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Senja - Top Islands of Norway

Norway Islands & Lake Travel Guide (2024)

Norway is the northernmost country in the European continent. Norway is covered by the sea on the north, west, and south border of the country. There are 50,000 islands in Norway. Most islands are located in the Northern sea. The islands are considered as a part of the Kingdom of Norway. The northernmost section of Norway is the closest to the Antarctica and North Pole. The following 5 islands are the biggest island among 50,000 islands.

The number of tourists visiting Norway every year is about 9 million. Most people come to Norway to see the wonderful coastline, stunning view of mountains, islands, lakes, ski resorts, and forests. There are 450,000 lakes in Norway. The lakes are surrounded by mountains, forests, and flat lands. The local population and tourists from a neighboring country like to see the following 5 lakes. Traveling to lakes is a lot easier than visiting the islands.

There are few airports where tourists can take a flight and then either take a local bus or train to visit the nearest attractions in Norway. The top-ranked airports in Norway are Kristiansand, Bergen, Stavanger, Sandefjord, Trondheim, Alesund, Bodo, Oslo, and Rugge. There are frequent flights from these airports to Oslo. Visitors can take a flight to one of these airports and then either take a train or public bus to nearby hotel or attraction.

Norway Islands & Lake Travel Guide

Top 6 Islands of Norway

There are just over 50,000 islands in the sea around north and west of Norway. The 2 of the top largest 5 islands are inhabited and visitors can visit the island. The accommodation and traveling to Spitsbergen island are difficult and tourists prefer to stay on other islands that have better facilities. The preferred islands to stay are Hinnoya and Lofoten Island Some tourists who want to explore different islands often choose to visit other islands and stay in a tent or local accommodations.

  1. Spitsbergen: The group of islands north of “Norway Mainland” is known as the Svalbard group of islands. Spitsbergen is the largest island among the Svalbard group of islands. The group Svalbard islands are located north of the mainland of Norway and about 650 miles from the North Pole. The 2,200 people live on the main island. Spitsbergen island is located between Norway and Greenland. The island is covered by the Greenland Sea on the west, the arctic sea on the north and east side as well as the Norwegian Sea on the south side. Islanders survived in the 18th and 19th centuries with fishing and coal mine. Nowadays tourism is the main business in the Spitsbergen island in Norway. Tourists like the landscape of the island which involves mountains, sea, and glaciers. Most tourists also come to see wildlife like bears, reindeer, and marine mammals.
  2. Nordaustlandet: Nordaustlandet is the second biggest island of Norway as well as included in the Svalbard archipelago. The Nordaustlandet island in Norway covers an area of 14,467 km2. Massive glaciers cover most of the northern and central sections of the island. The island is considered as a protected area and part of the Nordaust-Svalbard Nature Reserve. The island protects Nordaustlandet. Walruses, reindeer, and other wildlife inhabitants. No humans are allowed to stay on the island.
  3. Edgeøya: Edgeøya is part of the Svalbard archipelago group of islands. Edgeøya is the third-largest island of Norway. The island is protected under Søraust-Svalbard Nature Reserve. The island has no human inhabitation except wildlife. Most wildlife observed is polar bears and reindeer.
  4. Hinnøya: Hinnøya is the fourth largest island and not part of the Svalbard archipelago group of islands. Hinnøya Island in Norway comprises area of 2,205 km2. The island is located off the western coast of Northern Norway. It is an inhabited island with a population of around 32,688. The southern part of the island is the National Park and visited by several hundreds of tourists every summer. Most tourists come to Hinnøya to explore rugged mountainous, forest terrain and to enjoy the coast of the island. The private tourist buses or cars can be driven to the island. The Tjeldsund bridge connects the island to Tjeldsundet strait. Tourists can also travel by ferry from the village of Bognes.
  5. Senja: Senja is one of the smaller islands located over the northern section of the mainland of Norway. The island is the 5th largest island and covers an area of 1,586 km2. The island is known for its mountain, coastal area, and flat land. About 8,000 people live on the eastern side of the island. The tourists from neighboring countries visit the island during summertime for a few days. The most visited attraction of the island is the world’s largest troll statue and National Park. The tourist spends time at the village of local fishermen and seafood dishes cooked of fresh seafood.
  6. Lofoten Islands: Lofoten Island is north and west of Norway. The driving distance from Oslo to Bodo town is about 1400 km (900 miles). Most tourists take a flight, train, bus, or drive to Bodo. The ferry goes to Lofoten Island twice a day. Tourist can take their car on the ferry. Tourists visit the island during the month of later September and early October to see the northern lights. During the summer from June to September, most visitors come to see midnight sun as well as try fishing in the deep sea. Tourist spends the most time on sightseeing and water sports. Lofoten Island has mountains, forests, and turbulent sea. One of the place tourists like to visit on the Lofoten island is Viking early village discovered by archeologists in recent years. The cost of traveling ranges from $ 150 to $ 350 depending on the mode of travel.

Top 5 Lakes of Norway

The following 5 lakes are largest among 450,000 lakes of Norway. Tourists can reach any of the 5 lakes described below by tourist bus, public bus, private car, or train. There are hotels and motels available at reasonable prices. The tourist must find out the nearest airport if they decide to take a flight to the closest airport. The visitors then can use the train or bus to reach the hotel or the attractions.

1. Mjøsa

Lake of Norway-Mjøsa

Image Source

Lake Mjosa is about 110 km (70 miles) north of Oslo town. The lake is the largest in Norway and covers an area of 362 km2. The Mjosa lake is considered one of the deepest lakes of Scandinavia with a maximum depth of 1,500 feet. Lake is about 105 km north of Oslo

2. Rossvatnet

Røssvatnet is the second largest lake in Norway. Lake is about 1050 km from Oslo. The lake is longitudinal and spreads from north to south covering an area of 218.61 km2. The Røssvatnet lake in Norway has widened since the damn was constructed in 1957. The tourist likes to come to Norway from June to August to see the beautiful scenery of water, mountains, and forests.

3. Femunden

Lake Femunden is located about 325 km 203 (miles) from the city of Oslo. Lake Femunden is the third largest lake in Norway and lies in the middle of the country. The lake Femunden is used for water sport and is one of the main attractions for tourists to visit Norway during summer.

Best Lake of Norway-Femunden

Image Source Credit: Andreas Meisert

4. Randsfjorden

Randsfjorden is the fourth largest narrow and long lake, about 125 km (78 miles) from the city of Oslo. There are several golf courses built around the lake and freshwater helps to keep the lawn green. Randsfjorden in Norway is the most popular place for European golfer.

5. Tyrifjorden (Lake Tyri)

The lake Tyri is at a driving distance from Oslo. The distance to the east bank of the lake is 35 km (22 miles) and west bank 56 km (35 miles). Most visitors come from Oslo and others are international tourists. The tourists come to the lake Tyri for visit, as well as participate in water sport. Most tourists enjoy the boat ride of a couple of hours around the fifth largest lake in Norway. The lake Tyri is surrounded by a small town, forest, and mountains.

Sightseeing Lake of Norway-Tyrifjorden (Lake Tyri)Image Source

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