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Svalbard - An Amazing Place to Visit in Norway

Svalbard: An Amazing Place to Visit in Norway (2024)

The Svalbard island is located between Norway and the North Pole on the west side of Norway. Spitsbergen is one of the largest islands of the group of Svalbard island that is inhabited. The Spitsbergen island experiences daylight 24 hours a day during summer and dark during winter.

The Svalbard Island has widespread glaciers and snow that hides polar bears, foxes and reindeer. The tourists enjoys looking at the view of the Arctic ocean on the bank of the island during summer at midnight. Svalbard is independent of Norway and the Governor is administratively responsible to run the country. The Governor is nominated by Norway responsible to run the country along with an elected member from the island.

The native of the island were actively hunting whales in the 18th and early 19th centuries. At the present-time, locals work in the tourist industry, coal mine, and fishing businesses.

Most international tourists come to the island to see northern light and experience life on the island during summertime. Most international tourists from America, Asia and Africa are curious about the facilities and life in the northernmost arctic island. The Spitsbergen has several 3 to 5 stars hotels and restaurants. The visitors can experience the best hospitality of Nordic country on Spitsbergen island. Few tourists come to spend over 7 to 10 days and rent a condo at the seaside properties.

Most tourists take a flight from Oslo to land on Spitsbergen island. The locals and tourists from a neighboring country drive to the northern city on the west coast that is near to the island and then take a ferry to Spitsbergen Island. Most locals and tourists are advised to carry a gun if they decide to explore the area outside the settlement. The gun is necessary to protect from a polar bear. No one is allowed to carry a gun in a public area within the settlement. Tourists do not need visas to enter and stay on the island.

Svalbard - An Amazing Place to Visit in Norway

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Tourists who may decide to travel by self-driven car, public bus, and train and they should keep all emergency tools available in their bags. The emergency tools needed are spare tire if driving a rental car or own car. Also wound dressing equipment, pain pills like Tylenol, and antidiarrheal medications should be in a spare emergency bag. Visitors traveling by car, bus, or train must carry a mobile phone that works all over Norway if they decide to see most of Norway. The mobile phone is useful. Occasionally visitors may need to spend an additional day at one of the city and may have to postpone arrival date in the next city. In such a case the mobile phone is useful.

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