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Trondheim - A Place To See in Norway

Trondheim: A Place To See in Norway (2024)

Few visitors continue their tour to northern province of Norway. The driving distance from city of Alsund to Trondheim is about 300 km and may take 5 to 6 hours with lunch break and couple of sightseeing stops on the way to Trondheim. After a night stay at the city of Trondheim tourist either return to Oslo or continue their tour to Northern territory of Norway.

The distance to Oslo from Trondheim is about 495 km and driving time could be 9 to 10 hours with a lunch break and sightseeing. Few continue their tour to northern territory of Norway. Most stay at city of Bodo.

The university of Trondheim is considered as a modern tech institution. The places to see in Trondheim is cathedral and wooden Royal Palace. Trondheim is the fourth most populated city with population of 200,000. The initial settlers arrived in town in year 997. Most houses are made of wood and there were several fires across the city since 1598. In the year 1651 the town was much smaller than present city and nearly 90% of city buildings were severely damaged by fire.

a. Royal Residence of Trondheim

The wooden building has total area of 45,000 square feet and 140 rooms. The palace is the largest wooden building in Scandinavia. The palace was built in 1778. The palace was rarely used by owner Cecilie Scholler until her death in 1786. The royal resident is also known as Stiftsgarden.

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b. The Archbishop’s Palace in Trondheim

The Archbishop’s Palace is a castle and close to the Trondheim city center. The castle was built in 13th century. The medieval castle was built with stones. The castle was restored in 16th century. The castle is open for public viewing and there are several museums.

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