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Sopot - See The Best Place In Northern Poland

Northern Poland Travel Guide : 3 Nights and 4 Days Itinerary To See The Best Places In Northern Poland (2024)

Northern Poland Travel Guide

Tourists visiting Poland and who are interested to see the coastal town in 2 or 3 days often prefer to stay in northern town Gdansk of Poland. Most visitors drive or take a train from Warsaw to Gdansk in Northern Poland. The drive time is about 4 hours. The next day tourists drive to peninsula Jurata and while returning also take a tour of the city Sopot. After the second night’s stay at the hotel, the next day drive to the city of Gdynia take a ½ day tour to see the city and attraction then drive back to Warsaw. Most of the European and Russian tourists come to the northern coastal town of Poland to spend 5 to 7 days. The activities include beachfront accommodation, beach activities, and a tour of the city. Stay at the most resort includes all 3 meals. Few visitors stay one more night at the resort to relax and enjoy the beach.

3 Nights and 4 Days Itinerary To See The Best Places In Northern Poland

Here is the list of places to visit in Northern Poland and its Itinerary:

A. Gdansk

Gdansk is about 340 km north of Warsaw. The arrival time is expected around noon. Tourists take lunch at one of the restaurants before taking a city tour. The tourist can see a few attractions and places during ½ day tour of Gdansk after arrival in the afternoon. The population of the town is about 471,000. The town is the fourth largest town in Poland and one of the major harbor towns in the northern coastal area of Poland. Visitors should try to visit most of the following places in town. Tourists visiting Gdansk should see a few places on the day of arrival and a few on the day of departure to Warsaw.

Best Places In Northern Poland-Gdansk, Ulica Mariacka (St Mary’s Street)
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Here is the list of Places to Visit in Gdansk in Northern Poland:

  1. St Mary’s Church
  2. Oliwa Cathedral
  3. Ulica Mariacka (St Mary’s Street)
  4. Main Town Hall- Built-in 16th century that shows the Dutch architect.
  5. Neptune’s Fountain
  6. Golden House- The palace was constructed in the 17th century for the Mayor of the town. The palace has spectacular sculptures.
  7. Amber Museum
  8. Gdańsk Crane
  9. Museum of the Second World War
  10. Golden Gate
  11. Jelitkowo Beach

B. Jurata

Jurata is a peninsula that is about 89 km from the city of Gdansk. The driving time is about 1.5 hours. Most tourists after breakfast at the hotel try to reach the beach by 9.30 am. The spectacular drive to the peninsula passes through a narrow land. During the short drive, visitors can see the sea on both the side. There are only 550 inhabitants living in the city of Jurata. Most inhabitants are employed in the resort. The city of Jurata is small but offers great hospitality for tourists. Jurata is an excellent coastal town in Northern Poland to spend 2 to 4 days.

Amazing Place To Visit In Northern Poland-Jurata Beach
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Jurata is a beautiful coastal town that is located 90 km from Gdansk. Most tourists and organized tour take the visitors to the city Jurata for ½ day tour and spend a couple of hours at the beach. There is nothing much to do at the peninsula except water sports. There are water sports equipment available for rent like snorkeling, canoeing, jet ski, and windsurf. There are several restaurants along the beach. The umbrella and bench to relax are available for a nominal fee.

C. Gdynia

The distance between Jurat and Gdynia is about 63 km and driving time is about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Most tourists arrive at the town by 2 PM from Jurat and spend about 4 hours to see the town of Gdynia. Later in the evening tourists drive back to Gdansk from Gdynia for an overnight stay. Gdynia is a harbor town on the Baltic coast of Poland. The tourists from Scandinavia, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia arrive at the port by ferry. Similarly, Cruise ship brings several thousands of tourists every week to Gdynia. The commercial tourist bus takes visitors to different coastal towns.

Top Place To Visit In Northern Poland-Gdynia
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Tourists should visit the following places in Gydnia in Northern Poland-

  1. Skewer Kościuszki (Kościuszko Square)- The promenade has several restaurants and coffee shops. The tourists can visit a museum ship that is located near Pier. There are museums, gift shops, and a marina around the city square.
  2. Orłowo Pier
  3. Emigration Museum- Museum has several exhibits that show how people departed for destinations like Brazil, Australia, and the USA.
  4. Kamienna Góra Gdynia Funicular
  5. Gdynia Beach
  6. Motor Museum- Private automotive museum.
  7. Museum of Gdynia
  8. Kępa Redłowska

D. Sopot

On day 3 of Northern Poland Tour, tourists after breakfast drive north 12 km to Sopot from Gdansk. The tour lasts for 3 to 4 hours and after lunch visitors return to Warsaw. The distance between Sopot and Warsaw is 351 km and driving time is 4 to 5 hours. Tourists may reach late hours and need to make arrangements for early dinner or late dinner. Top-Rated Place To Visit In Northern Poland-Sopot

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Tourists take a ½ a day tour of a coastal tour of town Sopot while on the way back from Jurata to a hotel at Gdansk. Sopot is located about 12 km from Gdansk. The population of Sopot is 40,000 and most are native polish.

Most tourists spend time at the beach and while going home visit the following places in Sopot:

  1. Lighthouse
  2. Pier
  3. Beach
  4. Museum

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