen - Great Reformed Church

Visit Debrecen: The Second Largest City In Hungary & 15 Best Place to Visit in Debrecen (2024)

Visit Debrecen: The Second Largest City In Hungary

Debrecen is the second-largest city in Hungary and located 225 km east of Budapest. Debrecen was the capital city of Hungary during the revolution in 1848. The city was the most populated in Hungary in18th and early 19th century. The city of Debrecen was under the control of the Roman Empire and later Ottoman Rulers.

The Debrecen city struggled politically to maintain its religious identity and eventually established a city as a predominant protestant town in the 16th century. In the year 1715, the Roman Catholic church was built in Debrecen. The town population in the beginning of the year 2020 was 201,000. In Debrecen town, 23% of people speak English, and 99.3% speak Hungarian.

15 Best Place to Visit in Debrecen

The Following Are Some Of The Best Places To Visit In Debrecen:

1. Great Reformed Church

Neoclassical church was built in the 19th century.  

2. Hortobágyi National Park

The exhibits in the park shows the traditional way of life, agricultural improvements, and Hungarian culture.

3. Déri Museum

The Déri Museum is located in the city of Debrecen. The museum was hosted in the old palace building. The museum has an exhibit that includes cultural and historical artifacts and pieces of ruins. The most valued item in the museum is Calvary and Ecce Homo that was part of the Christ Trilogy. The visitor may need 2 to 4 hours to see the entire exhibit displayed in Deri museum in Debrecen.

4. Ferenc Medgyessy Memorial Museum

The Museum has items, exhibits, and artwork of Ferenc Medgyessy. Most visitors in Debrecen come to see the work of Ferenc Medgyessy. Students and research graduates in music and art visit the museum and spend several hours studying the exhibits.

5. Aquaticum Mediterranean Pleasure Baths

Aquaticum Mediterranean Pleasure Baths in Debrecen is the facility known for Mediterranean Baths. The facility is unique compared to other spa and places of a Turkish bath. The arena is huge and decorated with tropical planta. The bright arena has a huge dome with a high ceiling and looks like a summertime inside the dome even during the winter months. There are several attractions within the arena, like a wave pool, slides, hot tub, jet massage, and Jacuzzis. The spa also offers various types of massage. Most visitors spend the entire day at the arena. The tourist visiting Debrecen can try good food at the restaurant and coffee shop, also purchase a gift at the souvenir shop.

6. University Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens of Debrecen is the place to see the rare bushes and trees. The 8 hectares of garden and greenhouse has few green innovation and prettiness. The garden is open throughout the year, and visitors can visit the garden for a nominal fee.

7. St. Anna’s Cathedral

The St Anna’s Cathedral is a reformed church of catholic religion. The church was built in 1721 by the architect Giovanni Battista Carlone from Milan. The Church is dedicated to and dedicated to St. Anne. The church was restored in the 18th and 19th centuries. The inside of the church displays sculptures and wall painting that is created by a local artist.

8. Lake Vekeri

Lake Vekeri is about 13 km from the city center of Debrecen. Most tourists and local families spend ½ a day or a full day at the lake Vekeri in Debrecen. Tourists can rent a canoe, small boat, or jet ski at the lake. The most popular water sport is to rent a jet ski. There are restaurants and a gift shop where visitors can buy breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Locals often come for a family picnic or meet their friends at the lake Vekeri in Debrecen.

Beautiful Place to Visit In Debrecen-Lake Vekeri

Image Source Photo Credit: Anikó Erlinger Battyányi

9. Kossuth Square

Kossuth Square is the city center of the town of Debrecen. Most public events and political unrest are often held in this square. The square is lighted and decorated during Christmas and festival days. The square has a statue and memorial of Lajos Kossuth. Lajos Kossuth was the leading figure of the 1848 Revolution.

10. Kerekestelep Baths

Kerekestelep Baths is an outdoor pool and spa. Most residents pay annual fees for multiple visits, while international tourists pay a nominal fee for a one-time visit. Visitors to Debrecen can visit the place for the entire day. The spa area is a lot quieter and private. The pool water is warm, and the temperature is maintained at 850 F. The spa also has a restaurant, gym, and tennis court. Kerekestelep Baths is certainly a must-visit tourist destination in Debrecen.

11. Debrecen Zoopark

The Zoo is popular among local people and children of Debrecen. The Zoo of city Debrecen is spread over 17 hectares and home to 1500 animals of 160 different species. International tourists who come to stay in Debrecen city like to spend the entire day at the zoo. There are restaurants close to the zoo.

12. Csokonai Theatre

The largest Csokonai Theatre was named after Hungarian playwrights Mihaly Csokonai. Mihaly Csokonai was a local hero and considered a modern visionary artist. The Csokonai theatre in Debrecen is the oldest and largest arena in Hungary. The building was open to the public in 1865 and designed by the architect Antal Szkalnitzky. The theatre displays several sculptures and paintings of a famous artist. The theatre is the cultural arena for Hungarian artists. Most visitors like to see the arena as well as shows at the theatre.

13. Irinyi House

János Irinyi was an intellectual chemist who lived in Irinyi house between 1872 and 1892. János Irinyi invented the match stick that burned instantly with a strike. The chemical reaction that created fire was noiseless and non-explosive. He patented invention in 1836. Later during the war of Independence in 1848, he was politically involved with a losing party. The war was lost, and he was put in a prisoner by the ruling party.

When he was released from prison, he decided not to get involved in politics. He then continued his work as a chemist and scientist. Most local and neighboring Europeans come to museums to learn more about scientists who invented a harmless matchbox in Debrecen.

14. Reformed Small Church

The reform church in Debrecen was built in 1600 and was damaged in 1727 during a fire. The church was known for an onion-like dome until 1907, when the dome was damaged by wind during a severe storm. The dome was repaired a couple of times. Dome was replaced with a square structure to give the impression of a fortress. The church then was also known as “Truncated Church.” Most tourists come to see the church to know more about the history of Debrecen town.

15. László Holló Memorial Museum

The museum was once the home of László Holló. László Holló was one of the well-known Hungarian painters. The museum in Debrecen was established as a memory of László Holló and named as László Holló Memorial Museum. The museum also hosts exclusive paintings of Ernő Hrabéczy. The museum in Debrecen is the best place for the art lover to spend 2 to 4 hours.

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